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Faculty: Raise Your Research Visibility with ScholarWorks

map of ScholarWorks downloads around the world

Pictured: a map of ScholarWorks readership around the world.

The Libraries have an open call for faculty to join Smith ScholarWorks, our rapidly growing repository of scholarly research by Smith faculty, students, and staff.

As of January 2021, 150 faculty members have deposited work in ScholarWorks! Collectively, faculty, staff, and students have deposited almost 3,700 items. In the last 12 months, 390,000 repository items have been downloaded by people around the world, and there have been almost one million downloads since its inception in 2016. Smith faculty research is in high demand!

Benefits to Archiving Your Work in ScholarWorks

  • Raises your research visibility and reaches new audiences. Your work won’t be hidden behind a paywall.
  • Allows a wide variety of researchers to cite your work.
  • Stable URL and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for your work, making it permanently findable.
  • ScholarWorks is regularly crawled by Google, making your work easily discoverable.
  • Provides comprehensive reports and alt metrics to allow you to track usage and impact.
  • Multiple formats can be archived, including articles, book reviews, presentations, videos, performances, events, open educational resources, and datasets.

How to Get Started

What’s New?

  • OERs: Open Educational Resources are the future! Archive your OER projects in Scholarworks and be included and searchable in OER Commons. Find info about OERs here
    Explore Scholarworks OER materials, open courses, or textbooks.
  • Events: Archive and share schedules, publications, and recordings from your event, fully contextualized in ScholarWorks.
  • Performances: Your performances (or lectures) can be archived and streamed natively within ScholarWorks, or streamed from a third-party host.
  • Podcasts: We embed or link to podcasts and accept nearly all audio file formats.


Jessica Ryan