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Meet Dan Bennett, New Program Manager for the Digital Media Hub


Dan Bennett

Published April 28, 2023

Please join us in congratulating Dan Bennett on his new role as Program Manager for the Digital Media Hub.

Dan has been the Senior Media Producer in the joint Libraries/ITS Learning, Research & Technology department. In his new role as Program Manager for the Digital Media Hub (DMH), Dan will collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to facilitate access to and foster exploration of a range of media production spaces, equipment, and emerging technologies for Smith community creators. This involves developing training and support materials, designing digital media literacy programming, and consulting with faculty, staff and students about media production and how to utilize resources in the Digital Media Hub. He manages operations for the DMH spaces including the production studios and Knowledge Lab in the Alumnae Gymnasium. In addition, he coordinates and advises on media production equipment loaned through the Central Service Point.

Dan also collaborates with faculty to develop and implement digital media projects in courses of all disciplines. Dan also works closely with students by supporting all digital media efforts as a point of contact for things such as technical troubleshooting, creative feedback, general advice or simply pointing someone in the right direction to meet their goals.


Please feel free to reach out to Dan at