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The Oculus Society of the Friends of the Smith College Libraries

An Oculus beams light into the heart of Neilson Library, illuminating the life within - and marking time where generations of Smith students will discover, learn and create together. 

The Friends of the Smith College Libraries have supported the life of the Smith Libraries for almost 80 years. We invite you to pledge or make a gift.

As the Neilson Library reopens, we seek new ways to connect and participate in this historic time at Smith. 

Join us to celebrate and support the inaugural years of the new Neilson Library.

blue and silver pin with the word "oculus society"To be a part of the Oculus Society, simply pledge support to the Friends - at any giving level - for two years.  In addition to the usual benefits of membership, you will receive a commemorative pin that can be worn at Reunion, whenever you visit the campus, or when you just feel like celebrating Smith and the new Neilson.

Join online or join by mail with this form. Be a part of the heart of Smith!

graphic with the words oculus society