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Local History

Selected Sources in the Sophia Smith Collection and Smith College Archives

Personal Papers

Aalfs, Joann (1923 - )
Papers, 1972-1983 (ongoing)
.25 linear ft. (1 box)
Women's rights advocate. After she left her husband, Aalfs took refuge at the Battered Women's Shelter in Springfield, Massachusetts, until moving to Northampton in 1981. In 1989 she moved to Wendell, Massachusetts and then back to Northampton in 1993. The collection contains records and printed materials of the New Bedford Women's Center (founded circa 1969), of which Aalfs was a member.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]

Ackelsberg, Martha (1946 - )
Papers, 1970s-1990s (ongoing)
4.5 linear ft. (5 boxes)
Professor, political science; Feminist; Anarchist; Lesbian activist. The collection includes materials documenting Ackelsberg's involvement in Northampton, Massachusetts affordable housing and sustainable development initiatives, including materials pertaining to the displacement and relocation of tenants living in Smith College-owned buildings, to make way for the new Ford Engineering Building. Ackelsberg began teaching Political Science at Smith College in 1972.
[Note: Collection is stored offsite; researchers must give 48 hours advance notice. This collection has not been fully processed.]

Adams, Marjorie (1900-1994)
Papers, 1919-1989
.5 linear ft. (1 box)
Teacher, high school French; Physical education teacher; Traveler. Collection includes fifteen line-a-day diaries (1919-89), which include discussions of student life at Smith College in the 1920s. Adams was assistant director of physical education at the Burnham School in Greenfield, Massachusetts, from 1924 to 1955.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Bascom, Florence (1862-1945)
Papers, 1868-1982
7 linear ft. (17 boxes)
Geologist; Professor. The papers include biographical information, photographs, scrapbooks, sketchbooks, memorabilia, extensive personal and professional correspondence, as well as published and unpublished articles on the geology of Massachusetts. Bascom was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts in 1862, though her career took her away from Massachusetts for most of her life.
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Bauman, Batya (1929 - )
Papers, 1947-2005 (ongoing)
5.75 linear ft. (8 boxes)
Animal welfare advocate; Ecofeminist; Feminist; Lesbian activist; Editor; Writer. Papers consist of biographical information and documents pertaining to Bauman's early life, her feminist lecture businesses, and activism in the realms of lesbian feminism, Jewish feminism, and animal rights. Bauman currently lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.
[Note: Collection is stored offsite; researchers must give 48 hours advance notice. This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Bodman family
Papers, 1687-1980 24 linear ft. (42 boxes)
Soldiers; Merchants; Artisan; Farmers; Bankers; Financiers; Homemakers. Papers cover 10 generations of the Bodman family, from small town New England farmers to Midwestern bankers and grain elevator owners. They are an extremely rich source for the study of U.S. social history, providing a long-term look at an American family. The earliest material documents rural New England life. The Bodman family lived in many locations throughout Hampshire and Berkshire counties.
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Brand, Katharine Edith (1900-1988)
Papers, 1881-1988
5.5 linear ft. (11 boxes)
Researcher; Editorial assistant; Archivist. The collection includes biographical information, published and unpublished writings, correspondence, and photographs documenting her years in Amherst, Massachusetts, where from 1925 to 1939 she worked as a researcher and editorial assistant for Ray Stannard Baker, journalist and author, while he wrote his multi-volume biography of Woodrow Wilson. Brand was also a member of the Smith College class of 1921; the collection contains diaries from her college years.
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Brewster family
Papers, 1882-1967
4.5 linear ft. (10 boxes)
Traveler, author, English teacher, librarian. Papers are primarily those of Anna Gertrude Brewster (1869-1967) and Mary Kate Brewster (1871-1957). Both sisters were devoted to theatre, particularly to the Academy of Music in Northampton. Anna taught at Northampton High School and the Northampton School for Girls for many years.
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Clark-Warner family
.25 linear ft. (1 box)
The Clark-Warner Family Papers include the correspondence of two generations of a family residing in western Massachusetts (principally South Hadley) in the nineteenth century. The major components are the courtship letters of Asel Clark and Clarissa Warner, other letters received by Clarissa (Warner) Clark at this time and in later years, and correspondence of their five children.
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Crowe, Frances (1919 - )
Papers, 1960-2006
67.25 linear ft. (54 boxes)
Pacifist; Political activist. Papers document over twenty years of social activism in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts (particularly in Northampton), including activities of local chapters of the American Friends' Service Committee, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Women Against the War, War Resisters' League, and Amnesty International. fully
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Curti, Margaret Wooster (1891-1961)
Papers, 1898-1963
2 linear ft. (6 boxes)
Professor; Psychologist. The collection includes correspondence, research, writings, photographs, scrapbooks, and artwork relating to Curti's creation of a successful pre-school program at the People's Institute in Northampton, Massachusetts, which later evolved into a laboratory for Smith College's child psychology classes. Her papers also depict family life in Northampton.
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Curtiss, Mina Kirstein (1896-1985)
Papers, 1913-2005
11 linear ft. (33 boxes)
English professor, translator, and author. The bulk of the Curtiss papers focus on her writing career including correspondence with publishers and researchers, research material, artwork, and edited typescripts. Other materials include an oral history, photographs, diaries, and extensive correspondence with many eminent figures from the literary world as well as Smith College associates, friends and family members. In Northampton, Curtis attended Miss Capen's School and later Smith College; later in life she lived for many years at Chapelbrook, her farm in Ashfield, Massachusetts.
[Note: Partially restricted access; researchers must obtain permission to use some materials.]
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Damon, Olive K. (1911-2003)
Papers, 1925-2005
4.25 linear ft. (11 boxes)
Farmer, Homemaker, artist. The bulk of the collection consists of fifty-eight volumes of personal diaries begun in 1930 (when Damon was 19) and ending in 2002. Subjects include local Whately, Massachusetts history, women's daily life and connections, marriage, and farm life. Supplementing the diaries is a self-published memoir of her life, correspondence with her son, and material documenting her artwork.
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Davies, Diana (1938 - )
Papers, 1960s-1996
17 linear ft. (57 boxes)
Musician; Photographer; Artist; Theater worker; Activist. Papers consist primarily of Davies' photographs of individuals and groups, musicians, artists, political activists in the civil rights, peace, anti-poverty, and feminist events (marches, demonstrations, conferences, etc.), celebrities, musicians, politicians, and street people. Davies lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Eastman-Goodale-Dayton Family
Papers, 1861-2010
6.5 linear ft. (17 boxes)
Author; Teacher; Social reformer. The collection contains the writings of Henry S. Goodale, a farmer and writer in the Southern Berkshires region near Pittsfield, Massachusetts. His daughters, Dora Read Goodale (1866-1953), Elaine Goodale (Eastman) (1863- 1953), and Rose Sterling Goodale (Dayton) lived in various towns in Western Massachusetts throughout their lives; as children, Elaine and Dora published poetry about the countryside around the Berkshires.
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Elbaum, Cynthia Ellen (1966-1994)
Papers, 1994-2000
4 linear ft. (5 boxes)
Photojournalist. Elbaum grew up in Ashfield, Massachusetts; she attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for a time, and later graduated from Smith College in 1989. The collection mostly documents Elbaum's career as a photojournalist, and includes biographical information and photographs.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed. Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.]
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Ford, Harriet Bliss (1876-1964)
Papers, 1899-1953
2 linear ft. (5 boxes)
Civic leader; editor; YWCA executive; Red Cross official; and Trustee, Smith College. The collection documents Ford's work with Century Magazine and her political and intellectual life during her residence in Northampton, Massachusetts. Included is material written and published by Ford for the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), and manuscripts of her speeches and writings. Notable correspondents include Northampton residents Grace Coolidge and William Allen Neilson.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Fried, Marlene G. (1945?- )
Papers, 1956-2004 (ongoing)
2.5 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Reproductive rights advocate; Professor; Author. Fried is a professor of philosophy at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and is the Director of the college's Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program. She was the founding president of the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts, and continues to serve on its board. The collection includes publications related to abortion rights and reproductive justice, newsletters, photographs, and memorabilia.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]

Garrison family
Papers, 1694-2003
118.25 linear ft. (302 boxes)
Abolitionists; Social reformers; Suffragists; Editor. The collection contains thousands of primary sources that document the family's involvement in politics, business, art, literature, religion, education, and most of the major reform movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Extensive correspondence, diaries, clippings, articles, speeches, photographs, memorabilia, and a wide variety of printed sources. Family members lived in many locations across eastern Massachusetts, including Brockton, Nantucket, and Newburyport, Newton; in western Massachusetts, the collection contains correspondence with the Garrisons-Brown of Florence; additionally, Ellen Wright (wife of William Lloyd Garrison) was educated partially at Mrs. Sedgwick's Young Ladies School in Lenox, Massachusetts.
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Greenebaum, Linda Schein (1935 - )
Papers, 1940-2009 (ongoing)
1.5 linear ft. (3 boxes)
Author; Musician; Teacher. Greenebaum earned a Master of Arts in Music Education from Smith College in 1978. She later returned to the area and settled in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she raised her four daughters, gave music lessons and performed with local groups. The collection consists of biographical material, correspondence, extensive personal diaries, and other writings.
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Hale family
Papers, 1787-1988
61.75 linear ft. (144 boxes)
Clergy member, Unitarian; Clergy member, Congregational; Statesman; Diplomat; Teacher; Editor, Boston Daily Advertiser; Artist; Painter; Governor, Massachusetts; Entrepreneur; Authors; Teacher, art; Art historian; Social reformer; President, Harvard College. Papers consist of biographical material, artwork, artifacts, correspondence, speeches, photographs, writings, and memorabilia created or kept by Hale Family members and their Everett, Beecher, Gilman, Hooker, Perkins, Stowe, and Westcott relatives. Though later generations of the family lived mostly in the Boston area, Rev. Enoch Hale was the Congregational minister in Westhampton, Massachusetts.
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Havens, Teresina Rowell (1909-1992)
Papers, 1891-1994
10.5 linear ft. (8 boxes)
Professor of comparative religion; Founder, spiritual retreat Temenos. Havens' papers include correspondence, diaries, Smith College student papers, published articles, teaching materials, and the papers of her mother, Teresina Peck Rowell. Havens taught at various colleges and universities including Smith College, Springfield College, and Westfield State College. In the 1970's she created a spiritual retreat and conference center called Temenos in Shutesbury, Massachusetts.
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Hitchcock family
Papers, 1841-1968
.25 linear ft. (1 box)
Western New England family. Autobiographies of Rufus Clark Hitchcock (1835-1894) relate to family life in Springfield and Boston. Journals document his travels in Massachusetts, and include genealogical records of the Farr, Hitchcock, and St. John families.
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Holden, Isabel (1913-2007)
Papers, 1913-2005
2 linear ft. (5 boxes)
Volunteer; Hospital volunteer; Animal welfare advocate. Holden first moved to Northampton, Massachusetts in 1948; she served as vice president and then president of the Northampton Historical Society (now Historic Northampton) from 1955 to 1981, published articles on local history, volunteered at the Veterans Administration Hospital and later for Hospice, and taught music for several years at the Smith College Campus School. The collection consists primarily of diaries began in 1971 to "record what it was like to grow old and die in Northampton."
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Holt, Margaret Goddard (1911-2004)
Papers, 1814-2003
55.25 linear ft. (123 boxes)
Pacifist; Member, Grey Panthers; Artist The papers primarily document Holt's personal life and activism (much of it centered in the Pioneer Valley), but also include significant amounts of material generated by her husband, Lee E. Holt, and several generations of extended family. Her lifetime diaries are detailed and introspective, and document her life from adolescence through old age and there is extensive correspondence with family and close friends. Holt studied for a time at the Cummington (Massachusetts) School of the Arts, before moving to Springfield in 1947; she later moved to Amherst in 1977.
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Hudson family
Papers, 1825-1865
.5 linear ft. (1 box)
Papers relate primarily to Erasmus Darwin Hudson (1806-1880), Physician, abolitionist, and social reformer. Included in the collection are the manuscript and typescript of his journal, "Anti-Slavery Campaign" and his correspondence. He studied medicine in New Marlboro, Massachusetts, and continued his studies at Berkshire Medical College (Pittsfield, Massachusetts), a branch of Williams College, where he received his M.D. in 1827.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Jones, Minona Stearns Fitts (1855-1926)
Papers, 1875-2002
3.75 linear ft. (8 boxes)
Suffragist; Writer; Political activist. Jones married Robert Clarence Fitts of Leverett, Massachusetts in 1879. Beginning in 1892, she opened the Mitchell Heights Millinery Store. There is also a small amount of correspondence of her father Isaac Holden Stearns, physician and surgeon with 22nd Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War. The collection includes oral histories of Jones' descendents, diaries, writings, family photographs, and numerous scrapbooks.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed. Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.]

Kady (1927-2003)
.5 linear ft. (1 box)
Dates of collection: 1989-2004
Peace activist; Feminist; Lesbian activist; Artisan. The collection contains a small amount of biographical information, drawings by Kady, articles, clippings, memorial invitations to "KadyFest," eulogy, her book Panhandling Papers (1989), and an oral history. Over the year her activism included protests against the Gulf War at Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and "sitting on a lawn, admiring those who refuse to pay for wars" in Greenfield, Massachusetts. In her later years she lived in Greenfield, where she exhibited her artwork and was a member of the Arts Council of Franklin County.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed; contact the SSC for contents list.]

Lamb, Martha J. (1826-1893)
5.5 linear ft. (12 boxes)
Author, historian, editor.. Lamb was educated at several schools in Massachusetts: in Goshen, at the Williston Seminary in Easthampton, and at the Northampton High School. The collection includes extensive personal and some professional correspondence, copies of all major articles and published books, diaries, research notes and reviews for her History of the City of New York, and copies of her Magazine of American History.
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Lewis, Patricia Lee (1937 - )
Papers, 1966-2004 (ongoing)
16.75 linear ft. (15 boxes)
Political activist; Writer; Feminist; Poet. After earning her A.B. from Smith College in 1970, Lewis co-founded the Valley Women's Center in Northampton, Massachusetts and the Everywoman's Center at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Lewis went on to hold many offices around Western Massachusetts, including Supervisor of Community Development for Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire Counties in the Massachusetts Office for Children (1974-76), Rural Development Specialist for the Massachusetts Cooperative Extension Service, and County Commissioner for Hampshire County (1984-88). Currently, she is a Senior Partner in Amherst Writers & Artists, and lives and works at the Patchwork Farm Retreat in Western Massachusetts, which she founded in 1992. The collection consists of diaries, correspondence, articles, clippings and memorabilia documenting Lewis' personal life, education, and various careers.
[Note: Collection is stored offsite; researchers must give 48 hours advance notice.]

Norris, Charlotte (1871-1957)
Papers, 1886-1956
1 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Teacher. The papers consist of forty-four volumes of diaries (1886-1890, 1916-1956) containing brief entries (for the most part) beginning at age 14 in Little Compton, Rhode Island circa 1880s through her career as a public high school teacher in Andover and Holyoke, Massachusetts. Included are descriptions of daily activities and events in Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts, travels in Europe (c. 1890s), and a small amount from her Smith College years.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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O'Daly, P. Lough (1954 - )
Papers, 1944-1984
3 linear ft. (5 boxes)
Vietnam war veteran. After five years in the Air Force, Lough left to enter Smith College under the Ada Comstock program, graduating in 1984. The collection includes oral histories of 10 women who served in the Vietnam War, conducted by O'Daly between 1982 and 1984, as part of the Smith Scholars Project ("Survivors: Women in Uniform During the Vietnam War"), and her research materials related to the project. Lough went on to establish an East Coast branch of the Oakland, California Women Veterans' Information Network (WVIN), which continued a fledgling western Massachusetts effort, Athena. Lough also acted as a consultant for women's issues at the Springfield, Massachusetts Veterans Center and on the Massachusetts Special Commission on the Concerns of Vietnam Veterans. The collection includes some personal correspondence, clippings about O'Daly, and files related to her organizational and committee work.
[Note: Partially restricted access - contact the Sophia Smith Collection for more information. Researchers must sign an Access Agreement Form, agreeing to protect confidentiality, before using this collection.]
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Pritchard, Marietta (1936 - )
Papers, 1973-2009 (ongoing)
1.25 linear ft. (3 boxes)
Writer. Pritchard earned her M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 1973. She was a member of Amherst, Massachusetts, Town Meeting (1970-77), and was Features Editor at the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, Massachusetts (1977-1989). The collection contains materials pertaining to Pritchard's unpublished book about the Amherst Women's Liberation support group, which started in 1969.
[Note: Partially restricted access - contact the Sophia Smith Collection for more information.]

Rheannon, Francesca (1949 - )
Papers, 2001-2006 (ongoing)
1.25 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Social worker; Public health specialist; Broadcast journalist; Radio producer. In the early 2000s, Rheannon became involved in broadcast journalism and production, reporting on a range of topical subjects including HIV/AIDS, and political, economic and social issues in Northampton, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Papers consist of audio recordings, transcriptions, and research materials pertaining to "Voices of HIV", a five-part radio series produced by Francesca Rheannon and Luis Melendez for WFCR 88.5 (Amherst, Massachusetts), 2006.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed; contact the SSC for contents list.]

Rosenbloom Family
Papers, 1914-1926
1 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Collections includes correspondence of Carl. W. Rosenbloom, M.D. and his fiancée (later his wife), Lena Berinstein, written while Carl pursued further medical training in Europe and Lena remained in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Schneider, Pat (1934 - )
Papers, 1956-2005
3 linear ft. (4 boxes)
Author; Instructor, writing. Schneider is an adjunct faculty at Smith College School of Social Work, and has taught Creative Writing workshops at the University of Massachusetts. Schneider is the founder/director of Amherst Writers and Artists; her long time work with low-income families in mill town housing projects in the Connecticut River Valley has brought about the establishment of Amherst Writers and Artists Institute which sponsors free writing workshops for low-income women, children, and adolescents. Collection includes many of Schneider's writings, as well as recordings and play productions by Schneider.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed; contact the SSC for contents list.]

Southworth-Dickinson Family
Papers, 1792-2005 (ongoing)
78.5 linear ft. (157 boxes)
Paper mill owner; Abolitionists; Soldier; Physician; Lawyer; Legislator; Minister; Officer, United States Navy; Professor. The Southworth-Dickinson Family Papers cover several generations of the Southworth and Dickinson families of Springfield, Massachusetts, especially the family of Edward Southworth (1804-1869). Edward served as president of the family-owned Hampshire Paper Company of South Hadley, Mass.; additionally, with his brother Wells and cousin John H. Southworth he founded the Southworth Manufacturing Company in Agawam, Mass, still in operation. Edward's oldest son, George Southworth (1842-1918), served as a Massachusetts representative. Many of George's descendants lived in the Springfield, Massachusetts area, including his son Melvin Southworth (1883-1967) and granddaughter Helen Southworth Atwood (1919-2002).
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Seton, Cynthia Propper (1926-1982)
Papers, 1951-1982
1 linear ft. (3 boxes)
Author. Seton worked as a journalist, serving for 12 years as a columnist for the Berkshire Eagle in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Papers consist primarily of typescripts of Seton's columns, essays, and novels; biographical material; detailed correspondence; and a few photographs. Major themes addressed in the papers are Smith College, where she received her B.A.; the city of Northampton, where she lived; the social movements of the 1960s; the impact of feminism on middle-aged women; and writing.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Stout, Linda (1954 - )
Papers, 1987-2003 (ongoing)
3 linear ft. (3 boxes)
Peace activist; Political activist. Stout left North Carolina came to Amherst, Massachusetts in the late 1990s to take the helm of the Peace Development Fund; she is now the director of a new project, Spirit of Change. The collection includes videotapes of Stout speaking in various venues in the late 1980s and 1990s, articles and clippings, and an oral history.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Sturgis-Tappan family
Papers, 1812-1982
1.25 linear ft. (4 boxes)
Authors; Poets. The Tappans lived in Boston but summered in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts at the family's summer estate, Tanglewood, which later generations of the family donated to the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1936. The collection includes correspondence, pencil drawings and watercolors, and drafts of poems.
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Upton family
Papers, 1853-1937
2.5 linear ft. (7 boxes)
Collection includes papers of Eleanor Stuart Upton (1886-1974), librarian; Eleanor was a cataloger at the Forbes Library in Northampton, Massachusetts from 1952 to 1962. Collection also includes her sister Margaret Frances Upton (1890-1967), bacteriologist. Margaret worked as a lab technician and research assistant, primarily at St. Luke's Hospital in Newburgh, New York and at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, Massachusetts.
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Wrinch, Dorothy (1894-1976)
Papers, 1901-1983
12.5 linear ft. (34 boxes)
Crystallographer; Biochemist; Mathematician; Physicist. After serving as a visiting research professor for Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst Colleges, Wrinch was appointed a Smith College professor in 1942, where she remained for the next three decades. Wrinch and her family spent their summers in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where she taught and lectured in physics. The collection contains original manuscripts, models, printed material, publications, writings, notebooks, scrapbooks, and extensive correspondence which illuminates her research.
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American Association of University Women. Connecticut Valley Branch, 1925 -
Records, 1925-1992
5.75 linear ft. (7 boxes)
Collegiate association. The records document the organization's history, administration, committee activities, membership, and promotional activities. Materials include reports, brochures, correspondence, and printed materials. [Note:This collection has not been fully processed.]
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American Association of University Women. Massachusetts Division
Records, 1935-1990 (ongoing)
1.25 linear ft. (3 boxes)
Collegiate association.
The records document the western Massachusetts AAUW branches (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire Counties). Materials include histories, correspondence, reports, clippings, publications and other printed materials. [Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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ARISE for Social Justice 1985 -
Papers/Records, 1956-2010
30.25 linear ft. (32 boxes)
Grassroots advocacy organization; Social reformers. Records document the organization's work with the economically disadvantaged and underserved populations in Springfield, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Materials cover such topics as race relations, class, poverty, and welfare rights; homelessness and fair housing, including advocacy for single room occupancy; domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse; prison reform; advocacy for universal/single-payer health care, and health issues including HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; childcare; access to education; rights of mentally and physically disabled citizens; drug addiction; prostitution; hunger, and other issues associated with poverty.
[Note: Researchers must sign Access Agreement form to use certain files, agreeing to protect confidentiality, before using this collection.]
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Ausonia Club 1921 -
Records, 1929-1993
1.25 linear ft. (1 box)
Women's club. The records relate primarily to the club's mission of preserving Italian traditions in America, offering support to newly arrived women immigrants, and promoting an interest in Italian language and culture among the citizenry of Northampton, Massachusetts.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Camp Bonnie Brae , 1919-
Records, 1917-2009 (ongoing)
12.5 linear ft. (15 boxes)
Camp for girls. Begun in 1919 in East Otis, Massachusetts, the camp is administered by the Girl Scouts of Pioneer Valley in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The records include correspondence, reports, minutes, financial information, information about staff, songbooks, publicity materials, and publications, as well as files pertaining to buildings and grounds.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed. Researchers must sign an Access Agreement Form before using this collection, agreeing to protect the confidentiality of living persons.]
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Focus on Women, Inc., 1978-1985
Records, 1980-1986
1.25 linear ft. (1 box)
Feminist advocacy and intercultural exchange organization serving women and girls in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Records include correspondence, financial records, and printed material. [Note: This collection has not been fully processed. Collection is stored offsite; researchers must give 48 hours advance notice.]
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Green Street Lesbian Rooming House, c.1975-1992
Papers/Records, 1977-1999
2.5 linear ft. (5 box)
Lesbian rooming house in Northampton, Massachusetts. House logbooks including announcements, phone messages, minutes of occasional house meetings, and personal messages between residents. The entries are revealing of the women's personal lives, daily life in the rooming house, and the Northampton lesbian community.
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League of Women Voters of Northampton, 1922-
Records, 1922-1995
13.25 linear ft. (21 boxes)
Civic improvement and political organization. Records consist primarily of reports (1928-90s), publications, membership lists, correspondence, minutes, and research files. Also included are transcripts of League-sponsored radio broadcasts; videotapes of televised informational broadcasts and forums with local political candidates; and publications and educational fliers produced by the League concerning the structure and functions of local government, housing issues, schools, voter services and welfare reform.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed. Collection is stored offsite; researchers must give 48 hours advance notice.]
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The Lesbian Calendar, 1987-2001
Records, 1912-1994
5 linear ft. (13 boxes)
Lesbian business and publication, based in Northampton, Massachusetts. Originally a one page fold-out monthly calendar of lesbian and women's events, The Calendar quickly grew into a more lengthy newsletter. The collection includes the administrative records from its inception; some records of LOGS (Lesbians of Greater Springfield); and the personal subject files of Marie Patten, Pamela Kimmell, and local printer and activist, Willow Lamont. Also included are memorabilia, posters, catalogs, and artwork that document the local lesbian community.
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National Organization for Women. Springfield (Mass.) Chapter
Records, 1976-1989 (ongoing)
3.75 linear ft. (3 boxes)
Feminist advocacy organization. Records of the NOW Springfield Chapter include administrative records, membership records, correspondence, minutes, newsletters, financial material, projects and programs, national and state NOW material, feminist memorabilia, and audiovisual material.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) , 1976-
Records, 1975-2001
1.75 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Women's shelter and educational organization based in Western Massachusetts. The collection documents the organization's administration, shelter and counseling services, and educational programs from its founding in 1976 to the present. Included are personal writings by survivors of domestic violence and abuse; research papers; and publicity and printed materials related to issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse in Western Massachusetts and beyond.
[Note: Partially restricted access.]
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Reproductive Justice For All Conference, 2005-2005
Records, 2005-
.75 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Reproductive rights advocates. "Reproductive Justice For All: A U.S. Policy Conference" was held at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, in November 2005. It was sponsored by the Smith College Women's Studies Program and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Sisters Inc. , 1996-2008
Records, 1996-2008
2.5 linear ft. (4 boxes)
Community service organization. Sisters, Inc. was started by local women in the rural hilltowns of Western Massachusetts who wanted to support girls as they entered adolescence by creating a "hardiness zone," a community in which girls could flourish and remain bold and strong. Founded by Ellen Pulleyblank Coffey and Deborah Coffey, the organization was directed by Kelly Anderson for most of its tenure. The collection consists of administrative and programming materials from the organization's 12 year tenure, including fundraising files, board and committee minutes, reports, and conference and research files.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed. Portions of collection are stored offsite; researchers must give 48 hours advance notice.]

Stop It Now! , 1992-
Records, 1993-2005
2.5 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Child abuse prevention and advocacy organization, founded in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1992. The records document the organization's work to prevent the sexual abuse of children through education and intervention. Materials include conference materials; newsletters; printed material pertaining to sexual abuse of children; brochures; reports; clippings; administrative records of various branches in the U.S.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Valley Women's Center
Records, 1971-1977
2 linear ft. (5 boxes)
Founded in Northampton, Massachusetts, the VWC identified with radical feminism and provided a myriad of free services to women in the community, such as legal and educational resources; pregnancy counseling; vocational counseling; and support groups. The records reveal the inner workings of a local feminist organization at the height of women's liberation movement in the early 70s. Materials include correspondence, administrative records, histories, photographs, publications, and subject files.
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Women's Clubs
Records, 1812-1995
.75 linear ft. (1 box)
This is a collection of small files on various women's clubs in the United States, including many in Massachusetts, such as the Home Study Club (Ashland), the Worcester Woman's Club, The Afternoon Club (Gardner), The Cosmopolitan Club (Springfield), Friends in Council (Turners Falls), and the Sunderland Woman's Club. Types of materials include programs, yearbooks, calendars, by-laws, fliers, newsletters, histories, articles, books, pamphlets, and other published materials.
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Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts, 1997-
Records, 1997-2009 (ongoing)
4 linear ft. (4 boxes)
Women's funding organization. The WFWM was founded to mobilize significant resources to address the pressing needs of women and girls in Western Massachusetts. The WFWM, located in Easthampton, Massachusetts, advances social change philanthropy to create economic and social equality for women and girls in the region through grant-making, strategic advocacy, and community collaborations. The collection includes grant applications by WFWM for its own funding, and by local organizations for funding from them, publicity materials, clippings about WFWM, the Board of Directors manual, and photographs.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed. Portions of collection are stored offsite; researchers must give 48 hours advance notice.]

Zonta Club of the Northampton Area, 1934-
Records, 1963-1992
4.25 linear ft. (4 boxes)
Community service organization. The Zonta Club of Northampton, founded in 1934, provides goods and financial support to overseas projects as well as services to the Northampton and wider community, including volunteer service during the 1936 flood, providing volunteers and funds for redecoration at the Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Northampton State Hospital, and support of Hampshire United Way and the local YWCA. The records include correspondence, minutes, agendas, programs, reports, newsletters, project files, membership files, clippings, publications, photos, awards and memorabilia.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Subject Collections

Employment Collection, 1817-1991 (ongoing)
30.5 linear ft. (67 boxes; 43 volumes)
Primarily printed materials and books, plus some unpublished writings, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera, pertaining to employment issues and specific occupations of women. Collection includes photographs from exhibit entitled "Women at Work: Views and Visions from the Pioneer Valley, 1879-1945," and a section on women's employment in Massachusetts history. [Note: See U.S. - States - Massachusetts; and photographs from exhibit entitled "Women at Work: Views and Visions from the Pioneer Valley, 1879-1945" (oversize).]
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Health Collection, 1818-c.1995
3.75 linear ft. (5 boxes)
The collection documents the evolution of medical and scientific thinking and practice relating to women's health from 1818-1990s. Includes material on the Women's Health Counseling Service of Springfield, Massachusetts, and the Women's Health Care Collective of Florence, Massachusetts, as well as conference papers, published articles, and reports on women and AIDS in Western Massachusetts.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Homosexuality Collection, 1932-1995
.75 linear ft. (2 boxes)
The collection contains numerous newsletters, periodicals and leaflets that document lesbian organizing in the Pioneer Valley and surrounding areas, including an audio recording of a Lesbian/Feminist Workshop held at the Valley Women's Center.
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UMASS-Amherst Women's Studies Department Collection, 1960-1986
3.75 linear ft. (3 boxes)
The collection consists of resource files from the UMASS-Amherst Women's Studies Department (begun in 1974), containing printed material on a variety of topics relating to women; included in the collection are newsletters of the Council for Women in Massachusetts for Higher Public Education.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Women's Liberation Collection
Papers, 1959-1998
11 linear ft. (25 boxes)
This collection documents the mid-20th century women's liberation movement in the United States. Materials include printed material, bibliographies, book reviews, books, catalogs, correspondence, position papers, publicity, questionnaires, reports, resolutions, speeches, photographs and audiotapes. There is also memorabilia and ephemera. The collection includes materials for over a dozen Massachusetts women's groups, as well as the state chapter of NOW, and the 1975 University of Massachusetts Women's Conference. [Note: See U.S. - State organizations - Massachusetts.]
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Oral Histories

Activist Life Oral History Project, 2008
1.25 linear ft. (3 boxes)
The project is a collection of life histories of women who have dedicated their lives to social and political activism; though they come from a variety of class, ethnic, racial, social, and geographic backgrounds, most currently live in the Northampton area. Collection includes recorded interviews and transcripts.
[Note: Partially restricted access.]

Ausonia Club Oral History Project , 1965-1987
1 linear ft. (4 boxes)
The mission of the Ausonia Club (Northampton) was to preserve Italian traditions in America, as well as offer support to the community. This collection includes interviews of the six female Ausonia Club members, as well as two male relatives. For each subject there are audio recordings and transcripts of the interviews, some in Italian with English translations. There is also a small amount of biographical material, correspondence, and photographs. [Note: Partially restricted access.]
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Documenting Lesbian Lives Oral History Project, 2010
2.25 linear ft. (3 boxes)
The project provides a complex and nuanced collective story of American lesbian history and experience, through narrators from such backgrounds as grassroots activists, political organizers, educators, academics, musicians, writers, artists, and community and religious leaders; many live in Western Massachusetts. Collection includes recorded interviews and transcripts.
[Note: Partially restricted access]

Social Work Archives Oral History Collection, 1970-2003 (ongoing)
4 linear ft. (13 boxes)
The collection consists of oral history interviews and transcripts with important figures in the field of social work, the majority conducted between 1970 and 1998; many of the subjects lived I the Northampton area. See also the Social Work Archives subject guide.
[Note: Partially restricted access.]
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Voices of Feminism Oral History Project, 2002-
Papers/Records, 1990-2009
37.5 linear ft. (96 boxes)
The project documents the persistence and diversity of organizing for women in the United States in the latter half of the 20th century. Many of the narrators live in Western Massachusetts, including Michaelann Bewsee (1947- ), Marlene Gerber Fried (1945- ), Fran Henry (1948- ), and Linda Stout (1954- ).
[Note: Partially restricted access.]
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Women at War Oral History Project, 2006-
.5 linear ft. (1 box)
The collection includes oral histories of six women veterans from Western Massachusetts (Jill Caliri, Shannon Donnelly, Mary Fisher, Marlisa Grogan, Margaret Oglesby, and Lydia Rodriguez) who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, circa 2001-2006. The collection also contains materials relating to the play "Women at War: Bringing the Voices of Military Women to the Stage," which was performed at the Northampton, Massachusetts Center for the Arts in 2006.
[Note: This collection has not been fully processed.]
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Includes some local publications, such as:

  • The Lesbian Calendar (Northampton, MA), 1994-2001 [Note: see also TLC Records above]
  • NOW Times (Springfield, MA), 1982-95
  • The Pearl Street Journal (Women's Services Center, Pittsfield, MA, formerly Women's Pearl), 1979-80
  • The PVPGA (Pioneer Valley People's Gay Alliance) Gayzette, 1983
  • Valley Women's Studies Journal, 1973
  • The Valley Women's Voice, 1979-95
  • Wild Women Sports (Western Massachusetts), 1990-91
  • Woman's Journal (Northampton, MA), 1971-72
  • Women's Studies Newsletter (University of Massachusetts--Amherst), 1978-99
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