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Documents & Reports

Program Summary, April 2016

The Program Summary provides a framework and direction for the design of the new Neilson Library. The document summarizes the vision, guiding principles and themes, and components of the program as developed by the Program Committee in 2015 and 2016 with wide ranging input from the campus community.

Transformations White Paper, March 2016

The new Neilson Library offers us an unprecedented opportunity to imagine new directions through placed-based transformations of services, tools and collections.

Playback #3 Draft Program, February 2016

Playback #2 "What We've Done," December 2015

Playback #1 "What We Heard," November 2015

Principles for Enabling the Library, November 2015

The rethinking and redevelopment of the Neilson Library and Alumnae Gym will significantly alter the location and uses of existing spaces on campus, in what are called “enabling projects” – modest alterations that enable the renovation to happen. In order to guide the investment of resources,the provost, facilities and planning teams have together established goals and guiding principles for moves and relocations that will enable the library project.

Library Planning Process Overview, September 2015

Prepared by Shepley Bulfinch, the document includes a Project Scope Diagram, Project Process/Flow Diagram, Program Committee Responsibilities, Timeline, Fall Engagement Calendar, and Methods of Engagement.

Collections Accommodation Study, May 2012

In 2011 the college commissioned the architectural firm Shepley Bulfinch to evaluate the Libraries' space for its print collections. The Collections Accommodation Study provided an assessment of the Libraries' collection capacities and offered strategies for long-term collection accommodation. Key findings of the study were that the Libraries would start running out of space for collection in 2016 in some facilities and be out of collection growth space in all areas except the Young Science Library by 2018.

Master Plan for the Libraries, December 2010

In 2010 the architectural firm Shepley Bulfinch created the Master Plan for the Libraries that provided recommendations and strategies for the college to transform its libraries for the 21st century. The centerpiece of the Master Plan was the recommendation to reimagine and remake Neilson Library. Since 2010 the Master Plan has served to frame the college's thinking as it considered the future of its libraries.