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What am I reading in ScholarWorks? February 2024


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Published February 23, 2024

Scholarly Communications Librarian, Jessica Ryan, highlights an item in ScholarWorks each month.

One thing all people must agree about Smith is the loveliness of our campus. When I was a student in my last semester, I indulged myself by taking two excellent and edifying classes well outside of my major: a horticultural lab in which Smith’s botanical museum of a campus was featured, and a geology class exploring the local landscape. So try to imagine my delight for this month’s What Am I Reading in ScholarWorks? as I tempt you all with a story map created by Geosciences professors John Brady and Bosiljka Glumac: “Smith Campus Rocks: Rocks of Smith College Buildings and Campus.”

To view this work in Smith ScholarWorks, visit: “Smith Campus Rocks: Rocks of Smith College Buildings and Campus”

Boulder engraved with William Allan Neilson

And while you're poking around ScholarWorks check out their other story map on the geology of Northampton, “Geology Downtown.” These are quite simply, beautifully produced learning objects—digital explorations of the rocks that surround those of us lucky enough to have spent time on campus and in Northampton. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Jessica Ryan, Scholarly Communications Librarian

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Jessica Ryan AC ’17 provides outreach, acquisition, dissemination and metadata activities for Smith ScholarWorks. She is an enthusiastic advocate for the larger ScholarWorks’ mission, helping scholarly communities flourish through open access, quick discovery, and wide dissemination of scholarly and creative content.

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