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Libraries Scavenger Hunt for New Students September 6-13, 2019

2019 Libraries Scavenger Hunt

The Smith College Libraries are excited to welcome all new students!

Incoming students will get to know Smith’s Libraries through a scavenger hunt, which will bring them to 4 important locations within the campus library system. Heads of New Students (HONS) will be taking their students to complete the hunt in groups. Each group will be rewarded with limited edition prizes when the hunt is successfully completed.

“It’s so important for students to know where the libraries are and what they offer,” said Cat Hannula, the First Years' Experience and Engagement Librarian. “Access to library resources and staff can make such a difference when students start research or want to explore an interest.” 

Hannula planned the scavenger hunt with the support of many Libraries staff members. In particular, Dan Bennett and Mario Rodas Valdebenito stepped up to create 360° online virtual tours for some of the scavenger hunt locations that can be difficult from an accessibility standpoint. Bennett is a Media Producer and Valdebenito is an Instructional Technology Specialist; along with Hannula, they are members of the joint ITS-Libraries Learning, Research, and Technology (LRT) department.

“We made sure the scavenger hunt would be fun and interesting. Students will learn about really useful things they can borrow - things they never would have guessed!” said Hannula.

The scavenger hunt runs from Friday, September 6 through Friday, September 13. 


Cat Hannula