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Exhibits including Sylvia Plath's typewriter

Published March 25, 2024

Sylvia Plath — Life As A Student At Smith College

On display until April 15, 2024.

This exhibit aims to depict the everyday life of Sylvia Plath as a student at Smith College.

Drawing upon her school-day materials in Special Collections, including passages from Plath's journals, letters, class papers, and more, we wish to remind Smith students that even those figures we admire were once in the same position as us. Just like Plath, we can do and be anything at this point in our lives.

This exhibit ties in with the current exhibit in Lyman Plant Conservatory at the Smith College Botanic Garden, "The Bell Jars: Lyman Conservatory and Sylvia Plath's Botanical Imagination." Using archival materials and Plath's literary work as a guide, these two exhibits together invite visitors to inhabit the Smith College campus as Plath once did.

Curated by Gabi Dondes '26 and Emilia Neyer '26

Exhibits and Sylvia Plath's typewriter

Honoring Julia Chang Lin ’51

On display through May 2024.

This exhibit focuses on the personal history of Julia Chang Lin ’51 who went on to become a renowned scholar of Chinese poetry and mother to Neilson Library designer Maya Lin.

Curated by the Smith Club of China


Photos from Julia Chang Lin exhibit