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Celebrating Capstone Projects for the Archives, Book Studies, and Museums Concentrations


Montage of capstone projects 2024

Published April 30, 2024

Students completing the Archives Concentration, Book Studies Concentration and Museums Concentration presented their capstone projects followed by a reception and project exhibition on Friday, April 26, 2024. Students created both physical exhibits as well as digital exhibits available online.

Projects are located in the third floor exhibition cases of Neilson Library and will be on display for the next couple of months. Projects range in topic from examining the history of student publications at Smith, an exploration of the unique ways people express grief when dealing with cancer, lesbianism in the early years of second wave feminism, and a podcast detailing the recent updates to the federal law the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Please enjoy and visit the students’ projects that are listed below.

Archives Concentration Capstone Projects

Manifesting Grief: Wishing You A Speedy Recovery!
Andrea Weston '24 (Physical exhibit on display)

Kill the Grass Cop in Your Head!
Emma Merchant '24 (Physical exhibit on display)

The Clay Archive: Cultural Heritage & Intergenerational Knowledge Preservation
Miren Neyra Alcantara '24 (Physical exhibit on display)

Beware of the Lavender Menace: Lesbians and Women's Liberation
Grace Phippard '24 (Physical exhibit on display)

Book Studies Concentration Capstone Projects

Wax & Gold: A Book of Ethiopian Proverbs
Mack Case '24

Binding East and West
Elvira (Vera) Mancini '24

Hervararkviða: Designing and Printing Poetry in Translation
Lilith Cole '24

Student Publications at Smith: A History of Expression
Claire Russell '24

Big Words for Small Children, an abecedarium 
Gretchen Hammell '24

Museums Concentration Capstone Projects

Uncovering SCMA's Komainu
Kay Horak '24

Museum Ga(y)me
Cloud Osmond '24

The Museum Files: The Evolution of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Z Stevens '25j

The Shape of Time
Katie Rebhun '24

Unraveling Greece: The Intersection of Contemporary Art and Clothing
Lili Dowell '24

Embracing Art: A Guide for Skeptics and Non-Believers
Maggie Janowicz '24

Exploring Death and Grief in History
Elizabeth Sacktor '24

Sen(a)tences: Noting Radical-Black Feminist Curatorial Musings
Sena Amuzu '24

The Untold History of Historic Deerfield: The Ignored Lives of Deerfield's Enslaved People 
Paige Hume '24


Travis Grandy, Associate Director for Learning Research & Technology