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What am I reading in ScholarWorks? February 2023

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Scholarly Communications Librarian, Jessica Ryan, highlights an item each month in ScholarWorks.

I’m not now nor have I ever been an engineer but there is something very charming about this podcast series (our first podcast series in ScholarWorks!) even for a non-engineer-type. For this first month’s edition of What Am I Reading in ScholarWorks, let me recommend you listen to Professor Susannah Howe’s Design Clinic Download Podcast. Hear Professor Howe catch up with and chat with her former engineering students: what they worked on together and what they are up to now. It is endearing, interesting, and instills some proper Smith pride in our scholarly community!

Design Clinic is the capstone engineering design course at Smith College where students collaborate in teams on projects sponsored by industry and government. The Design Clinic Download podcast was launched in honor of the 20th anniversary of Design Clinic to highlight the experiences of Design Clinic teams and classmates through the years. To learn more and download the podcast, visit:


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