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Mortimer Rare Book Collection

Smith Digital Collections

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image detail from Digital ScriptoriumDigital Scriptorium

The Mortimer Rare Book Collection contributions to the Digital Scriptorium, an educational consortium of American libraries with collections of pre-modern manuscripts or manuscripts made in the tradition of books before printing.


image detail from Mortimer Rare Book Collection selectionMortimer Rare Book Collection Selections lock, restricted access

A selection of images from the collections of the Mortimer Rare Book Collection, which houses the college's rare books and literary manuscripts. Over decades of acquisition, curators have developed a broad, general collection of books that includes works from all periods and in all subject areas.


image detail from Woolf Online archivesWoolf Online

A collection of materials related to Virginia Woolf’s writing of “To the Lighthouse,” in the late 1920s. Included are holograph drafts, diary entries and letters, early reviews, selected essays and photographs of the Stephen family, Cornwall and Talland House, all of which inform the setting and characters of the novel.