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KnowledgeLab in Neilson Library

Susan Fliss Dean of LibrariesSmith College Libraries are the intellectual crossroads of our campus. For many students, faculty and alumnae, the libraries are an important touchstone for their intellectual development—places that inspire exploration, creativity, collaboration and community.

With the reimagining of Neilson Library and Alumnae Gym, we have a historic opportunity to shape the future of Smith scholarship and set a course for exploring new ways of teaching, learning and researching. That means better showcasing the books and special collections Smith is known for as well as developing exciting new ways to access our vast resources. It means providing state-of-the-art services that teach data visualization and spatial literacy. It means paying attention to the complete user experience so that students, in particular, have the tools and training they need to succeed at Smith—and beyond. And it means collaborating with colleagues across academic disciplines to ensure that students incorporate diverse perspectives into their studies, acquiring the skills and curiosity of mind they need to address the complex issues of the day.

Our plans are ambitious. It is my belief that the array of programs and services we have in store for the new Neilson will delight and engage the Smith community as much as I am sure the building’s physical transformation will. As we relaunch Neilson, both inside and out, I hope you will partner with us to support the dreams we have for creating a destination library that will serve Smith for its next century.

Susan Fliss
Smith College Dean of Libraries

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