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Oral Histories

Oral history collections in Special Collections are listed to the right. Please see below for a comprehensive list of oral histories in the Sophia Smith Collection. See also oral history projects that are available online.

Sophia Smith Collection Oral Histories

This is a comprehensive list of oral histories in the Sophia Smith Collection. It includes individual oral histories; oral histories found within collections of personal papers; and oral history projects. The oral history projects cover such topics as the suffrage, feminist, civil rights and reproductive rights movements; women in social work and medical professions; grassroots activists; Italian immigrants; and women in war. Unless otherwise noted, items are located in the SSC's Oral History Collection. Links are provided to full collection descriptions (finding aids) unless the collection is closed to research. Formats of interviews may include audio or video recordings, and/or transcripts. Some are accompanied by small amounts of biographical material, photographs, and project records.

Please note: Access to some audiovisual materials may be delayed to allow time to produce a use copy of the original. For more information, see Rights & Reproductions.

Abbott, Sidney A.
Feminist; Author; Lesbian activist; Editor; Women's rights activist.
Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study.
[The Sidney Abbott Papers are closed]

An Activist Life: Student Oral History Project
Life histories of women who have dedicated their lives to social and political activism. Fifteen interviews, conducted by Smith College students, document both the diversity and the persistence of women's activism, as organizers and as cultural workers, in a variety of social movements such as women's health, economic justice, LGBT liberation, peace, education, and environmental sustainability.
View finding aid

Asian American Reproductive Justice Oral History Project
Juhee Kwon, Brown University Class of 2014, interviewed seventeen organizers in the Reproductive Justice movement with the specific aim of capturing voices of Asian American women and their fight for reproductive justice since the 1980s. Collection includes audio interviews, transcripts, photographs, published materials, author's notes, and original grant proposal.
Audio interviews and transcripts are available online | View finding aid

Appel, Cheri , M.D.
Physician and early birth control worker. Interview conducted by Ellen Chesler, 1989. Transcript (49p) and audiotape.
View finding aid

Ausonia Club Oral History Project
Interviews with eight Italian American women in Northampton, MA, interviewed by Lella Gandini for the Sophia Smith Collection. Includes audiotapes, transcripts, photographs, a small amount of correspondence, and biographical material for each.
View finding aid [See also Ausonia Club Records] Aprile, Sylvia Bell, Vito Bellantuono, Lucrezia De Bastinani, Tranquilla Anna Rescia, Ida Rescia, Richard Savino, Vittoria Venturo, Marianna

Bailey, Dorothy C.
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Bandler, Louise S.
Psychiatric social worker; Social work educator. Oral history in the Social Work Archives Oral History Project. [The Louise Bandler Papers are closed]

Baum, Margaret Hays
Birth control advocate. Conversations With Margaret Hays Baum: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of Planned Parenthood of Rochester and Monroe County. Transcript (published, 1982).
View finding aid

Bell, M. Kathleen
Foreign relations specialist; Trustee. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [The Kathleen Bell Papers are closed]

Betsko-Koenig Women Playwrights Collection
Audiotapes, edited and unedited interview transcripts, scripts and related material on thirty women playwrights, including Rosalyn Drexler, Beth Henley, Marsha Norman, Ntozake Shange, Megan Terry, and Kathleen Betsko. The edited transcripts were published as Interviews with Contemporary Women Playwrights, compiled by Kathleen Betsko and Rachel Koenig (1987).
View finding aid

Birkby, (Noel) Phyllis
Architect; Filmmaker; Lesbian activist; Feminist. Documentation of the "second wave" women's movement (circa 1970s) through film footage combined with oral history interviews of leading figures in the movement such as June Arnold, Charlotte Bunch, and Robin Morgan. Audiotapes and transcripts. In the Phyllis Birkby Papers.
[See also oral histories and videotapes of participants in "Amazonian Activity": A Celebration of the Life of Noel Phyllis Birkby, held at the Sophia Smith Collection in the fall of 1997.]

Black Women Oral History Project
Sponsored by the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College, 1977-79. Copies of 59 oral history transcripts. Originals at the Schlesinger Library (complete list of participants is available in the Sophia Smith Collection).
View finding aid

Bodman, Ellen-Fairbanks Diggs
Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Bodman Family Papers]

Boselli, Merriall
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Bowles, Dorcas
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Brenner, Barbara
Lawyer and health justice activist.

Brewer, Vivion Lenon
Co-founder, Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools; Volunteer; Banker; Lawyer. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Vivion Lenon Brewer Papers]

Bunce, Elizabeth Thompson
Marine geophysicist. The Reminiscences of Elizabeth Thompson Bunce. Columbia University Oral History Research Office, l983. Four audiotapes and transcript (l66p). Elizabeth Bunce Papers.
[See also Smith College Centennial Study.]

Clark, Eleanor
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Coalition of Indian-Controlled School Boards Oral History Project, 2005 to 2009
Oral historian Jerry Reynolds conducted sixty interviews with members of the Coalition who had made "unrivaled contributions to Indian parental and community control of Indian education," from 1971 to 1981.
View finding aid

Cook, Esther
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Crowe, Frances
Pacifist; Political activist. Oral history interview and research paper by Stina Sodering for Smith College history course, 3 Apr 2006. In the Frances Crowe Papers.

Curtiss, Mina Kirstein
Author; English professor; Translator. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Mina Kirstein Curtiss Papers.]

Davies, Diana
Musician; Photographer; Artist; Theater worker; Activist. Oral history conducted in 2001. Transcript and CD. In the Diana Davies Papers.

Dawson, Rose
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

de Forest, Charlotte Burgis
Missionary teacher; President, Kobe College. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Charlotte de Forest Papers]

de Schweinitz Dorothea
Labor researcher. Transcript in the Dorothea and Louise de Schweinitz Papers (original audio recording in Smith College Centennial Study).

de Schweinitz (Darrow), Louise
Physician and early worker for birth control. Audiotape and transcript. In the Dorothea and Louise de Schweinitz Papers.

Documenting Lesbian Lives: Student Oral History Project
A collection of sixteen interviews of women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, woman-identified-woman, queer, or who prefer not to identify with sexuality categories. The project provides a complex and nuanced collective story of American lesbian history and experience. Interviews were conducted by Smith College students. 
Video interviews and transcripts available online (Smith campus only) | View finding aid

Drinker, Sophie
Historian; Musicologist. Two interviews with daughters, Cecilia Drinker Saltonstall and Ernesta Drinker Ballard by Ruth Solie, 1990. Transcripts (8p and 12p). In the Sophie Drinker Papers. (See also interview in the Margaret Grierson Papers, Smith College Archives.)

Dryfoos, Joy G.
Researcher; Author; Reproductive health specialist. Oral history conducted in 1999. In the Joy Dryfoos Papers

Eaton, Dorothy
Oral history interview conducted by Jacqueline Van Voris (audio recording and transcript), 1987-88 In the Katharine Edith Brand Papers

The Fight for ERA: Leaders, Strategies and Directions
Interviews with 29 ERA leaders, 1983-84, by Jennifer Jackman and Tamar Raphael. Transcripts and audiotapes. In the Women's Rights Collection.

Golzio, Carolina
see Villano, Rose and Carolina Golzio.

Green, Constance McLaughlin
Historian; Professor; Author. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Constance Green Papers]

Grierson, Margaret Storrs
Smith College Archivist and Founder, Sophia Smith Collection. Oral history interview in the Margaret Grierson Papers, Smith College Archives.

Hartman, Ann
Dean, Smith College School for Social Work; Professor, social work; Political activist; Editor. Two oral history interviews in the Ann Hartman Papers (closed).

Havens, Teresina Rowell
Professor, comparative religion. Interview of Teresina and husband, Joe Havens, 1987. Audiotaped interview in the Teresina Rowell Havens Papers.

Heath, Barbara Honeyman
See Roll, Barbara Honeyman Heath

Hollis, Florence and Rosemary Reynolds
Social workers and educators. Interviews of Florence Hollis. Transcript (53p) and audiotape; interview of Florence Hollis and Rosemary Reynolds by Stacia Super, six audiotapes; interview of Florence Hollis and Rosemary Reynolds by Ann Hartman. Audiotape. In the Florence Hollis and Rosemary Reynolds Papers.

Israeli Women Speak Out
Interviews by Geraldine Stern with 26 women, l977-l979, for her book of this title. Ten audiotapes and transcripts. In the Geraldine Stern Papers.

Italian Immigrant Women in New York City's Garment Industry Oral Histories
Nine oral histories conducted by Colomba Furio as background research for her Ph.D. dissertation, "Immigrant Women and Industry: A Case Study: The Italian Immigrant Women and the Garment Industry, 1880-1950" (New York University, 1979). Collection includes some audio recordings and transcripts of Italian immigrants (primarily women) who worked in the New York garment industry.
View finding aid

Jackson, Ida Louise
Teacher; Administrator. Overcoming Barriers in Education, part of the University of California's Black Alumni Series. Transcript published by Bancroft Library at the University of California at Berkeley (1990).
View finding aid

Peace activist; Feminist; Lesbian activist; Artisan [Kady Papers (unprocessed)]

Kaufman, Irving
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Kenyon, Dorothy
Lawyer; Feminist; Judge; Social reformer. Two interviews with Kenyon focus on her work with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (circa 1940s). Audiotapes and one record album; and interviews about Kenyon with family members conducted by Lucy Knight (1997-98). Audiotapes. In the Dorothy Kenyon Papers. [See also Smith College Centennial Study]

Kirkpatrick, Helen Paull
see Milbank, Helen Kirkpatrick

Leach, Jean
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project. [See also Jean Leach Papers]

Lederer, Regina
Austrian immigrant and Holocaust survivor. Oral history interview by Robert Lederer. Transcript.
View finding aid

Living U.S. Women's History (Oral History Project)
8.5 linear ft., 1999-2001. 51 audio and videotaped interviews with pioneering women's historians, including edited transcriptions. ( Partially restricted access - contact the Sophia Smith Collection for more information.)
View Finding Aid

Lucke, Elmina
Professor of social work; Founder, Delhi School of Social Work; YWCA official. Interview by Jacqueline Van Voris. Transcript (39p) and three audiotapes. In the Elmina Lucke Papers.

Marshall, Kathryn
1.25 linear ft., 1966-1975. 20 tapes and 19 transcripts of oral histories conducted with women who served in Vietnam for Marshall's book In the Combat Zone (Boston: Little Brown, 1987). (This collection is closed)

Milbank, Helen Kirkpatrick
Journalist. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also the Helen Paull Kirkpatrick Papers]

Miller, Roger
Social work educator. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Mink, Patsy
Oral History Interview with Patsy Mink, Member of Congress from Hawaii, 1965-1977, by Fern S. Ingersoll for Former Members of Congress, Inc. as part of its project, The Modern Congress in American History (1979). Transcript (117p). In the Patsy Mink Papers.

Moore, Elisabeth Luce
Journalist; Editor; YWCA official; International relations specialist. Elisabeth Luce Moore, a Spoken History by Terrill E. Lauke, 1985-1988. Transcript (135p). In the Elisabeth Luce Moore Papers.

Morgan, Constance Morrow
Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also the Morrow Family Papers (partially restricted)]

Motley, Constance Baker
Civil rights lawyer and federal judge. The Reminiscences of Judge Constance Baker Motley by Columbia University Oral History Research Office, 1978. Transcript (805p). In the Constance Baker Motley Papers.

Munk, Marie
Lawyer; Judge; Marriage counselor. Oral history conducted at Smith College by Betty Eberhart, 1971. In the Marie Munk Papers.

New York City Women Community Activists Oral History Project
Interviews conducted by Tamar Carroll for dissertation on women's community activism in New York City, circa 1955-95. Includes activists involved with the National Congress of Neighborhood Women and Mobilization For Youth, one of the country's first anti-poverty agencies founded in 1957 on New York City’s Lower East Side to combat juvenile delinquency. Interviewees include Frances Fox Piven, Rosalyn Baxandall, attorneys Faith Colangelo and Nancy LeBlanc, and other staff members. Transcripts and audio CDs. ( Partially restricted access - contact the Sophia Smith Collection for more information.) See also documents, images, video clips and oral histories of National Congress of Neighborhood Women compiled by Tamar Carroll on the Women and Social Movements Web site (available with subscription).
View finding aid. See also Voices of Feminism Oral History Project (Payne, Miller, Peterson)

Nicholls, Grace
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

O'Connor, Jessie Lloyd
Journalist; Social reformer; Political activist. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also the Jessie Lloyd O'Connor Papers]

Oettinger, Katherine Brownell
Katherine Brownell Oettinger, Children's Bureau Chief: A Pioneer in the Twentieth Century. Interviewed by Jacqueline K. Parker for the Women in the Federal Government Project, Schlesinger Library, 1985. Transcript (432p). In the SSC Browsing Collection.

Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project
Oral history project begun in 1997 by Arden Eversmeyer interviewing women she knew in Houston, Texas. The project expanded to include the life stories of lesbians 70 and older beyond the Houston area. The collection includes over 170 interviews (transcripts and audio recordings), related correspondence, releases, and photographs of interviewees.
View finding aid

Page, Patricia
Episcopal Women's History Project (1997). Transcript and four audiotapes. In the Religion Collection.

Parad, Howard
Social work administrator; Social work educator. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project [The Howard Parad Papers are closed]

Peet, Azalia Emma
Missionary; Teacher. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Azalia Peet Papers]

Picker, Jean Sovatkin
Diplomat; Journalist. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [The Jean Picker Papers are closed]

Piper, Carol
Oral history interview conducted by Jacqueline Van Voris (audio recording and transcript), 1987-88 In the Katharine Edith Brand Papers

Piven, Frances Fox
See New York City Women Community Activists Oral History Project

Plimpton, Pauline Ames
Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Ames Family Papers]

Population and Reproductive Health Oral History Project
Oral history interviews of pioneers in the birth control movement, population planning, and reproductive health from the 1960s to the present. The project was begun by Jack Smith of the Centers for Disease Control, Division of Reproductive Health, in the mid 1990s and was continued by Deborah McFarlane of the American Public Health Association. Contains audiotapes and 38 transcribed interviews. There are also documents pertaining to the planning and execution of the project. ( Partially restricted access - contact the Sophia Smith Collection for more information.) 
Full transcripts available online | View finding aid

Raskin, Judith
Opera singer; Teacher. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Judith Raskin Papers]

Read, Helen Appleton
Art critic; Art historian. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Helen Appleton Read Papers]

Reynolds, Bertha C.
Social worker; Professor. Interviews by Jacob Kamaiko (audiotape); by Phyllis Lowinger (transcript (11p) and audiotape); by Joan Goldstein (audiotape); by Vida S. Grayson (transcript (42p) and 3 audiotapes); by Dorothy Green of Eleanor Flexner about Reynolds (audiotape); and by Joan Goldstein of Rachel Levine about Reynolds (transcript (40p)). In the Bertha Reynolds Papers. See also Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Reynolds, Rosemary
See Hollis, Florence and Rosemary Reynolds

Rice-Wray, Edris
Public health physician and birth control pioneer, primarily in Central America and Mexico. Two interviews conducted by Ellen Chesler and James Reed (1987), audio recordings and draft transcript (69p).
View finding aid

Rich, Frances Luther
Sculptor; Director, Smith College Public Relations; Officer, United States Naval Reserve, World War II. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Frances Rich Papers]

Roll, Barbara Honeyman Heath
Anthropologist. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Barbara Honeyman Heath Roll Papers (partially restricted)]

Sanger, Margaret
Birth control advocate; Nurse. Transcripts of interviews with Sanger family members about Margaret Sanger: Olive Byrne Richard by Jacqueline Van Voris (1977); Nancy Sanger Ivins and Margaret Sanger Marston by Jacqueline Van Voris (1977); Grant Sanger by Ellen Chesler (1976); Grant Sanger by Jacqueline Van Voris (1977). In the Margaret Sanger Papers.

Scattergood, Margaret
Labor organizer. Trade Union Woman: Vehicle of Social Change, University of Michigan Project. Transcript (32p). In the Biography Collection.

Schlesinger-Rockefeller Oral History Project
Documents women in health services, maternal and child care, family planning, marriage counseling, and sex education. Collection consists of five published transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by James W. Reed, 1973-74.

Mary Steichen Calderone, M.D., transcript (47p). See also PPFA Records. Loraine Leeson Campbell, transcript (93p). See also Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts Records. Florence Clothier, M.D., transcript (24p). Ferguson, Frances Hand, transcript (70p). Adaline Pendleton Satterthwaite, M.D., transcript (60p) (see also Adaline Satterthwaite Papers).
View finding aid

Seton, Cynthia Propper
Author. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Cynthia Propper Seton Papers (unprocessed)]

Smith College Centennial Study (Smith College Archives)
Oral History Project for the Centennial Anniversary of Smith College, 1971-75. Interviews by Jacqueline Van Voris with Smith alumnae, 193 audiotapes and transcripts. Most were distinguished in a profession or in some sphere of public life, but the interviews stress their experiences at Smith. Those whose papers are in the Sophia Smith Collection are listed here.
View finding aid

Social Work Archives Oral History Project
A collaborative venture of the SSC, College Archives and Smith College School for Social Work. Interviews of social workers and educators conducted by Vida S. Grayson, 1976-present. For a complete list of narrators, View finding aid  Additional oral histories can be found in the papers of many influential social work practitioners and teachers in the field of clinical social work. They are listed alphabetically by name throughout this list and in our Social Work Archives guide.

Southern Women, the Student YWCA, and Race (1920-1944) Collection
YWCA workers. Fourteen audiotaped interviews with women who were involved with the Student Young Women's Christian Association in the southeastern United States between 1920 and 1944 conducted by Frances Sanders Taylor [Anton], 1981-82 for her Stanford University masters' thesis: "'On the Edge of Tomorrow': Southern Women, the Student YWCA, and Race, 1920-1944." In addition, there are notes Taylor Anton made on a 1967 taped interview with YWCA student staff member, Mary Jane Willett. The interviewees were: Sarah Gibson Blanding; Katharine “Kasha” Butler; Rose May Withers [Catchings]; Mary “Polly” Moss Cuthbertson; Lois Gratz; Grace Towns Hamilton; Elizabeth “Betty” Smith [Harrington]; Wenonah Bond Logan; Katharine DuPre Lumpkin; Frances Helen Mains; Rosalie Oakes; Augusta Winn Roberts; Sue Bailey [Thurman]; and Frances Harriet Williams. Five of the women interviewed were African-American (Catchings, Hamilton, Logan, Thurman, and Williams) the remaining nine were white.
View finding aid

Staver, Nancy
Social worker; Social researcher. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Steinem, Gloria
Journalist; Feminist; Political activist. Numerous interviews of Steinem. Also interviews conducted by Steinem for television programs and her own research include Helen Gurley Brown, Phil Donahue, Betty Ford, John Kenneth Galbraith, Sally Ride, Fannie Lou Hamer, James Earl Jones, Shirley MacLaine, John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene, among others. Transcripts and audiotapes. In the Gloria Steinem Papers [See also Smith College Centennial Study].

Suffragist Oral History Collection
Conducted and published by the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley (1974). Series of bound transcripts: Bary, Helen Valeska (1888-1973). Helen Valeska Bary: Labor Administration and Social Security, a Woman's Life. Transcript (299p). Field, Sarah Bard (1882- ). Sarah Bard Field: Poet and Suffragist. Transcript (661p). Matthews, Burnita Shelton (1894- ). Burnita Shelton Matthews: Pathfinder in the Legal Aspects of Women. Transcript (86p). Paul, Alice (1885-1977). Conversations with Alice Paul. Transcript (647p). Rankin, Jeanette (l880-l975). Jeanette Rankin: Activist for World Peace, Women's Rights and Democratic Government. Transcript (292p). Reyher, Rebecca Hourwich (l897- ). Rebecca Hourwich Reyher: Search and Struggle for Equality and Independence. Transcript (3l0p). Vernon, Mabel (1883- ). Mabel Vernon: Speaker for Suffrage and Petitioner for Peace. Transcript (318p).

The Suffragist from Tea Parties to Prison includes five published oral history transcripts, bound in one volume. Feminist History Research Project; Berkeley, University of California (1975): Shygeson, Sylvie G. Thompson (1868- ). In the Parlor. Transcript (60p). Butler, Jessie Haver (1886- ). On the Platform. Transcript (124p). [See also Jessie Haver Butler Papers] deFord, Miriam Allen (1888- ). In the Streets. Transcript (50p). Seiler, Laura Ellesworth (1891- ). On the Soapbox. Transcript (63p). Kettler, Ernestine H. (1896- ). Behind Bars. Transcript (61p). 
View finding aid

Survivors: Women in Uniform During the Vietnam War
Ten interviews of Vietnam War veterans by P. Lough O'Daly for Smith Scholar Project (1984). Transcripts and audio recordings. In the P. Lough O'Daly Papers.

Thomas, Caroline Bedell
Physician; Researcher; Professor. Oral history in the Smith College Centennial Study. [See also Caroline Bedell Thomas Papers]

Tollennar, Fanny
Social worker. See Social Work Archives Oral History Project.

Vandeurs, Kady
see Kady

Villano, Rose and Carolina Golzio
Two Italian American women who were factory workers involved in the Paterson, N.J., Silk Workers' Strike, 1913. Interviews conducted by Steve Golin, June 13, 1983-Sept 25, 1985. Three tapes (digital copies available).
View finding aid

Voices of American Homemakers Oral History Project
National Extension Homemakers Council Oral History Project (1981-82). 172 audiotapes and 182 transcripts. Indexed by subject and state (complete list available in Sophia Smith Collection).
View finding aid

Voices of Feminism Oral History Project
Over fifty in-depth interviews document the persistence and diversity of organizing for women in the United States. Narrators include labor, peace, and anti-racism activists; singers, filmmakers and writers; lesbian rights advocates; grassroots anti-violence and anti-poverty organizers; and women of color reproductive justice leaders. Interviews average 5-6 hours and cover childhood, personal life, and political work. Most consist of video taped interviews, transcripts, biographical sketches, background research material compiled by interviewer, and there are some photos.
Full transcripts and video excerpts online (full video interviews available on Smith campus only)
View finding aid

Watters, Hyla Stowell
Medical missionary; Physician. Oral history transcript consists of excerpts from an interview by Elsie Landstrom in 1986. In the Hyla Watters Papers. See also Smith College Centennial Study.

Wing, Phebe Adams
Oral history interview conducted by Jacqueline Van Voris (audio recording and transcript), 1987 In the Katharine Edith Brand Papers

A Woman's Legacy: Five Women Who Made a Difference
Series of oral histories of four notable women published by the Women's Forum West Legacy Foundation (San Francisco, 2004). Transcripts and audio CD-ROMS. Belva Davis: the oral history of a pioneer in the field of journalism : a series of interviews / conducted by Mauree Jane Perry, November 7, 14, 21, 2002, December 16, 2003. Bernice Hemphill: the mother of blood banking: Irwin Memorial Blood Bank and the American Association of Blood Banks, 1915-1994 / an oral history conducted in 1995 and 1996 by Germaine LaBerge, Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1998. Marian Cleeves Diamond: the oral history of a leader in the field of science : a series of interviews / conducted by Carol McLaughlin. Mary Lanigar: the oral history of a pioneering woman in the field of accounting : a series of interviews / conducted by Carol McLauglin, July 1999. Sandra Day O'Connor: the oral history of a pioneering woman in the judiciary : an interview / conducted by Mauree Jane Perry, April 4, 2001.
View finding aid

Women Ambassadors Oral History Project
Oral histories of women ambassadors and state department employees, conducted by Ann Miller Morin for her book, Her Excellency (1995). Included are interviews with Anne Armstrong, Jane Coon, Ruth Farkas, Millicent Fenwick, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Betty Dillon, Mabel Smythe, Carol Laise, Margaret Tibbetts, Rozanne Ridgway, Anne Martindell, Constance Harvey, Nancy Ostrander, Mary Olmsted, Frances Willis, and Mari-Luci Jaramillo. Transcripts, audiotapes, and videotapes. A complete list is available in the Sophia Smith Collection. (Partially restricted access - contact the Sophia Smith Collection for more information.)
View finding aid

Women at War Oral History Project
Interviews with six women veterans from Western Massachusetts who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts: Jill Caliri, Shannon Donnelly, Mary Fisher, Marlisa Grogan, Margaret Oglesby, and Lydia Rodriguez. Conceived and carried out by sociologist and oral historian, Revan Schendler in 2006. Interviews available on DVD and full transcripts. Also included are materials relating to "Women at War: Bringing the Voices of Military Women to the Stage," a play based on the oral histories, written and produced by Revan Schendler and John Hadden. (This collection has not been fully processed and therefore may be difficult to use.)
View finding aid

Women of Rock Oral History Project 2014-2017
Documents the lives and careers of women in rock who have been underrepresented or omitted from rock journalism and historical scholarship. The project, created and managed by Tanya Pearson, seeks to facilitate a more comprehensive cultural history, by women, for women and gender non-conforming individuals who have historically been silenced or overlooked as a result of their gender.
View finding aid

Worthy, N. Beatrice
Business executive; Affirmative action coordinator. Interview in which she describes her experiences as an African American professional woman, circa 1950s to 70s. Audiotape and transcript (119p). In the N. Beatrice Worthy Papers.