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Archives Concent​ration ​Capstone Seminar Projects 2018

Archives concentration capstone projects poster

In the capstone seminar for the Archives Concentration, ARX 340 Taking the Archives Public, students created online, digital exhibits, some featuring archival materials from​ Special Collections. ​The exhibitions focus on topics such as single-sex​ “romantic friendships” at Smith College, black women's erotic history, women's activism during the AIDS epidemic, and methods of self-care and support in trans and gender non-conforming communities, among others.

Finding 'Wayward' Women

A Monument to Human Misery: Memorializing the Northampton State Hospital

Women's Work: AIDS Activism

Voices from the Front: The Smith College Relief Unit

Crushes and Crossdressing

Analog Erotic

Trans Archives Project

At Home in the Body: An Exploration of Queer Embodiment and Trans Archival Practices


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