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Smith College Imaging Center

lock, restricted access Access to some of the Smith Digital Collections is limited to the Smith College community because of copyright and licensing restrictions. The lock icon indicates limited access. Read more...

Fresco of Perseus and Andromeda from the House of the Vettii in PompeiiAntequam Mediterranean Ancient Art lock, restricted access

The Antequam collection features images of art and culture of the ancient Mediterranean. The collection has multiple contributors, including art history faculty members Bettina Bergmann (Mount Holyoke College), Barbara Kellum (Smith College), and Laetitia La Follette (University of Massachusetts). The contributors have agreed to share these images for teaching and learning across the Five Colleges.

Cover of the 1933 German cigarette album Der Weltkrieg with a flaming swordMcVeigh German Ephemera Collection lock, restricted access

A collection of cigarette card albums, ration coupons, coins, postcards, and other ephemera from Germany between ca. 1890 through ca. 1940, showcasing a wide array of material culture in the lead-up to both world wars.

Self-Portrait, The Unknown Region IV, a print and monotype by Michael MazurMichael Mazur Collection lock, restricted access

This collection of personal art documentation slides of the late Massachusetts artist Michael Mazur is a fine resource of his work in printmaking, drawing, and painting throughout his extensive career.

Photograph from 1890s of elephants and riders in Hyderabad by J. RicaltonRotman Stereograph Collection

The images reproduced in the set of stereoscope cards from the Andrew Rotman collection were originally published by Underwood and Underwood as a set titled: "India Through the Stereoscope," in 1900. The photos themselves were taken between 1891-1900, by James Ricalton (1844-1929), a schoolteacher from Maplewood, New Jersey. He traveled widely, circumnavigating the globe seven times.

Nave of the Gothic cathedral Santa Maria sopra Minerva by Carlo MadernoSmith College Archivision Collection lock, restricted access

The Archivision Digital Research Library is currently comprised of 71,000 images of architecture, archaeological sites, gardens, parks and works of art with broad appeal in humanities teaching. The collection is curated by Scott Gilchrist, a trained architect as well as professional photographer, who is actively adding new content. The Library spans the globe and all time periods, offering a mix of historic and contemporary material.

view of bustle of a silk blue day dress from 1880sSmith College Historic Costume Collection

The Smith College Historic Costume Collection is an archive of clothing and accessories of women in the United States from 1800 to the present and from a range of social classes. It is a resource for students and scholars of costume design, the history of dress and material culture, art and literary history and curatorial practices. Founded in 1979, the Collection includes over 3000 objects; most of these are donations from Smith College Alumnae.

Smith College students studying art reproductions for an Art 100 exam in 1979Smith College Imaging Center Collection lock, restricted access

The Smith College Imaging Center Collection is a dynamic image collection of global cultural works, including architecture, works of art and documentary images, that range from the prehistoric to the contemporary era. The collection, based on the curriculum of Smith College, is tailored to meet faculty and student needs for teaching, learning, and research in a wide variety of subject areas in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Access to the Imaging Center Collection is limited to members of Smith College for noncommercial educational and scholarly purposes (instruction, study, research, and scholarship). Teaching images are being added to Shared Shelf on a regular basis.

Red Figure lekythos with draped female figureSmith College Van Buren Antiques Collection

The Van Buren Antiques Collection of Smith College Department of Classical Languages and Literatures is an archeological study collection consisting of approximately 135 objects from Ancient Greece and Italy, including vases, bronzes, terracottas, marbles, glass ware, household utensils, polished pieces of stone and inscriptions. The core of the collection was originally the personal study collection of Albert William Van Buren (1878-1968). See the Classics Department webpage for more on the Van Buren Study Collection.