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Fellowship & Grant Recipients

Funded Scholars receive awards intended to support research visits of four to six weeks, and give a work-in-progress colloquium to the Smith College community during their residency. 

Funded Scholars, 2019-2020

Margaret Storrs Grierson Fellowship

Katelyn Campbell, UNC-Chapel Hill
“Ruralism in the Lesbian Imagination:  Separatism as a Pathway for Creating Just Economic Futures”

Germain Fellowship

Thomas Aiello, Valdosta State University
“American Speciesism:  A Twentieth-Century American History” 

Friends of the Smith College Libraries Fellowship

Samantha White, Rutgers University-Camden
“Shaping the Body: African-American Girlhood and Health, 1919-1940”

Ruth Mortimer Fellowship

Matthew Collins, Harvard University & University of Hartford
“The Early Printed Illustrations of Dante’s Commedia in Context”  

Madeleine L’Engle Travel Grants

Timothy Ballingall, Texas Christian University
“The First Generation of Newspaper Advice Columns:  Epideitic, Race, and Gender”  

A. Danielle Dulken, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Reproductive Justice in Western North Carolina”

Alley Edlebi, Cornell University
“The Idea of Earth:  Matter, Art, Modernity”

Elizabeth Evens, University College, London
“‘Not Your Choice but Ours:’ Female Regulators of Abortion before Roe v. Wade”   

Catherine Kelly, King’s College, London
“The Life and Work of Bertha Harris”

Annie Menzel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Birthing Paradox:  Race, Colonization, and Radicalism in U.S. Midwifery” 

Wendy Rouse, San Jose State University,
“Secret Lives, Public Faces:  The Untold Stories of Queer Suffragists”       

Michiko Takeuchi, California State University, Long Beach
“Trans-Pacific Left Feminism:  Japanese and American Old Left Women, from World War I to the U.S. Occupation of Japan”   

Molly Thacker, Georgetown University 
“‘No One Obligated to Care’:  A History of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in the United States”    

Lisa Unangst, Boston College
“Refugee Student Enrollment at Smith College:  A Historical Perspective”        

Leo Valdes, Rutgers University  
“Exploring the Histories of Trans Masculinity” 

Caitlin Wiesner, Rutgers University
“Controlling Rape:  Black Women, the Feminist Movement against Sexual Violence, and the State, 1974-1994” 

Funded Scholars, 2018-2019

Grierson Fellowship

Molly Brookfield, University of Michigan
“Watching the Girls Go By:  Citizenship and Sexual Harassment in the American Street, 1850-1980”

Germain Fellowship

Emily K Hobson, University of Nevada Reno
“AIDS and Abolition:  Confronting the Epidemic in the Prison Boom”

Friends of the Smith College Libraries Fellowship

Kate Grauvogel, Indiana University Bloomington
"A Gendered History of Pathology:  Women, Hormones and Blood Clots, 1784-1969”

Mortimer Fellowship

Danielle N. Gilman, University of Georgia
“Common Readers:  The Literary Criticism of Rebecca West, Virginia Woolf, and Elizabeth Bowen”

Travel-to-Collections Awards

Desiree Abu-Odeh, Columbia University
“The Sexual Violence Problem and Anti-Violence Work on American College Campuses, 1950-2000”

Kris Belden-Adams, University of Mississippi
"Picturing Privilege:  Photography, ‘Aristogenics,’ Eugenics”

Carla Cesare, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
"Women in Design”

Meghan Daniel, University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC)
“Reproductive Justice Praxis”

Isabel Dulfano, University of Utah
“Rebecca Adamson:  An Activist’s Voice along the Path of Alternative Knowledge Production, Sustainable Living, Minobimaatisiiwin (the good life), Recuperation and Preservation of Culture”

Chrissy Yee Lau, Texas A&M University
“Love of Luxury:  Japanese American Respectability and Its Discontents, 1908-1942”

Andrew McNally, Villanova University
“Women Internationalist Educators and the Emergence of Social Studies Curriculum”

Samira K. Mehta, Albright College
“God Bless the Pill:  Contraception, Sexuality, and American Religion”

Yukako Otori, Harvard University
“Disposable Subjects:  Child Migration, International Law, and U.S. Immigration Policy, 1900s-1920s”

Victoria Christine Skelton, Auburn University
“An Empire of Ladies:  The International Council of Women and Euro-American Hegemony, 1888-1963”

Andrea Walton, Indiana University
“Philanthropy in US Higher Education: A History’”

Emily Westkaemper, James Madison University
“Career Women:  Image and Reality in U.S. Popular Culture, 1940-2000”

Lindsay Whalen, CUNY Graduate Center
Untitled authorized biography of Mary Oliver

Rhaisa Williams, Washington University in St. Louis
“Shuffling, Shouting, and Wearing Down: Techniques of Protest in Welfare Rights Organizations”

Funded Scholars, 2017-2018

Grierson Fellowship

Cheryl Suzack, University of Toronto
“Elaine Goodale Eastman and the Early Advocacy of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights”

FSCL Fellowship

Kelly C. Sartorius, Independent Scholar
“Questions of Consent:  A History of Consent on College Campuses before Title IX” and “Equipped for Citizenship:  Teaching College Women Political and Economic Citizenship through Women’s Student Government before Title IX”

Germain Fellowship

Ariel Goldberg, Pratt Institute
“Collective Visions:  The Hidden Influence of Joan E. Biren in Photography History”

Mortimer Fellowships

Alexis K. Brown, University of Oxford
“The Author on Film:  Life-Writing in the Cinema”

Urmila Seshagiri, University of Tennessee
“The First Scholarly Edition of Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Sketch of the Past’”

Travel-to-Collections Awards

Amy Aronson, Fordham University and Michael Kimmell, SUNY Stony Brook 
“The Gloria Steinem Reader”

Lori Brown, Syracuse University
“40 Years Later:  Advocacy, Activism, and Alliances in American Architecture, 1977-2017”

Donna J. Drucker, Technische Universitat Darmstadt
“Technology and Advocacy in Women’s Health Movements, 1969-2000”

Connor Kenaston, University of Virginia
“Faith in Democracy:  Interracial Dialogue, Social Science, and Liberal Protestantism, 1945-1960”

Amanda Littauer, Northern Illinois University
“Queer Youth:  Girlhood, Difference, and Everyday Life, 1930-1980”

Julia Mickenberg, University of Texas, Austin
“’The Russian Revolution Had Descended On Me:’ Madeleine Z. Doty’s Bolshevik Revolution”

Mario Rewers, Vanderbilt University
"American Civilization and Its Discontents:  The Politics of American Studies, 1930-1990”

Lila Teeters, University of New Hampshire
“The Summer School with a Difference:  Camp Oahe, the Eastmans, and Native Reform, 1915-1921”

Funded Scholars, 2016-2017

Grierson Fellowship

Faron Levesque, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"The Secret History of School: Alternative Academies, Revolutionary Imagination and Educational Activism in 20th Century North America"

Bain Fellowship

Caroline Radesky, University of Iowa
"Feeling Historical: Same-sex Desire and the Politics of History, 1880-1920"

Friends of the Smith College Libraries Fellowship

Evan Elizabeth Hart, University of Florida
"Building an Inclusive Movement: The National Black Women's Health Project and the Battle for Women's Health, 1981-1994"

Mortimer Fellowship

Katharine Boswell, Southern Methodist University
"Household Matters: Objects and the Literary Domestic, 1850-1963"

Travel-to-Collections recipients, 2016-2017

Mary Freeman, Columbia University
"Letter Writing and Politics in the Campaign against Slavery in the United States, 1830-1870"

Margaret Galvan, City University of New York
"Recuperating Feminist Networks: Alison Bechdel & Grassroots Politics"

Elizabeth Katz, Harvard University
"Courting American Families: The Creation and Evolution of Courts of Domestic Relations, 1910-1969"

Jenny LeRoy, City University of New York
"The Capital of the Hemisphere: Gender, Race, and Transnational Capitalism in the Nineteenth Century"

Brianna Theobald, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Reproduction on the Reservation: Federal Indian Policy and Reproductive Politics in the Twentieth Century"

Anna Wager, University of Washington
"Kindred Spirits, Progressive Practices: Religious Revival and Communal Making in Arts and Crafts Movements, 1880-1920"

Funded Scholars, 2015-2016


Marc-William Palen, University of Exeter
"Pax Economica: The Global Struggle for Free Trade and Peace, 1896-1946"

Meaghan Beadle, University of Virginia
"This Is What a Feminist Looks Like! Photography and Feminism, 1968-1980"

Travel Funds

Diana Anselmo-Sequeira, University of California-Irvine
"Paper Voices: A History of Female Adolescence Told by Girls Own Scrapbooks, Letters, and Diaries (1890-1920)"

Jacqueline D. Antonovich, University of Michigan
"Doctoring the Land: Women Physicians, the Politics of Health, and the Geography of Medicine in the American West"

Hanne Blank, Emory University
"Southern Women, Feminist Health: Activist Health Service and Feminist Communities of Radical Conscience in the Southeastern U.S., 1968-1989"

Beth Eby, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Playing the Game:  a Comparative History of Gender, Sport, and Colonialism, 1880-1930”

Emma Howes, Coastal Carolina University
“Shifting Sponsors:  Tracing YWCA Literacy Campaigns for Industrial Women in the Southern U.S.”

Tina Anne Irvine, University of Pennsylvania
"Americanizing Appalachia, 1900-1939"

Justina Licata, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
“The Campaign against Norplant:  U.S. Birth Control Politics in the 1990s and Beyond”

Einav Rabinovitch-Fox, Columbia University
"Dressed for Freedom: American Feminism and the Politics of Women's Fashion"
(Visiting Scholar, Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality)

Andrea L. Turpin, Baylor University
"Compromising Situations: Fundamentalism and Modernism in the Young Women's Christian Association"

Jessica R. Waggoner, Indiana University
"Crip Modernisms: Unspectacular Disability in the 1930s and 40s"

Funded Scholars, 2014-2015


Lauren Kientz Anderson, Luther College
"Speaking to the World: Black American Women and Global Interracialism, 1918-1939"

Deneil Hill, Binghamton University
"Shifting Feminist Visions at the UN: Self-Determination, Sexuality, and Human Rights, 1975-1995"

Jessica Lancia, University of Florida
"Gloria Steinem: The Transnational Life of an American Feminist"

Travel funds

Aaron Byungjoo Bae, Arizona State University
"The Ideological Impetus and Struggle in Praxis for Multiracial Radical Alliances in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1967-1980"

Hannah Dudley-Shotwell, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
"Feminist Self-help in the Post-Roe Era"

Anne Gray Fischer, Brown University
"Comprehensive history of the politics of prostitution from the 1960s through the 1980s"

Thomas James Harlow, University of North Dakota
"Uplift or Salvation: Struggle for the Health, Heart, and Soul of the YWCA, 1906-1945"

Dana Johnson, University of Kentucky
"Colonial Contraception: American Birth Control Trials in Appalachia, Puerto Rico, and India, 1930-1970"

Alyssa McClanahan, University of Cincinnati
"'Take the Toys from the Boys!' Women's Liberation, Environmentalism, and the Politics of the Anti-Nuclear Movement"

Johanna Neuman, American University
"The impact of wealthy New York high society women on the campaign for suffrage"

Roxanne Samer, University of Southern California
"Receiving Feminisms: Toward a Media Archaeology of Lesbian Possibility"

Jeffrey Vernon, The Ohio State University
"Women Are Not Dogs for Breeding: Baby M and the Struggle to Define Motherhood and Morality in Modern America"

Hettie V. Williams, Monmouth University
"This Garden of Opportunity and Contradiction: Black Professionals and the Struggle for Equality in New Jersey, 1915-1956"

Funded Scholars, 2013-2014


Katherine A. Fama, Washington University
PhD dissertation: "Novel Women at Novels' Ends: The Architecture of Singleness in American Fiction, 1880-1929"

Granville Ganter, St. John's University
"Anne Laura Clarke: America's First Career Lecturess, 1822-1851"

Alicia Peaker, Northeastern University
PhD dissertation: "The Different Way We Tried to Respond': Women, Literature, and the Environment, 1890-1950"

Travel funds

Agatha Beins, Texas Woman's University
"Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves: Locating U.S. Feminism through Feminist Periodicals, 1970-1983"

Kevin Padraic Donnelly, Alvernia University
"Racist on Racist: The Mongrelist Doctrine of Racial Progress"

Jennifer C.H. Helgren, University of the Pacific
"Intersections of youth culture and internationalism in the post World War II era"

Kelly L. Marino, Binghamton University
PhD dissertation: "Creating a Revolution in Educated Opinion: College Students and Woman Suffrage Organizing, 1890-1920"

Sara Matthiesen, Brown University
PhD dissertation: "Reconceived: Defining Women's Reproduction after Roe c. Wade"

Kelly O'Donnell, Yale University
PhD dissertation: "Dear Injurious Physician: Barbara Seaman, Feminism, and the Politics of Women's Health in America"

Kelly O'Reilly, Vanderbilt University
PhD dissertation: "The role of the Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA) in providing birth control education to migrant "Okie" women at the Farm Security Administration migratory labor camps in California in the 1930s and 1940s"

Sarah Rowley, Indiana University
PhD dissertation: "A New Right: The Cultural Politics of Abortion, 1960s-1980s"

Heather Sinclair, University of Texas at El Paso
PhD dissertation: "History of Childbirth, Infant Mortality, and Midwifery in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1890-1990"

Kathleen Washburn, The University of New Mexico
"Sentimental Potboilers and Indian Reform: The Literary Legacy of Elaine Goodale Eastman"

Scholars from 2009 through 2013

Bain Fellowships

Mary Berkery, Binghamton University
We are a Multitude: Diversity, Conflict and Compromise at the 1977 National Women's Conference Meetings

Jaci Leigh Eisenberg, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
American Women and International Geneva, 1919-1939

Norah Hardin Lind, Virginia Commonwealth University
The Hales in American Art

Carol S. Linskey, Binghamton University, SUNY
Dissertation, American Women's Internationalism and the Work of Dorothy Kenyon, 1933-1954

Rachel Pierce, University of Virginia
Capitol Women: Work, Politics, and Feminism in Congress, 1960-1980

Hèlëne Quanquin, Sorbonne
With Feebler Voices? Men and the American Women's Rights Movement, 1830-1890

Sarah Lynn Jones, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
PhD dissertation: "Rhetorical Peace-building Strategies: Organizing the Global and Local through the International Women's Tribune Centre"

Lisa Levenstein, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
"U.S. Women in Beijing: The Fourth World Conference on Women and the Global Politics of American Feminism"

Grierson Fellowships

Manon S. Parry, University of Maryland
PhD dissertation, Broadcasting Birth Control

Joann M. Ross, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
The Private Becomes Very Public: Evaluating the Marital Rape Exception in America

Xia Shi, University of California - Irvine
Republican Ladies: Gender, Philanthropy, and Social Networks in Early Twentieth-Century China

Leigh Goldstein, Northwestern University
PhD dissertation: "Special for Women: Postwar Popular Media and the Rise of 1960s Feminism"

April Haynes, University of Oregon
"Riotous Flesh: Gender, Race, and the Solitary Vice in Antebellum Physiology"

Travel funds

Stefanie Sarah Bator, Northwestern University
PhD: Engendering Civilization: Private Reformers, American Colonialism, and Filipino Nationalism, 1898-1946

Nicole Bourbonnais, University of Pittsburg
PhD: History of birth control and family planning in the English-speaking Caribbean from 1938 to the late 1970s

Erika N. Cornelius Smith, Purdue University
American Foreign Work division of the YWCA and the missions of its members to Eastern and Central Europe following World War I

Jennifer Donnally, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The Politics of Abortion and the Rise of the New Right

Rose Ernst, Seattle University
On the Edge: The Welfare Rights Movement in an Era of Colorblind Racism

Rebecca S. Feind, San Jose State University
Biography of Clara E. Laughlin

Anna Bostwick Flaming, University of Iowa
PhD: "'The Most Important Person in the World': The Changing Political and Cultural Meanings of American Housewifery in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century"

Jessica Frazier, Binghamton University
Anti-Imperial Feminisms: The Politics of Race, Globalization, and the Second Wave during the Cold War, 1965-1980

Julie Garbus, Independent Scholar
Biography of Vida Dutton Scudder

Lauren Gutterman, New York University
PhD: "Lebian Wives" - Heterosexually Married Women Who Engaged in Same-Sex Sexual Relationships and the Mid-Twentieth Century Discourses Around Them

Evan E. Hart, University of Cincinnati
Guerrillas in the Midst: The National Black Women's Health Project, 1981-1994

Beth Hessel-Robinson, Texas Christian University
Dissertation on the intersection of gender, ethnicity, and relitious belief in responses to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II

Michael S. Hevel, University of Iowa
Betwixt Brewings: A History of College Students Alcohol Use

Sara Clarke Kaplan, University of California, San Diego
Reproducing Slavery: Black Feminism and the Politics of Freedom

Allison Lange, Brandeis University
Pictures of Change: Transformative Images of Gender and Politics in the Woman Suffrage Movement, 1790-1920

Alison Lauterbach, University of Southern California
Gagged: The Politics of Reproduction and U.S. Foreign Aid, 1961-84

Jennifer Nelson, University of Redlands
Reproductive Health Revolutions: Healthcare Activism Among Women and Men of Color from 1930 to the Present

Josie Rodberg, Harvard University
Human Rights, Women's Rights, States Rights: Struggles over Federally Funded Family Planning, 1965-88

Jaimie Schmidt Wagman, Saint Louis University
Our Pill Ourselves: American Anxieties Surrounding Oral Contraceptives, 1958-2010

John Spurlock, Seton Hill University
Adolescent Sexuality in the 20th Century

Susan Stanfield, University of Iowa
PhD: "Imagining Citizenship in Black and White: Domestic Literature, 'True Womanhood,' and the Creation of Civic Identity in Antebellum America"

Michelle Stuckey, University of California, San Diego
PhD: "Weeding the National Garden: Gender, Race, and the Biopolitics of Reproduction in American Literature, 1870-1930"

Erica L. Whittington, University of Texas at Austin
From the Campus to the Globe: Internationalism and American Postwar Student Activism, 1945-1962

Victoria M. Grieve, Utah State University
"Radical Women and Working Class Journalism, The Federated Press, 1928-1955"

Joan Marie Johnson, Northeastern Illinois University
"Funding Feminism: Wealthy Women, Philanthropy, and Power in Late 19th and 20th Century America"

Wendy Kline, University of Cincinnati
"Birth in Transition: Modern Midwifery and the Controversy over Home Birth"

Melissa Walker, Converse College
"'The Heyday of Woman's Life': Women and the Experience of Aging in Twentieth Century America"