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2022 Capstone Seminar Projects for Archives and Museums Concentrations

women standing together in the 1970s

Students completing the Archives Concentration and Museums Concentration presented their capstone projects on Friday, April 29th. Both physical and digital exhibits are on display in the 3rd Floor of Neilson Library. 

Dr. Kelly Anderson, Lecturer in the Study of Women & Gender and Lecturer in Archives and Jessica Nicoll, Director of Smith College Museum of Art, oversaw this year’s student capstone projects. Other library staff members who made this project possible are Associate Director of Learning Research & Technology, Travis Grandy, Social Sciences and Student Research Initiatives Librarian, Esther Roth-Katz, Visual Arts Librarian, Nimisha Bhat, Instructional Technologist, Abril Navarro, Instructional Technologist, Becca Keyel, Operations Manager Nichole Calero, College Archivist Nanci Young; Sophia Smith Collection Archivist Maureen Callahan; and Research Services Archivist Kate Long.

Projects are located in the 3rd floor exhibition cases of Neilson Library and will be on display for the next couple of months. Projects range in topic from historic Smith housekeepers’ uniforms to the history of a radical women’s recording label founded in the 1970s, to strategies for evaluating educational programs hosted by the Botanic Garden. Please enjoy and visit the students’ projects that are listed below. 

Archives Concentration Capstone Projects

Museums Concentration Capstone Projects


Travis Grandy