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The following chart shows activity starting in 2012, with data gathering and campus input from students, faculty, staff, and alumnae. See Planning Process for more information.




Planning for Smith's 21st century library begins

Fall 2015-Winter 2016

Programming & campus engagement

May 2017

Neilson Library & Alumnae Gym close and Young Library becomes central library service point

Summer 2017

Relocation of existing utilities; site prep

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Demolition of library additions and interior

Summer 2018-Fall 2018

Planning and design for Alumnae Gym

Summer 2018-Spring 2019

New building foundations; concrete roofs over north and south below grade additions; repairs to 1909 masonry walls of New Neilson

Spring 2019-Summer 2019

Structural steel framing and concrete decks on upper floors and roof

Summer 2019-Fall 2019

Interior buildout and exterior cladding

Winter 2020

Mechanical electrical plumbing (MEPs) and systems rough install

Spring 2020-Summer 2020

Interior finishes and fit-out

Fall 2020

Substantial completion and finished landscape

Spring 2020-Fall 2020

Interior finishes, fit-out and landscaping

Fall 2020-Winter 2021

Install furniture and equipment

December 2020-January 2021

General library collections move in

March 29, 2021

Building opens for campus use

June 2021-August 2021

Special Collections moves in

Fall 2021

Special Collections reopens for campus use