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Personal & Family Papers, A

Aalfs, Joann, 1923-
Women's rights advocate
Papers: .25 linear ft., 1972-1983
Abbott, Sidney, 1937-2015
Feminist; Author; Lesbian activist; Editor; Women's rights activist
Papers: .25 linear ft., 1971-1997
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Abel, Barbara, 1895-1966
Public relations specialist; Columnist; Journalist; YWCA worker; Editor
Papers: 1.5 linear ft., 1925-1989
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Abod, Jennifer, 1946-
Filmmaker; Feminist; Lesbian activist
Papers: 9.75 linear ft., 1975-2007
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See also Jennifer Abod's Web site
Ackelsberg, Martha, 1946-
Professor, political science; Feminist; Anarchist; Lesbian activist
Papers: 4.5 linear ft., 1970s-1990s
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See also: interview with Yiddish Book Center
Adams, Marjorie, 1900-1994
Teacher, high school French; Traveler
Papers: .5 linear ft., 1919-1989
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Adamson, Rebecca, 1949-
Economist; Founder First Nations Development Institute; Native American rights advocate
Papers: 30.25 linear ft., 1978-2007
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See also First Nations Web site
Addams, Jane, 1860-1935
Founder, Hull House, Chicago; Pacifist; Labor organizer; Settlement house worker; Women's rights advocate
Papers: 1.5 linear ft., 1904-1960 (bulk dates 1904-1936)
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Alexander, Dolores, 1931-2008
Writer; Reporter; Lesbian activist
Papers: 25.5 linear ft., 1945-1998 (ongoing)
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Allen, Florence Ellinwood, 1884-1966
Lawyer; Judge; Suffragist; Pacifist
Papers: .75 linear ft., 1920-1966
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Ames family
Papers: 72 linear ft., 1812-2013
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Blanche Ames Ames, 1878-1969
Founder, Birth Control League of Massachusetts; Artist; Political cartoonist; Birth control advocate; Suffragist
Oakes Ames, 1874-1950
Botanist; Orchidologist; Professor and administrator, Harvard University
Adelbert Ames, 1835-1933
Civil War General; Spanish-American War commander; U.S. Senator (Mississippi); Governor of Mississippi
Blanche Butler Ames, 1845-1939
Adelbert Ames, Jr., 1880-1955
Artist; Ophthalmologist; Psychologist; Professor, Dartmouth College
Benjamin F. Butler, 1818-1893
Civil War general; Governor of Massachusetts; U.S. Congressman (Massachusetts)
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Anderson, Eleanor Copenhaver, 1896-1985
YWCA worker; Labor reform advocate
Papers: 1 linear ft., 1901-1993 (bulk dates 1922-55)
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Anderson, Marian, 1897-1993
Papers: .25 linear ft., 1953-1959
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Anthony, Susan B., 1820-1906
Suffragist; Feminist; Temperance leader; Abolitionist
Papers: .75 linear ft., 1850-1979
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Apuzzo, Virginia, 1941-
Catholic nun; Lesbian activist; AIDS activist; National Gay and Lesbian Task Force director
Papers: 15 linear ft., 1956-2012
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Archbald, Mary Ann Wodrow, 1762-1841
Immigrant; Farmer; Homemaker; Pioneer
Papers: 2 linear ft., 1784-2004 (bulk dates 1784-1840)
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Asetoyer, Charon, 1951-
Abortion rights advocate; Women's health activist; Indigenous rights activist
Papers: 3.75 linear ft., 1985-2008 (ongoing)
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Askanasy, Anna H., circa 1894-?
Papers: 1 linear ft., 1931-1970
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Avery, Byllye, 1937-
Health reformer; Reproductive rights advocate
Papers: 7.5 linear ft., 1976-2005 (ongoing)
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Ayvazian, Andrea, 1951-
Minister; teacher; poet; singer; songwriter; feminist; anti-racism activist, Antinuclear and peace activist; community activist
Papers: 27 linear ft., 1963-2015 (ongoing)
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