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Records Management

Are you the potential victim of a 'records avalanche'?

Smith College President Thomas C. Mendenhall

Records Services is here to keep you safe! You can significantly increase the efficiency of your office while still maintaining control over and access to your records. Here are some reasons to use Records Services:

  • Improve access to your records,
  • Ensure the protection of your records,
  • Space savings to your office,
  • You retain ownership of the records,
  • Personal and Institutional protection.

Records are evidence of what an institution does. The evidence captures the institution's activities and transactions and are assets. Effective records management ensures that the information of value and importance is retrievable, authentic and accurate. Records come in many different forms: paper, electronic, websites and databases. Files can contain memos, contracts, emails, digital images, reports, and graphics among others. Files can reside in file drawers, on desktops, servers and flash drives.

Records and the information contained in them are everyone's responsibility! Each employee has an important role to play in protecting the College and ensuring its future by creating, using, organizing, retrieving and disposing of records according to established guidelines.

The College has embarked on a campus-wide program to provide managers and employees with information about managing records and information in your care. For information about the College's records management and information policy see:


If you have questions about the records management policy, or wish to discuss your participation in the records management program please contact the College Archives staff.