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Course Reserves: Student Information

What's a Reserve?

“Reserves” are typically required course readings or media. Items are often put on reserve by faculty members to ensure those items are easily accessible to students. Reserves or required material are high demand items. See our FAQs for answers to questions about e-books, e-reserves, and more.

Access E-Reserves

Search E-Reserves Find e-reserves by course number, name or instructor
Moodle Login using your Smith Network username and password.
  • Go to the course page of a course you’re enrolled in.
  • Click on Library Course Reserves - Required Materials.

Access Print Reserves

Search Print Reserves

Print reserves are physical materials requested by the instructor of courses at Smith. The items are loaned out for short periods of time (4 hours at a time) so that students share them but can use them for short study sessions. You can bring them out of the library as long as they are returned to the library you borrowed them from (Neilson, Hillyer or Josten) within the loan period.

To search for print reserves by course, search Discover by the course number, such as "HST 206" for History 206 or "SOCW 500" for School for Social Work 500. This will show you what print items are on reserve for that course. You can also search by the name of your instructor.


See Course Reserves: Faculty Information

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