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  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, June 3, 2019

Due to scheduling delays, work in Dickinson Parking Lot scheduled for last week will begin Monday, June 3. The contractor will be installing drain lines and catch basin structures in Dickinson Parking Lot. We do not expect significant impacts on vehicle and pedestrian access through the lot, but there may be momentary disruption to traffic flow. Work will begin on Monday and be completed by Thursday. A graphic is attached showing where construction vehicles will be working. 

Also, Wright Hall occupants should be aware that we are a couple weeks away from demolishing the entire exterior rear terrace at Wright Hall. The doorway out of Wright Hall level G towards Burton Lawn will be closed indefinitely. Plans for that change are being studied, but will not require additional work in Wright Hall. Further information will be posted in the neat future. 

  • New Neilson

Video: Signing for the New Neilson Library

Thanks to all who left their mark on the New Neilson Library. Do you see yourself in this video?

Watch on Youtube: Neilson Library Renovation Beam Signing Event Timelapse

  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, May 10, 2019

Weather permitting, there will be about forty trucks delivering concrete through Dickinson Parking Lot on Tuesday, May 14. The contractor will be pouring the entire first floor concrete deck at the library. Please be safe around the construction entrance due to the extra traffic. The contractor will have an attendant at the Dickinson construction gate.

Also, apologies for those who wanted to, but did not have the opportunity to sign the beam going up on Neilson. Scheduling issues with the crane were behind the early removal and it is hoped another opportunity can be provided.

  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, May 6, 2019

Traditionally when the last structural member is placed atop a new building, there is a "Topping Out" or sometimes called "Topping Off" ceremony that involves the community coming together to celebrate the completion of the structure.

In the case of Neilson Library it will be a piece of steel placed at the pinnacle of the roof structure. Since this will happen mid summer and many in the Smith Community will be elsewhere, the project team is placing a steel girder along Neilson Drive with markers for those who would like to sign the girder before departing for the summer. The steel will be located just off of Neilson Drive on Tuesday morning,  May 7 and remain there until it is hoisted and placed on the building around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8. There will be markers for your use.

To one and all, please stop over to sign the beam and help Smith commemorate progress on the new Neilson Library! 

  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, April 2, 2019

There will be steel deliveries in the early morning through Dickinson lot on Wednesday and Friday of this week. There will be another concrete pour on Friday morning with the pumper truck located outside Hatfield Hall. The cement trucks will approach the pumper through Dickinson Lot and not through the Hatfield construction gate. 

  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, March 7, 2019

On Thursday and Friday, March 7-8, the contractor will be bringing in two construction cranes via Green Street and the Dickinson Parking Lot site entrance. The larger of the two cranes will be in sections on flatbed trucks and will be assembled on site by the smaller of the two cranes in preparation for installing steel columns and beams beginning on Monday of next week.

All steel deliveries over the next few months will be coming onto the site via the Dickinson Lot entrance. The cranes will be situated on the west side of the library as noted on the attached image. I will follow up with more information about the status of the project later in the week. Read more...


  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, January 28, 2019

Steady progress has been made on the Neilson project over the winter recess. Favorable weather throughout most of December and early January has provided the opportunity to make up on some of the time lost due to the extraordinarily wet fall. Since the last update on December 14, 2018, the contractor has completed several of the large concrete mat slab pours in the core 1909 building and they are very close to having a contiguous lower level mat slab from the north addition to the south addition. With the final pours over the next month, they'll be ready to start accepting the structural steel at the site and mobilize the crane to begin erecting the structural steel. Steel erection will start in a big way around the end of March. 


  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update - Progress Report, December 14, 2018

As temperatures drop and snow accumulates, work will continue at Neilson to prepare for the arrival of structural steel late this winter. Read a summary of some of the major efforts now ongoing at the site. 

  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, December 6, 2018

On Thursday, December 13, there will be sixteen concrete truck deliveries to a concrete pumper stationed behind Hatfield Hall. Vehicles will be entering and exiting central campus via the John M. Greene gate.  The work will begin at 7 a.m. and deliveries should be completed by 12 noon. This concrete will be placed on top of the steel decking that is installed between Wright and Hatfield Hall and will become the roof deck of the underground north wing of the new library.

This will be the last heavy traffic is the vicinity of Hatfield Hall until after final exams. 

  • New Neilson

Neilson Library Construction Update, November 12, 2018

Construction crews and equipment will be working in close proximity to Hatfield Hall on Tuesday, November 20 and Wednesday November 21. There will be a crane arriving on the site between Hatfield and Wright Hall on Monday.

Delivery of structural steel for the north addition below grade roof will be arriving on the site. A crane will unload the steel from the flatbeds onto the concrete floor of the north addition. The sketch above shows the positioning of the flatbed truck delivering the steel and the crane that will be unloading it. 

The steel delivery drivers have been instructed that they will not idle their vehicles on the sight. This delivery will involve one flatbed truck per day arriving around 7 a.m. Crew will escort the vehicles in and out through John M. Greene gate. If schedules hold we expect deliveries of the steel deck to arrive in similar fashion on Monday November 29. Work to erect the steel and install the decking will run from November 19 through December 10. When that work is completed we'll have another large concrete pour for the roof deck. The dates will be provided once they are confirmed. None of these activities are particularly noisy or disruptive, but will be more noticeable to the campus than the activity currently underway down in the hole. Read more...

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