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aged books and photographs

Barbara Brenner interviewed by Zaylia A. Pluss, 2008 - 2012

In this oral history, Barbara Brenner discusses growing up in a large family in Baltimore, MD, during the 1950s and 1960s, including her early introductions to social justice movements. She discusses her experiences at Smith College, with an emphasis on anti-Vietnam war activism and issues of class, race, and sexuality among students. She shares about her law career, including her work with the ACLU. The majority of the interview focuses on Brenner’s breast cancer activism and the 15 years she spent as Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action, a “national, feminist grassroots education and advocacy organization” in San Francisco, CA. Brenner also discusses living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), with which she was diagnosed in 2010, her continued health justice activism since retiring from BCA, and her 37 year partnership with Susie Lampert.

Jo Uehara papers, 1997 - 2003

This collection contains the files of various YWCA committees, departments, and programs in which Uehara participated, as well as general training materials, and buttons and pins.

Student publications and student publications records, 1879 - 2020

The collection consists of a grouping of publications created by Smith students as well as the records of their creation. Some notable inclusions are The Sophian and the Yearbooks.

Mildred Persinger papers, 1940 - 2008

Mildred Persinger was a national board member of the YWCA and an international activist for non-governmental organizations who worked for women's rights, human rights, racial justice, sustainable development, and global disarmament. The collection contains files from her work with the YWCA, including administrative and outreach files, committee files, policy documents, publications, pamphlets, brochures, and books.

Mortimer Rare Book Collection map collection, 1525 - 2000

The Mortimer Rare Book Collection map collection contains old maps from around the world, particularly from the United States of America and Great Britain.

Mortimer Rare Book Collection newspaper collection, 1711 - 1908

The Mortimer Rare Book Collection newspaper collection contains newspapers and journals, printed mainly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in America.

Ms. Magazine records, 1907 - 1996

The collection contains the office files of Ms. Magazine, a magazine edited, published, and written by women, focusing on women's issues and the women's movement, including fiction, poetry, readers' letters, and "No Comment" column on sexist journalism and ads.

Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty records, 1875 - 2019

The Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty directs and integrates the varied academic efforts of the college to create a thriving community and supports faculty across the arc of their professional lives—through curricular innovation, compensation, professional development and external grants. The Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty records contain files on tenure and promotion committees, meetings, inactive faculty, personnel.

Pat Carbine papers, 1968 - 1986

The Pat Carbine papers documents the personal and professional life of Pat Carbine, one of Ms. Magazine’s founding editors and their publisher between 1972 and 1987.

Poetry Center at Smith College records, 1998 - 2019

Since 1997, The Poetry Center at Smith College has been devoted to promoting poetry within Smith College as well as the wider New England community. The collection contains office files, records, and publicity materials from the Poetry Center.





Carole Markus papers, 1971 - 2021

National Board member of the YWCA. Collection includes organizational records of the National Board, World YWCA, and some materials related to the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh.

Mortimer Rare Book Collection artwork collection, 1927 - 2005

The Mortimer Rare Book Collection houses Smith's rare boooks and literary manuscripts. Its "Artwork Collection" includes etchings, drawings, calligraphy, watercolors, woodcuts, relief prints, and lithographs of various twentieth century artists.

Office of Institutional Research records, 1951 - 2014

The Office of Institutional Research provides access to information about Smith College through data collection and was created in 1983. Its records primarily include data and reports based off Smith College surveys such as Senior surveys, Cycles surveys, Admitted Student surveys, Alumni surveys, Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE) senior surveys, Smith Club questionnaires, and Alumnae Biography project surveys. 

Office of the Registrar records, 1880 - 2013

The majority of the Office of the Registrar records includes grade sheets and transcripts. Other matierla includes commencement files, statistics, original exams, reports, correspondence, and information on Junior Year Abroad, Honors List and Deans list candidates. 

The Population and Development Program (PopDev) records, 1980 - 2013

The Population and Development Program (PopDev) operated from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA from 1986 to 2020. PopDev produced multiple in-house publications and reports, hosted events and meetings that highlighted international scholars and activists, published popular commentary that spoke out against population control in the media, and collaborated closely with other feminist activists and groups. The Population and Development Program records document PopDev's administrative history, scholarship, and advocacy for reproductive freedom, environmental and climate justice, peace, and immigrants' rights. Major topics in the publications, research, and curriculum files include climate change from feminist and social justice perspectives, population control propaganda, and contraception safety.


Ada Comstock Scholars Program records, 1922 – 2005

The Ada Comstock Scholars Program enables women of nontraditional college age to complete a bachelor of arts degree at Smith College. The collection consists of individual student files for Ada Comstock Scholars as well as records of the program, student and alumni events, and related committees. 

Center for Media Production video and audio recordings, 1980 – 2005

The Center for Media Production (CMP) at Smith College offers support for video and audio production to the Smith College community. The collection includes video and audio recordings, produced by the CMP, of lectures, events, and conferences held at Smith College.

Alumnae Association records, 1877 - 2019

The Alumnae Association was founded in 1880 and officially incorporated in 1931. Its records consist of Director's files, Board of Director's minutes, Director of Clubs files, LGBTQ Alumnae Alliance records, honorary degree files, reunion files, Alumnae House files, Alumnae Fund files, and class records.

Bliss Carman papers, 1825 - 1941

William Bliss Carmen (April 15, 1861- June 8, 1929) was a Canadian poet who lived most of his life in the United States, where he achieved international fame. He was acclaimed as Canada's poet laureate during his later years. The Bliss Carmen papers contain correspondence, drafts and broadsides of essays and poems, journals, college diplomas and examinations, photographs, and family papers. 

Center for Media Production video and audio recordings, 1980 – 2005

The Center for Media Production (CMP) at Smith College offers support for video and audio production to the Smith College Community. THe collection includes video and audio recordings, produced by the CMP, of lectures, events and conferences held at Smith College 

Helen Hills Hills Chapel collection, 1926 – 2015

This collection contains records from various Smith College departments, which were at some point held in the chapel. Materials consist primarily of programming and office records relating to religious and spiritual life and community service at Smith College.

Kendall papers, 1990 – 1991

Kendall was a professor of theater at Smith College, starting in 1986. The collection contains videos of Kendall's performance pieces and films created while at Smith College, video interviews, publicity materials, release forms, and a script.

Libraries records, 1909 - 2019

Smith College LIbraries include the Neilson Library, the Young Library, the Hillyer Art Library, the Josten Performing Arts Library, and the Smith College's Special Collections. The collection contains records of the workings of library departments, individual staff, the Friends of the Library, and architectural records of the library buildings. 

Marchbanks Press printed books and ephemera, 1919 - 1956

The Marchbanks Press was located in New York City and printed books for the Limited Editions Club as well as posters and other illustrated books. The proprietor was Hal Marchbanks (1877-1934). The press was carried on by Emily Connor after Hal Marchbanks' death. The collection consists of books and ephemera produced by the Marchbanks Press. 

Nancy Bloch collection of chapbooks, 1984 – 2018

Small collection of chapbooks and other print ephemera from Incline Press relating to their correspondence with Nancy Bloch. Nancy Block was an artist, art collector, and art philanthropist. She studied Art History and Literature at Smith College (Class of 1952) and bookbinding at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, CO.

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum records, 1995 - 2019

Advocacy group which focuses on the rights and needs of Asian and Pacific Islander American Women. Records include administrative files, correspondence, conference and retreat materials, reports, newsletters, articles, photos, videos, and research files. Major topics include women's rights, reproductive rights, women's health, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender rights, immigration reform, domestic violence, human trafficking, labor reform, econcomic justice, voter registration initiative, and the history of NAPAWF activism. 

National Network of Abortion Funds records, 1990 - 2017

Abortion rights advocacy group. The records document the organization's mission and work to increase access to abortion for low-income women and girls across the U.S. Their emergency contraception initiative is also well-documented. Types of materials include publicity; founding conference materials; Board of Directors' files; funding materials and other financial records. There are also documents generated by numerous other organiziations, e.g. Catholics For a Free Choice, People for the American Way, National Abortion Federation, Campaign for Access and Reproductive Equity, and the National Women's Health Network. 

Office of Admissions records, 1890 - 2005

The Office of Admissions operates to determine and facilitate prospective and actual student admission to the college. Its records include budgets, college publications files, Board minutes, reports/trends/statistics, committe files, student applications, Alumnae Admissions Program records, AV material, and entering student lists. 

Office of the Class Deans records, 1919 – 2019

The Class Deans work closely with students and collaborate with families, faculty and staff to foster an academic experience that is unique to each student. The office was created in 1919. Currently, the office is simply called "Class Deans". The collection contains files on students, Junior Year Abroad, committees, class deans, scholarships and prizes, and office files.

Office of College Relations records, 1880 - 2018

"The Office of College Relations communicates the mission, values, image and news of Smith College." (SC College Relations website). The department's records include events files, press releases and clippings, terminated faculty and staff files, inauguration files, photos, AV, scrapbooks, and a small portion of Presidents' files. 

Office of the Treasurer/Controller records, 1871 – 2010

The Office of the Treasurer/Controller accounts for, reports on, and safeguards Smith College's financial resources. The records include administrative files and financial records generated by the office.

Siegfried Sassoon letters to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Smith, Jr., 1949 - 1954

Letters with printed enclosures, holograph poems, and photographs concerning English author Seigfried Sassoon's career and the poetry of contemporaries written to the American poet Leroy Smith Jr. and his wife. 

Smith Alumnae Quarterly records, 1857 – 2016

Smith Alumnae Quarterly is the alumnae magazine of Smith College. The collection contains files and records from the magazine's editors and staff relating to its creation and publication, the conception and writing of articles, and photographs and artwork.

Student papers and theses collection, 1893 - 2011

This collection consists solely of theses and papers written by Smith students over the past century. 


Newly Digitized Content

person taking a digital photo of archival items

Alice Morgan Wright papers


[Animal protection] Miscellaneous, 1946-66, undated

Birth control: correspondence (letters from Margaret Sanger, others at Planned Parenthood, and A. H. Askanasy), 1948-61, undated

Humane Society of the United States, 1954-79

International Police Force and UN, 1947

National Humane Education Society, 1949-94, undated

UNESCO and UN, 1950-59, undated

Women’s rights, 1948-50, undated


Alliance Against Women’s Oppression records

[Coalition to fight infant mortality (CFIM), 1978-1984, undated] Letters and statements of support, 1978-80


Ames family papers

GENERATION IV; Ames, Blanche Ames (1879-1969); Writings; Book: Adelbert Ames: Broken Oaths and Reconstruction in Mississippi, 1835-1933

[Alleged factual errors in Profiles in Courage] Articles and clippings, 1954-64, undated

[Alleged factual errors in Profiles in Courage; Correspondence] Copies of correspondence and other documents, prepared by Blanche Ames Ames for use in potential lawsuit, 1963

[Alleged factual errors in Profiles in Courage; Correspondence] Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1956

[Alleged factual errors in Profiles in Courage; Correspondence] John F. Kennedy: originals, copies, and photocopies, 1956

[Alleged factual errors in Profiles in Courage; Correspondence] Others, 1956-60

[Other correspondence] Attempts to find impartial biographer for Adelbert Ames, 1956

Publication announcement and reviews, 1964


Betsko-Koenig Women Playwrights collection

[Beth Henley; Transcript] Unedited


Betty Millard

[Photographs, circa 1924-2002; Prints, circa 1924-2000] China and Berlin, 1949 - 1951


Betty Schwartzel collection of Dian Fossey correspondence, photographs, and clippings

Correspondence and copies of documents related to Dian Fossey’s estate, 1987 - 1988


Blake family papers

Lillie Deveraux Blake, 1833-1913

National Legislative League: public statements, 1903, undated


Katherine Devereaux Blake; Correspondence

Babcock, Caroline Lexow, 1939

Dewey, John, 1943

Pollitzer, Anita, 1943

Shotwell, James T., 1940

[From Katherine to:] Emanuel Celler, 1944

[From Katherine to:] Mrs. Wiley, 1944


Buildings records

Laura Scales and Franklin King Houses-Photographs-Exterior, 1935-

Laura Scales and Franklin King Houses-Sketches and Drawings (Arch.), 1930


Lawrence House

-History, 1912-1923

[-Photographs] -Exterior, 1892-

[-Photographs] -Interior, 1895-


Martha Wilson House

[-Photographs] -Exterior, 1925-

[-Photographs] -Interior, undated


Morris House

[-Photographs] -Exterior, 1893-


Cambridge School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture records

Alumnae Bulletins, 1928-1937


Classes of 1931-1940 records

[Class of 1939 Records, 1935 - 2004] Gwan-Yuen Li


Constance Baker Motley papers

[SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE, 1964-87, 1964-87; Individuals] King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1964-65 (includes telegram from MLK, Ralph D. Abernathy, Fred L. Shuttesworth, and Wyatt T. Walker of the S.C.L.C.), 1964-65


Florence Bascom papers



Ginny Berson papers

Brown photo album, 1950 - 1970

Orange photo album, 1967 - 1974

Red photo album, 1976 - 1981

White photo album, 1981 - 1984


Gloria Steinem papers

[Research files: notes, clippings, correspondence, miscellany] Playboy


Harriet Boyd Hawes Papers

Christianity and Hellanism, 1924?


Harriot F. Curtis papers

Curtis’ letters fo Hezekiah Morse Wead, 1836-45


Hale Family papers

[Generation III; Hale, Edward Everett (1822-1909); Correspondence, incoming] Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1871, undated

[Generation IV; Hale, Ellen Day (1855-1940); Correspondence, incoming] Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1891, undated


Helen Tufts Bailie papers

Daughters of the American Revolution and the Red Scare; Blacklist controversy: DAR vs. Helen Tufts Bailie

Blacklist party, 1928

Blacklists of people and organizations, undated

Cartoons, 1928-30

Investigations and protests, 1927-28

Press releases, statements and internal memos, 1927-29


Isabel Howland papers

Gage, Matilda Joslyn, 1895


Jessie Lloyd O’Connor papers

Articles and essays; Alphabetical by subject

Autobiographical, 1952, 1970, 1978, undated

CIO Councilor article re: San Francisco conference, fragments, undated

“Why the Soviets Want to Get to the Moon: And Why Uncle Sam Can’t Let Them!”, 1962


Loretta J. Ross papers

[National Black Women’s Health Project; Organizational Material] Annual meetings, 1988-89


Louise Varèse papers

[SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE; To Louise Varèse] Beach, Sylvia


Marjorie Hope Nicholson Papers

Columbia University, 1940-1941, 1975, undated

[Photographs] General, 1864-1968

Retirements Tributes, 1962

“Scholars and Ladies” Yale Review pp. 775-795, Summer 1930

“Science and Imagination,” Alumnae Weekend, 1935Oct19

Smith College, 1929-1941

Thank you, God, 1946


Ms. Magazine records

Birthday party #2 - Photos by Bettye Lane, 1974

Birthday party #2 - photos by Jill Krementz, 1974

Ms. Events - First Birthday (John Lennon & Yoko Ono), 1973

Office photos, 1974


National Women’s Health Network records

Depo-Provera Project

[Correspondence] Letters from doctors, 1977-82

[Correspondence] Letters from members of Congress, 1980-81

Hatcher Report: A Descriptive Analysis of Women Using Depo-Provera at Grady Memorial Hospital Family Planning Clinic 1974 and 1978, n.d. 1983

House Subcommittee on General Oversight and Investigations Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, 1987


Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center records

“A Review of the Use and Effects of Depo-Provera on Native American Women” by Ellen Chen and Charon Asetoyer, summer 1995


A Study of the Use of Depo-Provera and Norplant by the Indian Health Services:

Protocol notes, 1993

Questionnaires, Naomi Sunshine, spring 1993

Report and revised report by Lin Krust and Charon Asetoyer, Jul 1993


New England Hospital for Women and Children records

[Letters] Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1890-96, undated


Office of the President Jill Ker Conway files

[ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES; Lesbianism] -Feminist & Lesbian Alumnae of Smith, 1985

[ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES; Lesbianism] -Workshops, 1983


Office of the President Thomas Corwin Mendenhall Files

[Spring of 1970-News Clippings & Articles, MAY-OCT 1970] Administrative Response, MAY-JUL 1970


Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty records

Subjects, 1958 - 1988

Baldwin, James

[Black Studies Committee] 1969-1970

[Black Studies Committee] 1988 and prior, 1970 - 1988


Patsy T. Mink papers

Oral history interview transcript, 1979


Peabody family papers

Correspondence; Peabody, Sophia

Chase, Maria, 1825-34

Chase, Maria and Rebecca, undated

Kinsman, Rebecca Chase: typescript, 1837


Planned Parenthood Federation of America records group II (PPFA II)

Mexico -- General, 1958-70


Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts records

[Birth Control League of Massachusetts] Annual reports, 1930-39

[Birth Control League of Massachusetts; Annual meetings and dinners] Minutes, 1930-39

Emergency Defense Committee, 1928-29

Support, 1932-55, undated


Ruth Frances Woodsmall papers

[YWCA; Post World War I; Field surveys] Balkans and Baltic states, 1919, undated


Special Programs records

[Junior Year Abroad] General, 1933-1922


Junior Year Abroad; Geneva

Class of 1950, 1949-1950

Class of 1951, 1950-1951

Class of 1952, 1930-1950

Class of 1953

Class of 1954, 1952-1953

Class of 1955, 1953-1954

Class of 1956, 1955-19566

Junior Year Abroad - Geneva 1959-1980

Newsletter (1946, 2003)


Junior Year Abroad; Germany

Junior Year in Germany

Junior Year in Germany, 1939-1950


Junior Year Abroad; Spain

Class of 1959, 1957-1958

Class of 1960, 1958-1959

Class of 1968, 1966-1967

Junior Year in Spain, 1933-1935

Linda Burnham papers

Third World Women’s Alliance correspondence, pamphlets, and financial records, 1973-1989

WAVES files

(WR) Northampton and the Naval Training


Women’s Rights collection

National Commission on the Observance of International Women’s Year - State Conferences, 1977

American Samoa: pamphlet and report, 1977

Washington (state): policy statement and final report, 1977

Abortion collection

Women of color, 1993, undated

Alison Bechdel papers 

Accession 2008-S-0104: The Bechdel test

Accession 2008-S-0104: The Crush

Accession 2008-S-0104: The Seven Ages of Lesbians

“The Crush”, 1986

“The Rule” [The Bechdel Test] (Valley Women’s Voice), 1986-10

“The Seven Ages of Lesbians” (Valley Women’s Voice), 1985-10


Ann M. Martin papers

#35 Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook -- Synopsis -- Typescript, 23 pages, with editor’s annotations

#42 Jessi and the Dance School Phantom (also called Mystery #2) -- Synopsis: Typescript, 18 pages, with editor’s annotations

#45 Kristy and the Baby Parade -- Synopsis: Typescript, 22 pages, with editor’s annotations

#49 Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street -- Synopsis: Typescript, 20 pages, with editor’s annotations

#57 Dawn Saves the Planet -- Synopsis: Typescript, 15 pages, with editor’s annotations

#79 Mary Anne Breaks the Rules -- Synopsis: Typescript, 18 pages, with editor’s annotations

Arise for Social Justice records

[SERIES XII. HOUSING; Springfield, Massachusetts and region] General, 1980-98, undated


Betty Millard papers

Research: Budapest, Second Women’s International Congress, 1949


Betty Schwartzel collection of Dian Fossey correspondence, photographs, and clippings

19 color photographs, most of gorillas, some including Fossey, with Fossey’s captions on the back, 1969 and undated

Articles & clippings on Dian Fossey’s murder

Reviews of Gorillas in the Mist book and movie, 1983 - 1985


Buildings records

-#s 44, 54, 1988-1993


Class of 1951-1960 records

[Class of 1960 Records, 1956 - 2010] (Elizabeth) Carolyn Richmond


Dyke TV records

Correspondence including hate mail, fan mail, Alix Dobkin thank you with donation and emails, 1994 - 2000, undated

General administrative file including staff and production meeting minutes, grant letters, promotional materials, program schedules, contact lists, proposals, public access and benefit guidelines, notes, national contact letter and correspondence including materials on Northampton segment, 1993 - 1996, undated

Miscellaneous events calendars, flyers, invitations, 1994 - 1996, undated

Notes, correspondence and other materials related to beginnings of Dyke TV, 1992 - 1995


Ginny Berson papers

“50th Anniversary Spots” for Pacifica Radio, produced by Ginny Berson, 1999


Gloria Steinem papers

Angela Davis Emergency Committee: correspondence, clippings, financial data, 1971


Harriet Boyd Hawes Papers

[Series II. CORRESPONDENCE; From:] Olga, Queen of Greece, 1912-20

[Series II. CORRESPONDENCE; From:; Olga, Queen of Greece, 1912-20] photographs

[Series II. CORRESPONDENCE; From:] Richter, Gisela, 1906

[Series II. CORRESPONDENCE; To:] Waring, Mary Kimberly, 1899-1945

[Series II. CORRESPONDENCE; To:; Waring, Mary Kimberly, 1899-1945] Photographs

[Series II. CORRESPONDENCE; To:; Waring, Mary Kimberly from:Sarah Storer, 1892-1894] Wheeler, Blanche Emily, 1900-01

[Fellowship, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, 1898-99] Correspondence, 1896-99

[Gournia] Correspondence, 1901-05

[Gournia] Journal (Ap-July), 1904

[Gournia] Journal (Mar-Ap), 1901

[Gournia] Journal (May), 1901

[Gournia] of trip (Feb-Mar), 1904

[Kavousi] Correspondence, May-Jun 1900

[Kavousi] News Clippings

Lectures: advertisements, correspondence, 1901-14

[Photographs] site and landscape


International Women’s Tribune Centre records

Accession 1995-S-0036

Accession 1996-S-0060


Jessie Lloyd O’Connor papers

“A Housewife Looks at International Affairs, circa 1961: correspondence and drafts, 1961, undated

“A Personal Appeal in a Crisis” 1940: correspondence, drafts, and notes re: conscription, 1940

[Articles and essays; Alphabetical by subject; Travel; Notes and printed material] Cuba, undated

“Eternal Vigilance the Price of Liberty”, 1945

“Genesis of the Smith Act”, undated

“Iran: Big Oil and the Hostages”, 1981

“Patriotism (Thoughts By One Who Has Had Friends on the Right and on the Left)”, 1951

[SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE 1875-1988, 1875-1988; Friends and associates] Liveright, Herman and Betty, 1969-88 undated

[SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE 1875-1988, 1875-1988; Friends and associates] Moos, Elizabeth, 1949-50

[Sites, scenes, and subjects] Trip to Cuba, Jamaica, and Yucatan (also includes a few family photos) 1931: photo album, 1931

“The Hungary That Was When Hungary Was Liberal: A Tale of Four Cities”, undated

“The Story of the Peace Ship,” 27 Dec 1965; “What Did the Peace Ship Accomplish in 1916?,” 28 Dec 1965, Providence Journal: published articles, drafts, correspondence re: Peace Ship, notes and research materials (includes reminiscences from Jessie, Mary Maverick Lloyd, and William Bross Lloyd,Jr., n.d.), 1949-67

Trip to Cuba, Jamaica, and Yucatan (also includes a few family photos) 1931: photo album, 1931


Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Alliance records

Flyers, 1976-1999


Linda Burnham papers

Alliance Against Women’s Oppression discussion papers, politics and theory readings, and materials related to the Somos Hermanas and Jesse Jackson for president campaigns, 1981-1989

Coalition to Fight Infant Mortality correspondence, reports, flyers, and newspaper articles, 1979-1982


New England Hospital for Women and Children records

[Letters] Chapman, Maria Weston Chapman, 1844-1885, undated


Nkenge Touré papers

First National Conference on Third World Women and Violence, 1980

Fourth World Conference on Women, Nairobi, Kenya, 1985

“How Reaganomics Have Affected Women”, 4/12/84

“Impact of Nairobi on Black Women and the Family”, 3/16/86

International Council of Africal Women (ICAW), 1984-90, undated

“Networking African Women: How?”, undated

“Preparations for Kenya”, 12/8/84

“Report from Nairobi”, Aegis, No. 40, 1986

[SERIES VI. SUBJECT FILES] Labor, 1985-2004, undated

“Society for International Development/Women in Development”, 3/18/86

“South Africa: The Link”, 1/26/85


Office of the President Jill Ker Conway files

[ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES; Lesbianism] -General, 1976-1984


Periodicals collection

C.O.Y.O.T.E Howls, A Newsletter of a Loose Woman’s Organization (San Francisco, CA), 1973-79


Phyllis Birkby papers

A Celebration of the Beguines, New York, NY, Oct 19??. “Creating Spiritual Space for Ourselves”: flyer, program, Oct 19??

Alternative Educational Environments conference, Environmental Design Research Association, 1978: workshop proposal, 1978

Amerika Haus, Berlin, Germany, Jul 1980 and Sarah Kulturzentraum Cafe fur Frauen, Stuttgart, Aug, 1980. “Feminism and Architecture in the USA”: flyers

[Book Proposals; With Leslie Kanes Weisman] “Drawings of Women’s Fantasies: An Environmental Investigation,”, undated

[Book Proposals; With Leslie Kanes Weisman] “Rooms of Our Own: Women’s Fantasies and Realities in the Built Environment,”, undated

[Book Proposals; With Leslie Kanes Weisman] “Women’s Environmental Fantasies,”, undated

[Book Proposals; With Leslie Kanes Weisman] “Women’s Environmental Visions and Fantasies,”, 1978

[Curriculum proposals; “Women and the Built Environment”] Text, 1976, undated

Feminist Visions of the Future conference, California State University, Chico, CA, Mar 1979. “Fantasies and Realities: Women’s Visions of the Built Environment”: correspondence, planning materials, program, 1978-79, Mar 1979

Fifth International Congress: Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes, Seattle, WA, Oct 1979. “Fantasy and Reality: Women’s Creative Imagination”: abstract, text, notes, program, Oct 1979

Gay Academic Union Conference, 28-29 Nov 1975. “Utopias--Radical Future Visions”: program, 28-29 Nov 1975

[Grant Proposals] National Endowment for the Arts, 1975 “An Audio-visual investigation of the design environment as it specifically effects women.”, 1975

Hexen studientage Frauenseminar, Aachen, Germany, 24-26 October 1980. “Women’s School of Planning and Architecture”: clipping, program, publication, 24-26 Oct 1980

If Women Planned the World….: Fourth Annual Women in Planning and Government Conference, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, May 1979, “Alternative Design”: clippings, correspondence, program, May 1979

International Festival of Women Artists, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jul 1980. “Women in Education” panel: correspondence, notes, program, Jul 1980

Kvinner, Natur, Rom conference, Oslo, Norway, Mar 1984. Workshop: program, Mar 1984

Nordic Women’s Building and Planning Forum, Rodhus Klit, Denmark, Aug 1981. “En arkitektskola for kvinnor”: correspondence, program, report, Aug 1981

Notebook from 1981 trip to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, 1981

School of Architecture seminar, Aarhus, Denmark, 31 Aug-1 Sep, 1981. “Women’s Fantasies in Space and Architecture”: correspondence, invitation, 31 Aug-1 Sep, 1981

Teaching materials, 1975-78, undated

Women in Architecture: Realizations and Possibilities symposium, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, Mar 1977. “How Women Experience, Conceptualize and Design Space”: program, Mar 1977

Women in Design and Planning Conference, Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA, 7-9 Nov 1975. “Women’s School of Planning and Architecture” and “Women’s Fantasy Environments”: program, notes, 7-9 Nov 1975


Women’s Vernacular Architecture and Buildings for Women:

Anita Rodriguez, Santa FE, NM: interview notes, undated

Califa Community, Angelus Oaks, CA: flyers, 1977, 1980

Danner House Women’s Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark: flyer, notes, correspondence, undated

General notes, flyers, 1976, 1983, undated

Isla Vista (CA) Tipi Village: clippings, interview notes, 1979

Joyce Johnston, recycled dwelling, Truro, MA: clipping, undated

Laurie Davis and Rain Parrish: interview notes, undated 

Marsha Oliver, oval house, Taos, NM: interview notes, correspondence, general, 1979

M.F. Beal, spiral house, Seal Rock, OR: correspondence, 1979

Nourishing Space, Vail, AZ: newsletters, flyer, 1977-78, undated

Pagoda Temple of Love, Saint Augustine, FL: flyers, newsletters, undated

Sarah Kulturzentrum Cafe fur Frauen, Stuttgart, Germany: clipping, undated

Tye Farm, communal dwellings and barns, Albion, CA: clipping, interview notes, 1974, 1978, undated

Virginia Gray, adobe tree house, Santa Fe, NM: interview transcript, floor plan, notes, photocopies of photographs, correspondence, 1979

Women’s Worlds: Strategies for Empowerment, Second International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Groningen, the Netherlands, Apr 1984. “Women and Housing: Future Visions”: correspondence, program, notes, abstract, conference materials, Apr 1984


Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

Series I. Correspondence, 1918-69; Miscellaneous Individuals:

Cannon, Walter M., 1942-43, undated

De Normandie, Robert Latou., M.D., 1935-49

Faxon, Nathaniel W., M.D., 1935-52

Galleani, Ilia, M.D., 1935-37

Hepburn, Katherine Houghton, 1936-38

Lord-Heinstein, Lucille, M.D., 1937, 1940

Lyle, Eveline B., M.D., 1932-34

Marshall, Jessie Ames, 1931-35

McCormick, Katharine Dexter, 1942, 1959-68

Rock, John, M.D., 1936-59

Solomon, Maida H., 1936-39, undated

Stone, Hannah M., M.D., 1932-40

[SERIES I. CORRESPONDENCE, 1918-69; Subjects; Opposition] Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts, 1947-56, undated


Alliance Against Women’s Oppression records

[Coalition to fight infant mortality (CFIM) 1978-1984, undated] Community investigation, I-Team, 1979-1980, undated

[Coalition to fight infant mortality (CFIM),1978-1984, undated]  First National Conference on Black Women’s Health Issues, 1983

Kwanza committee, 1979-81, undated

[National meetings] Executive, 1983

[National meetings] Executive, 1984

[National meetings] National council, 1986

[National meetings] National council, 1987

[National meetings] National council, 1988

[Soonos Hermanas, 1984-88] Publications, 1985-1989, undated

Arise for Social Justice records

McKnight Community Residential Program, 1988-89, undated

Springfield Housing Authority, 1983-90, undated

[Tenant organizations] General, 1985-89, undated

[Tenant organizations] Indian Motorcycle Tenants Council, Springfield, 1989, undated

[Tenant organizations] Marble Street Apartments Tenants Advisory Council, Springfield, 1984-88

Betty Schwartzel collection of Dian Fossey correspondence, photographs, and clippings

Correspondence about Dian Fossey’s financial affairs as managed by Betty Schwartzel, around 1976-1979

Dian Fossey’s personal correspondence to the Schwartzels, 1967-1976 and undated

Dian Fossey’s personal correspondence to the Schwartzels, 1977-1985

Miscellaneous Clippings by and about Dian Fossey, 1964 - 1995

National Geographic clippings from Sarah Schwartzel, 1970, 1971, and undated

Classes of 1941-1950 records

Patricia Bringham Southgate

Committee of Correspondence records

["Moslem” workshop: “The Role of Women in the Community and the Home”, 1959] Planning materials

Countries collection

Naidu, Sarojini, 1926-49, undated

Dorothy Dushkin papers

Diaries of Dorothy Smith Dushkin, 19 Jun 1919-14 Jul 1926

Diaries of Dorothy Smith Dushkin, 12 Aug 1926-23 Jan 1936

Diaries of Dorothy Smith Dushkin, 26 Jan 1936-20 May 1945

Dorothy Kenyon papers

[American Civil Liberties Union; Subjects; Sex discrimination] Jury Service: briefs, correspondence, documents, memoranda (by Kenyon and Pauli Murray), newspaper clippings, notes, and printed material, 1935, 1954, 1961, 1966-71, undated

[Correspondence; Individuals] Pauli Murray, 1966-71

[Friends and associates] Murray, Pauli, 1966

[Writings about Kenyon] Autobiographical notes and anecdotes, 1970, undated

[Writings about Kenyon] Short biographies, 1935-72, undated

Eastman-Goodale-Dayton family papers

#5: Childhood writings of Elaine and Dora Goodale: correspondence, reviews, publisher’s advertisements, portraits of Elaine and Dora, and programs, 1877-81, 1897, undated

[SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE, 1861-1950s, undated; Family; Eastman, Elaine Goodale] Goodale, Dora Read, 1898-99?-1940, undated

Florence Bascom papers

[SERIES IV. CORRESPONDENCE; From non-family, personal] Eastman, E.G., 1930-40

Florence Rena Sabin papers

[SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE, 1881-1958, 1881-1958; Friends and associates] Smithburn, Kenneth and Florence, 1935-53

Frank G. Carpenter papers

[Survey responses] Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1894, undated

Gloria Steinem papers

Bound volume of Help!, 1960-61

City Politics, columns for New York, 1968-76

College and What I Learned There, Glamour, Aug 1964

Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Festival: notes, undated

Harriet Boyd Hawes Papers

Fellowship, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, 1898-99

[Fellowship, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, 1898-1899] Photographs

International Women’s Tribune Centre records

Accession 1991-S-0088

Accession 1994-S-0064

Accession 2001-S-0003

Accession 2001-S-0003: African NGO forum report, 1994

Accession 2001-S-0003: pamphlets & printed matter re women and international feminism, 1986-97

Jane Fonda papers

Acting: Introduction to the Enemy (1974), Organizer’s Guide, 1974

[Correspondence, 1957-2017] Subjects: Dolly Parton, 2008-2014

Education: The Brentwood Town & Country School, Third Grade Report Card, 1946

FBI File: Jane Fonda, Fonda FBI File:, 1968-1979

Unpublished: Speeches, L’Oréal Slogan Celebration, 2011

Jessie Lloyd O’Connor papers

Cuba, 1957-70

Cuba: article re: attacks on Cuban women circa 1931: notes and drafts, 1931

Egypt, undated

Joan E. Biren papers

1960s student protests in France including march bulletin of Press Committee of the Sorbonne and miscellaneous materials, 1968

JEB correspondence with parents Jack Mark and Simone W.D. Biren, 1954-1982, undated

JEB FBI file, 1968-1993

National Women’s Film Circuit general materials pertaining to Albany screening of The Emerging Woman, 1977

National Women’s Film Circuit general materials pertaining to Albuquerque screening of The Emerging Woman, 1976

National Women’s Film Circuit general materials pertaining to Durham, North Carolina screening of The Emerging Woman, 1977

[Prints from Making a Way: Lesbians Out Front, 1987] Audre Lorde, 1987

Vietnam War student protests, 1968

Marian Storm papers

Caribbean Islands and Mexico, 1927

Virgin Islands: photographs, clippings, and pamphlets, 1918-29

Mary Daly papers

List of Books from Mary Daly’s Personal Library

Mary Katherine Lent papers

Correspondence with grandmother, 1953 - 1959

Nina Elizabeth Browne papers

Publications - “Reminiscences of the First Library School of Columbia University”, 1887-1937

Office of President William Allan Neilson Files

Honors, General Honors, 1924-39

Honors, Special Honors Correspondence and News Clippings, 1921-28

Honors, Special Honores Reports, memoirs, drafts, 1922-32

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts records

Sex education, 1956

Ruth Tuthill Green papers

[Correspondence, 1913 - 1960] To her family from: Puerto Rico, 1919-1920

[Diaries, 1913 - 1920] Puerto Rico (including lesson plans), 1919-1920

Photographs: Puerto Rico, 1919-1920

Sayre Sheldon papers

Accession 2009-S-0021

Sophia Smith Collection zines collection

Fat Girl, #2; #5, 1995, 1995

Sorosis records

Sorosis Valentine Party Book, 1869

Southworth-Dickinson family papers

Generation 1: Constant Southworth (b. 1730) memoir, typescript and copy of original, and biography by Roberta Smith, undated, 1991

Special Programs records

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927 - 1989] Class of 1927

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927 - 1989] Class of 1927, Correspondence

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927 - 1989] Class of 1928

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927 - 1989] History, 1927 - 1936

Junior Year Abroad, Italy, 1932 - 1990

Junior Year in France, 1928 - 1970

Suffrage collection

[Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association] General, leaflets, pamphlets, photographs, periodicals, and correspondence, 1877, 1908-19

Third World Women’s Alliance, Bay Area chapter records

General correspondence, 1971-75

[Internal Education] Asian women’s history, undated

Lolita Lebrón Committee, 1974

Native American Project, 1976

"Third World Women’s Alliance” from NATIONAL SNCC monthly

Tinúviel papers

[Kill Rock Stars] Fliers, club schedules, set lists, and related materials, undated

WAVES files

Commencements, 1942-44

Commencement Programs, 1942-44

Women of Color Resource Center records

Sister to Sister Vol. 1 No. 1-4, 1994-1995

Sister to Sister Vol. 2 No. 1, 1995

Sister to Sister Vol. 7 No. 1-3, 2001 - 2002


Alliance Against Women’s Oppression records

[Coalition to fight infant mortality (CFIM), 1978-1984, undated] AAWO assessments, 1979-, 82, undated

Financial material, 1983-1989

Firrst national congress, 1983

Member’s notebook, Diane Jones, Bay area, 1983-88

Membership, 1981, undated

[Nairobi, third world conference on women, 1985] Conference Materials

[National campaign to restore abortion funding (NCRAF), 1984-97, undated

[National campaign to restore abortion funding, (NCRAF), 1984-87, undated

[National meetings] Executive, 1986

[National meetings] Executive, 1987

[National meetings] Executive, 1988

[National meetings] National council, 1983-84

[National meetings] National council, 1985

[National meetings] Second national congress, 1986

[Sonos Hermanas, 1984-88], Louisville chapter, 1986-1987, undated

[Sonos Hermanas, 1984-88], Nicaragua delegation, health colloquium, 1983

[Sonos Hermanas, 1984-88], Nicaragua delegation, member notes, 1986

[Sonos Hermanas, 1984-88] Nicaragua delegation, orientation, 1986

[Sonos Hermanas, 1984-88] Nicaragua delegation, photographs, 1986

[Sonos Hermanas, 1984-88] Organization notes, national, 1986-1988

Reproductive rights, 1982

Rosie Jimenez-October 3rd coalition, 1982, October 3rd

Seattle reproductive rights alliance (SRRA), 1985, undated

Anne Burlak Timpson papers

Communist Party of New England, 1940-85, undated

[Communist Party of the United States of America] Massachusetts State Committee/District, 1937-96, undated

Harrison, William H., 1968-89, undated

Benjamin Fletcher Wright papers

Junior Year Abroad: Germany, 1950-55

Junior Year Abroad: Spain, 1950-57

Betsko-Koenig Women Playwrights collection

[Ntozake Shange] Biographical material, correspondence, 1984-85

[Ntozake Shange, Transcript] Edited

[Ntozake Shange, Transcript] Unedited

Committee of Correspondence records

["Moslem” workshop: “The Role of Women in the Community and the Home, 1959”] Conference materials and follow-up

Eastman-Goodale-Dayton family papers

[Correspondence, 1861-1950s, undated] Eastman, Elaine Goodale, 1910, 1927, late 1930s-40s

Ellen Shumsky papers

"The Woman Identified Woman” drafts and final version, 1970

Hubert Perry Young and Elizabeth Johnson Young letters

Hubert Perry Young letters to Elizabeth Johnson Young, 1863

Hubert Perry Young letters to Elizabeth Johnson Young, 1864

Individual faculty papers

Helen Hennessy Vendler

International Institute for Girls in Spain records

[Correspondence] Corresponding Secretary, 1939-Mar 1955

[Enriqueta Martin] Autobiographical sketch, 1971 Jun

[Enriqueta Martin] “Espana”: manuscript, 1972 Apr 5

[Enriqueta Martin] “Excursions con el Sr. Giner, 1932-33”: journal, 1933 Oct

[Enriqueta Martin] “Recuerdos de Bibliotecas Norteamericanas”: manuscript, 1961 Apr 18

[Library Science Program (Curso de Biblioteconomia)] Syllabuses, undated

[Notes on minutes by Enriqueta Martin, 1912-16

[Photographs] Enriqueta Martin, 1924-61, undated

[Reminiscences] “Memoria del Cursillo de Bibliotecarias”, 1949

Rules for the organization of the Library and Children’s Library, 1929, 1956

Isabel Howland papers

[Correspondence] Anthony, Susan B., 1892-1903

[Correspondence] Howland, Herbert, 1920

[Correspondence] Searing (?), A., 1894, 1898

[Correspondence] Shaw, Anna Howard to Emily Howland, 1903-10, 1916

Memorabilia, 1888-98, undated

Photographs, undated

Katsi Cook papers

"Katsi Cook, Mohawk Mothers Milk, and PCBs” by Winona LaDuke, 1998

"PCBs and the Well-Being of Mohawk Children and Youth”, 1994

Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Alliance records

Student survey results, May 1983

Loretta J. Ross papers

Cross Cultural Black Women’s Studies Summer Institute, 1986, 1988

Madeleine Z. Doty papers

[Photographs] Geneva Junior Year, 1938-1949

Marjorie Hope Nicolson papers

"The Professor and the Detective,” Atlantic Monthly, 1929Apr

Office of the President Herbert John Davis files

[J, General Correspondence, 1942-44, 1948, undated] Junior Year Abroad-General, 1946-49, undated

Office of the President Thomas Corwin Mendenhall files

[Junior Year Abroad] General, 1959-1967

Phyllis Birkby papers

"Amazon Architecture,” COWRIE LESBIAN/FEMINIST, Vol. 2, No., 1, Apr 1974

AMAZON EXPEDITION: A LESBIAN FEMINIST ANTHOLOGY edited by NPB, Bertha Harris, Jill Johnston, Esther Newton, and Jane O’Wyatt. Times Change Press, 1973

["Designing for the Messiness of Life,” MS, Feb 1981] Notes and drafts

["Designing for the Messiness of Life,” MS, Feb, 1981] Text

[Elderly Housing] Notes, flyer for lecture, undated

"Feminist Fantasy Architecture,” (with Leslie Kanes Weisman) WOMEN’S AGENDA, Vol. 2, No., 3, Mar 1977

["Herspace,” HERESIES II, Vol. 3, No.3, 1981] Notes, drafts, correspondence

["I Want it to help, not hinder me: Neue Erfahrung im Umgang mit Raum. Die ‘Women’s School of Planning and Architecture,’ USA,” ARCH+ 56, Apr, 1981] Text

SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collection

International Women’s Health Meeting (IWHM) - Toronto, 2002

Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights/ Intl. Women and Health Meeting, 2005

Women’s Global Strategies for the 21st Century - Sarah Lawrence College, 2005-09

Sophia Smith Collection zines collection

Accession 2009-S-0090

Riot Grrrl undated; Feb 1992; #2Mar 1992; #3May 1992; #7undated (2 different editions); undated (3 copies); circa 1993, single page, undated, Feb 1992, Mar 1992, May 1992, undated, undated, 1993

Sorosis records

A Century of Sorosis, 1868-1968 by Marguerite Dawson Winant, 1968 (2 copies), 1968

Special Programs records

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1929

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1930

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1931

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1932

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1933

[Juunior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1940

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1941-1942

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1960

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1962

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1964

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1988-1989

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Reid Hall

The Population and Development Program (PopDev) records

"Population in Perspective” Curriculum, 2004-2013

Series III: Publications, 1993-2013

Third World Women’s Alliance, Bay Area Chapter records [please note: entire collection has been digitized]

African Liberation Support Committee, 1972

Afro-American women, undated

Agbayani Work Brigade, United Farm Workers (UFW), 1973-74, undated

Angela Davis Defence Committee, 1972

Ann Arbor incident, 1974

Black Woman’s Manifesto (photocopy, Duke University), undated

California Coalition on Medical Rights, undated

Chicanas, undated

[Committees] Reconstitution, 1975

Copy of finding aid and additional research materials

Cuban Family Code, 1976

Democratic centralism, 1971

Dialectical materialism, undated

Evaluation of the internal education committee, 1976

Evaluations, 1975-77

Fund raising, 1972-79

Historical materialism, undated

Histories, 1971-1980, undated

Inez Garcia Defense Committee, 1974

[International Women’s Day] Committee evaluations, 1974-76

[International Women’s Day] Cultural evening, 1975

[International Women’s Day] Endorsements, 1975-77, undated

[International Women’s Day] Meeting announcements, 1974-75

[International Women’s Day] Potluck speech, 1975

[International Women’s Day] Task sign-up sheets, 1973-76

International Women’s Day, 1974-80

[International Women’s Year Committee, 1975

[July Fourth Coalition] Correspondence, 1976

[July Fourth Coalition] Evaluation, 1976

[July Fourth Coalition] Preliminary recommendation, 1976

[July Fourth Coalition] Regional structure, 1976

[Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP) [Union of Democratic Filipinos]] ang aktibista [newsletter]. 1975-76

[Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP) [Union of Democratic Filipinos]] First National Congress, 1973

[Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP) [Union of Democratic Filipinos]] Miscellaneous, 1974-75

Legal rights information, undated

"Let America be America Again,” Langston Hughes

[Meetings] Membership committee, undated

Movement songs, undated

National Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision, 1976-77

[Newsletter] Vol. 1 No. 1 (3 copies), June 1976

[Newsletter] Vol. 1 No. 2 (3 copies), July 1976

[Newsletter] Vol. 1 No. 3 (3 copies), August 1976

[Newsletter] Vol. 2 No. 3, September 1977

On contradiction, undated

[Photographs] Group, no identification, undated

Plexus, Misidentification, Aug 1976

Policies, core group, 1972

Racism, undated

Rallies and demonstrations guidelines, undated

[Reports] Bay Area chapter, 1973-75

[Reports] New York Chapter, 1971-74

[Reports] Seattle Chapter, 1972

Resignations, 1972

Security forms, 1973

Sisters in the news, 27 Jul 1976

Six-month plan, undated

Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership, Mao Tse-Tung, 1967

"Third World Women,” Ellice Parker Price, 1976

Vanguard grant, 1979

Woman question, 1977

Women in Asia, undated

Women in Latin America, undated

Women in the work force”

Women’s building rental agreement, 1980

Tinúviel papers

Artwork and layouts for newsletter, catalogues, etc., undated

[Girl Zines; Correspondence] Correspondence, 1992-2000, undated

[Girl Zines; Correspondence] Loose pages and proofs, 1991-93, undated

[Rock She Wrote: Women Write About Rock, Pop, and Rap edited by Evelyn McDonnell and Ann Powers] Cover templates, 1995

[Rock She Wrote: Women Write About Rock, Pop, and Rap edited by Evelyn McDonnell and Ann Powers] Essay and cover art, 1995

Rock Stars Kill” compilation: layout and artwork, 1994

Women’s Action Alliance records

How to Organize a Child Care Center (Carol Shapiro, 1973)

Women’s School of Planning and Architecture records

Brochures, application forms, 1975-80

YWCA of the U.S.A. records, Record Group 6. Program records

American Cancer Society, 1994-2000

[Avon Products, Inc.; Financial] Reports, 1995-98

[Avon Products, Inc.; General] 1992-95

National Breast Cancer Awareness Week Clinics and Workshops, 1985-86

[Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation] Komen/Hallmark, Cards for the Cure program, 2000-2001

Benjamin Fletcher Wright papers

Junior Year Abroad: Geneva, 1949-50

Junior Year Abroad: Italy, 1949-59

Garrison family papers

[Correspondence] Anthony, Susan B., 1855-74

[Correspondence] Mott, Lucretia Coffin, 1849-74, undated

Isabel Howland papers

[Correspondence] Barnes, Catherine Weed, 1891

Karen Stamm collection of Committee for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse (CARASA) records

CARASA News newsletter, 1978-1986

Linda Burnham papers

With Nik Theodore, Home Economics: The Invisible and Unregulated World of Domestic Work National Domestic Workers Alliance Report, 2012

Mary Ann Wodrow Archbald papers

Journals, Vol. 1-8, 1785-1840

Miriam Ching Yoon Louie papers

International Women’s Day Celebrations, 1974-1990

Office of the President Thomas Corwin Mendenhall Files

[Junior Year Abroad] France, 1959-1963

[Junior Year Abroad] Germany, 1960-1964

Planned Parenthood Federation of America records (PPFA I)

American Eugenics Society, undated

[Correspondence] Guttmacher, Alan F., 1974

Ruth Frances Woodsmall papers

[Pakistan] Correspondence, 1956-60

[Pakistan] Interviews, 1947-57

[Pakistan] Reports and miscellaneous materials, 1956-61

Special Programs records

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1949, undated

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1950, undated

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1951, undated

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1958, undated

[Junior Year Abroad, France, 1927-1989] Class of 1959, undated

Susan B. Anthony papers

Marsh, Edwin T.: documents pertaining to his arrest for permitting Anthony to register to vote where he was inspector of polls, 1872

Third World Women’s Alliance, Bay Area chapter records

FBI File of TWWA, 1971-74

Virginia Woolf papers

Woolf to Strachey, 1912 Aug 16

YWCA of the U.S.A. records, Record Group 6. Program records

[Household Employment] General, 1870-46, n.d.

[Household Employment] “Negro”, 1923-36

New in Rare Books

page of a rare book with ancient musical notes



Cary, Joyce. Aissa saved. London: Michael Joseph, Reprinted May 1959.

Cary, Joyce. An American visitor. London: Ernest Benn Limited, First published in 1933.

Cary, Joyce. Charley is my darling. London: Michael Joseph Ltd., 26, Bloomsbury Street, First published in 1940.

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Raymo Chaucer Collection

Chaucer, Geoffrey. Edwin A. Greenlaw [edited, with an introduction, notes, and a glossary by] Selections from Chaucer. Chicago; New York; Scott, Foresman and Company, [date of publication not identified.]

Chaucer, Geoffrey. Professor Skeat [done into Modern English by]. The parliament of birds and The house of fame. London: Chatto and Windus, Publishers, 1908.

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History of Science

Goyet, Mme. Le bouquet du sentiment, ou, Allégorie des plantes et des couleurs. A Chalon S.S. [Chalon-sur-Saône]: Chez J.B. Goyet, 1816.

Artists’ Books

Hiebert, Helen. Interluceo. Red Cliff, Colorado: Helen Hiebert Studio, 2015.

Hiebert, Helen. Tangential. Red Cliff, Colorado: Helen Hiebert Studio, 2017. (Copy number 30).

Artists’ Books/Book Arts

Apollinaire, Guillaume. Blaise Cendrars [poème de]. Jacques Damase [introduction de]. Sonia Delaunay: 27 tableaux vivants. Milano: Edizioni del Naviglio, 24 Décembre 1969. (Copy 59 of 500).

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Raymo Chaucer Collection

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Modernism, Literature

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Historical Books

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Botanical illustration

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Graphic Arts

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Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative. Poor people’s campaign: a national call for moral revival. [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]: Justseeds, 2017. 

Resourced: Justseeds portfolio 2010. [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]: Justseeds, 2010. (Copy 68 of 125).

Women Scientists

[Fragment from Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London for the year 1796. Part I]. London: Sold by Peter Elmsly, printer to the Royal Society, MDCCXCVI [1796]. (Contains “Account of the discovery of a new comet” by Miss Caroline Herschel).

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Raymo Chaucer Collection

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Artists’ Books

Malutzki, Peter. Buchstäblich Buch: eine Autobibliographie. Flörsheim; Offenbach: Klingspor Museum Offenbach: Peter Malutzki, 2017.

Historical Books

Calderón de la Barca, Madame. W.H. Prescott [with a preface by]. Life in Mexico: during a resident of two years in that country. London: Chapman and Hall, 186 Strand, 1843.

Lesbian and Queer Works

Arobateau, Red Jordan. The bars across heaven. [California?]: R. Arobateau, [1975].

Shockley, Ann. Loving her. New York: Avon Books, 1978.

Literary First Editions

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