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Student Projects

Recent Student Projects

National Welfare Rights Organization poster Class Matters: Organizing for Economic Justice Timeline

This timeline grew out of a week-long J-Term course that introduces students to several Sophia Smith Collection (SSC) records of organizations and papers of individuals that shed light on the fight for economic justice and labor rights, especially for American women, both white and of color. In addition to some short secondary source readings, students then chose pre-selected documents from 14 designated collections and in conversation with each other, both in class and in four short written responses, discuss the ways in which a particular individual or organization has addressed issues of economic injustice—what worked, what did not, what needs to happen next. The final outcome is this class produced digital timeline, reflecting economic justice activism from 1912 to 2010, utilizing documents from the SSC. Any comments or questions can be directed to Kathleen Banks Nutter (

National Welfare Rights Organization poster with the linked circles symbol representing linking of the civil rights and antipoverty movements, undated.

Women of Rock Oral History Project

Tanya Pearson (Smith AC class 2016) created the Women of Rock Oral History Project in 2015 for her Archives Concentration Capstone Project and the interviews formed source material for her honors thesis. It is the first known oral history project about female rock & rollers. Tanya has donated the interviews to the Sophia Smith Collection.

Women and Rock panel, 2015

To celebrate the project, Tanya organized and moderated a panel discussion: Righting the Wrongs of Rock History: Women, Gender and Rock, held at Smith College, October, 22, 2015. Panelists (pictured, from left): Julie Cafritz, JD Samson, Kristen Hersh, Alice Bag, Kim House, and June Millington. View a video of the event.

Taking the Archives Public

May 2015. For their final projects, the students of ARX 340, the capstone seminar of the Archives Concentration, create exhibits using archival materials from the Sophia Smith Collection and College Archives. See more student projects on the Archives Concentration website

Oral History Projects

Demonstration for students, gay rights, women's rights, social justice, and human rights, New York City, 1970 © Diana DaviesDocumenting Lesbian Lives

A collection of interviews, conducted by Smith College students, of women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, woman-identified-woman, queer, or who prefer not to identify with sexuality categories. The project provides a complex and nuanced collective story of American lesbian history and experience.

An Activist Life

A collection of life histories of women who have dedicated their lives to social and political activism. Fifteen interviews document both the diversity and the persistence of women's activism, as organizers and as cultural workers, in a variety of social movements such as women's health, economic justice, LGBT liberation, peace, education, and environmental sustainability.

Demonstration for students, gay rights, women's rights, social justice, and human rights, New York City, 1970, © Diana Davies


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