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Student Scrapbooks 1881+

Over 350 scrapbooks and memorabilia books of Smith College students are located in the College Archives.  This listing provides a glimpse into the materials.  Feel free to request a box and enjoy entering the world of a Smith College undergraduate.  Many of the scrapbooks are oversize (OV) and do not have a box number. When requesting this material, please use the "Class of", and "Student name" information on the call slip.  Please be careful when you look at the scrapbooks.  Many are fragile and in poor condition!  Thank you.

Class Student
1881 Huntington, Eliza Prentiss
1882 Brooks, Esther Herrick (3)
  Jackson, Annie
  Pellett, (Sarah) Frances
1883 Lawrence, Elizabeth Crocker (2)
  Mather, Mary Askew
1885 Franklin, Ruth Barker
  Hardy, Mary Chapman
1886 Davis, Ellen Rich
  Eastman, Mary
  Slade, Abby Maria Bennett
  Smith, Florence
  Stebbins, Mary Granger
1887 Day, Carrie Elizabeth
  Gale, Alice
  Pinkerton, Elizabeth Downing
1888 French, Isabel
  Parker, Lizzie Southgate
1891 LaMonte, Annie I.
1892 Ayres, Winifred
  Learoyd, Elizabeth Abbot(2)
1893 Carter, Edith Hovey (2)
  Field, Grace Bowers
  Johnson, Anna Louise
  Pearson, Ellen Gertrude
  Smith, Florence Virginia
1894 Frost, Mary Pepperrell
  Gane, Gertrude
  Putney, Mary Phillips
  Rice, Lillian Balance (2)
  Webster, Letitia
1895 Fuller, Caroline Macomber
  Nichols, Eleanor Hunnewell
1896 Lillibridge, Grace Rie
  Reed, Mabel Florence (2)
  Smith, Emeline Cavarly
1897 Bissell, Eleanor M.
  Cutler, (Harriet) Isabelle (2)
  Hersom, Mabel
  Hunt, Agnes
  Jeffrey, Agnes (2)
  Hale, Franc Wales
  Kennard, Helen May
  Tallant, Alice Weld
  Wilkinson, Katharine May
1898 Class scrapbooks (2)
  Collins, Rejoyce Ballance
  Esterbrook, Edith Marsh
  Fast, Louisa Kimball
  Seelye, Henrietta Sheldon (2)
1899 Bliss, Harriet Chalmers
  Choate, Miriam Foster
  Klock, Eunice Pearl
  Lyman, (Mary) Alice
  Wiggin, Deborah Allen
1900 Butler, Irene Livingston
  Emery, Emma Darling
  Loheed, Bertha Miriam
  Sanderson, Sarah Watson
  Smith, Anna Jaffray
  Leavens, Faith Robinson
  Meier, Elizabeth Porter
1901 Clifford, Dora Louise
  Cummings, Alice
  Gane, Marjory
  Reeves, Florence
  Pooke, Florence Augusta
1902 Bliss, Ethel May
  Burke, Adelaide Louise
  French, Ruth Hawthorne
  Holman, Margaret
  Loheed, Bertha Miriam
  Sargent, Lydia Parrott
  Tuttle, Berenice Rachel
1903 Ames, Jesse
  Booker, Myrta May(2)
  Kaniston, Sarah Thorndike
  Knight, Bessie Adele
  Post, Laura
  Class scrapbook, 1903-64
1904 Buck, Grace Robertson
  Burnham, Sophia Lord
  Chambers, Mary Ballard
  Comer, Mary
  Douglas, Gertrude Elizabeth
  Haynes, Muriel Sturgis
  McKelvey, Katherine Isabella
  Stein, Amy Esther
  Trull, Evelyn
  Reunion: scrapbook, 1905-54
  Reunion: scrapbook, 1954-77
1905 Burnham, Ella Kellogg
  Emerson, Ella May
  Hamilton, Irene
  Lawlor, Alice Teresa
  Pond, Jean Baird
1906 Bartlett, Sarah Ripley
  Dearborn, Bernice Walker
  Kauffmann, Barbara
  Marble, Anna Theresa
  Norton, Margaret
  Scharps, Hannah de Rothschild
  Streeter, Mary Adelaide Roxana
1907 Bradbury, Pearle Lord
  Churchill, Anna Quincy
  Class secretary’s scrapbooks (2)
  Daniels, Elinor Lothorp
  Dow, Ethel Robinson
  Felt, Marion
  Hale, Mary Kimball
  Hilliard, Carrie Gertrude
  Little, Eleanor Johnson
  Noyes, Mary
  Pitman, Margareth Arnold
  Richmond, Myrtle Leila
  Senior, Clara
  Sherman, Hope
  Tolman, Olive
1908 Bosart, Dora Ellen(2 boxes)
  Class scrapbooks (5)
  Ellsworth, Helen Clare
  Gallagher, Edith Charters
  Morgan, Nannie Louise (2 boxes)
  Stoddard, Florence Huldah
  Sumner, Amie May Rand
  Whitcomb, Helen May
  Wight, Gwendolen Ross
1909 Chapman, Elizabeth
  Dana, Helen
  Dempsey, Leah Boylan (2)
  Hatfield, Margaret(2)
  Parsons, Pearl Frances
  Upton, Eleanor Stuart
1910 Baldwin, Sidney
  Barry, Gertrude Martha
  Bradley, Helen Osgood
  Fuller, Edna May
  Jenison, Eva
  Marden, Louise Ethel
  O’Meara, Alice Stephanie
  Owen, Mildred Van der Velde
  Park, Caroline
  Peterson, Mary
  Staples, Mary Anne
  Wesby, Maude Earle
  Wilson, Ethel Somers
1911 Brown, Helen Gould
  Class scrapbook
  Class scrapbook
  Ellis, Harriet
  Goddard, Eleanor G.
  Hooper, Catharine Baker
  Lowndes, Helen Stanley
  Martin, Jane Culbertson
  Rosenthal, Aline
  Southard, Elizabeth
  Wilbar, Katherine Latham
  Wilber, Laura Elizabeth
1912 Battles, Beth
  Bartholomew, Helen Gertrude
  Clapp, Marie Antoinette
  Carpenter, Frances Aretta
  Class secretary’s scrapbook
  Comstock, Edith Claire
  de Schweinitz, Dorothea
  Doremus, Nell Budlong (2)
  Edwards, Hilda Blanche (2)
  Emerson, Louise Kingman (2)
  Espy, (Laura) Frances (2)
  Frankenstein, Sally Moss
  Hedrik, Florence
  Herman, Maida
  Lange, Florence Elizabeth (2)
  Martindale, Katharine
  Michael, Louise (2)
  Ordway, Priscilla
  Rich, Cecile Rae
  Shapleigh, Margaret
  Talbot, Mary, 1912-1922
  Waterbury, Amy Louise
  Williams, Olive
1913 Bailey, Gladys Viola
  Barnum, Helen Adeladie (2 boxes)
  Carr, Katherine
  Chamberlain, Emily Hazard
  Class scrapbooks (2)
  Coit, Jessie B.
  Fisher, Fronia Ernestine (2)
  Harris, Hart-Lester (2 boxes)
  Hodgman, Helen Emerson (2 boxes)
  Jones, Dorothy Louise
  Knox, Marguerite
  La Grassee, Grace
  MacFarland, Lena Elizabeth
  McQuigg, Winifred Moore
  Olcott, Dorothy
  Williamson, Clara Roulstone
  Winslow, Mina Louise
  Wyeth, Sara Campbell
1914 Darrow, Alice Chamberlain
  Case, Elizabeth Browning
  Choate, Helen Raymond
  Coulton, Louise
  Cutter, Esther
  Hixson, Blanche Virginia
  Loth, Sara
  Patten, Grace Edith
  Reed, Gwendolen Willitts
  Stanley, Myrrl Virginia
  Taylor, Ruth Beatrice
  Tolman, Mary
  Yereance, Jeannie Quinn
1915 Pearce, Charolotte Crosby
  Rochester, Madeleine Eugenie
  Sackett, Eleanor Lamont
  Washburn, Helen
1916 Darr, Marjorie Helen
  Fessenden, Francis Alida
  Hammer, Mabel White
  Hedlund, Ruth F. (2)
  Hugus, Elizabeth Wood
  Jones, Margaret Norris
  Patton, Augusta
  Rusk, Elizabeth Katharine
  Schmolze, Mildred Constance
  Smith, Marjorie B.
  Stebbins, Eunice Burr
  Wellman, Marjorie Elizabeth
  Wood, Miriam Wealthy
1917 Gibson, Frances Hastings
  Hastings, Helen Whitney
  Nottingham, Edith
  Nute, Grace Lee
  Paine, Margaret Woolson
  Slaughter, Helen C.
  Thayer, Mary Harrison
  Walsh, Florence
  Wells, Elizabeth
  Wood, Constance Hastings (2)
1918 Arey, Helen Winifred
  Babcock, Dorothy Muriel (4)
  Class scrapbook (2)
  de Schweinitz, Louise
  Fain, Dorothy
  Fessenden, Anna Parker
  Harrison, Dorothea Katharine
  Kendrick, Doris
  Knight, Dorothy Hamet
  Root, Donna Louise
  Scoville, Magdalene Frances
  Witte, Helen Frances
1919 Ames, Doris Bingham
  Atwater, Henrietta
  Cohen, Helen Rose
  Davis, Helen Edna (2)
  Fessenden, Florence Ethelda
  Hopper, Marjorie
  Shea, Mary
  Thomas, Dorothea
  Winchester, Margaret
1920 Adair, Edith
  Asher, Katherine Idalia
  Bryan, Katharine Adaline
  Holloway, Jeanette Rule
  Hill, Marian Synyer
  Lawrence, Olive Ellen
  MacDuffie, Beth (post grad) (2)
  MacDuffie, Beth (3 scrapbooks, 2 boxes)
1921 Class secretary’s scrapbook, Individuals A-Br (2)
  Class secretary’s scrapbook, Individuals Bu-L (2)
  Class secretary’s scrapbook, Individuals M-Z (4)
  Graves, Elizabeth Waterman
  Green, Helen
  Gould, Margaret Sylvester
  Hutchinson, Ruth
1922 Adams, Marjorie Bradford
  Clark, Carita Louise
  Irwin, Ruth Elizabeth
  Smith, Harriet Maria
  Smith, Catherine
  Wilder, Florence Caroline
1923 Bleakly, Edith Bryan
  Cary, Madeline (2)
  Clark, Mary Elizabeth
  Conklin, Miriam
  Ford, Frances Lavinia
  Homer, Adelaide
  Rundlett, Lois
  Wilder, Katharine Abbott
1924 Class scrapbook; 15th reunion scrapbook
  Class reunion scrapbooks (3); 30th, 35th, 45th
  Cole, Lois Dwight
  Hayden, Pauline Emma
  Mandlebaum, Helen
  Marsh, Beatrice Hubbell
  Present, Ruth (2 boxes)
  Richardson, Mary Emmett
  Smith, (Martha) Evelyn
1925 Barnard, Lucy
  Fairbanks, Pauline
  Marian Hagler
  Knott, Grania O’Malley
1926 Simpson, Eva Best
1927 Class Scrapbook, 1947-55
  Brown, Mabel S. (two scrapbooks)
  Hamburger, Elizabeth
  Kirby, Teresa
  Shea, Eleanor
  Sharon, Anna Marcella
1928 Chittith, Margaret Lee
  Class secretary’s scrapbooks (4 boxes)
  Otis, Elizabeth Gray
  Perry, Lois Newton
  Trull, Ellenor Thorndike
  White, Helen
1929 Class secretary’s scrapbooks (5 boxes)
  Haydock, Dorothea R.
  Reunion scrapbooks (3)
  Thayer, Eleanor Wiley
1930 Bolton, Dorothea
  Class scrapbook
  Dunning, Alma Louise
  Sayre, Margaret Culbreth
1931 De Witt, Charlotte
1932 Class reunion scrapbook 1932-1956
  Wagner, Louise
1933 McIlveen, Marion
1934 Class scrapbooks (2) 1957-1989, 1989-1994
  Densmore, Anne
  Hoyt, Natalie
  Sampson, Norma (2)
1935 Anderson, Anna Ottilia
  Bowker, Jane (3)
  Jones, Katharine Bruce (Junior Year Abroad in Spain)
1936 Campbell, Cloyce Cooley (Junior Year Abroad in France)
1937 Camp, Cythnia Ann
  Chafee, Dorothy (Wilson): 1933-1972
  Class scrapbooks (3)
1938 Hamilton, Agnes Black
  Hampton, Effie
  Heffernan, Helen Frances (restricted material)
1939 Middaugh, Anna Zukel (2)
  Coulter, Helen (2)
1940 Carley, Margaret
  Warren, Mary Ann (2)
1941 Gould, Harriette Corinne
  Hibbard, Evelyn Elizabeth (2)
1942 Class Reunion scrapbooks vols.1–4
  Class Secretary scrapbooks vols. 1-3
  Davis, Betty-Ann
1943 Class secretary’s scrapbooks (2); 1943-46, 1962-68
  Class secretary’s scrapbook 1974-88
  Reunion scrapbook, 5th reunion
  Reunion scrapbook, 20th reunion
1944 Class scrapbooks (2); 1944-70; 1970-83
  Ridenour, Alice E, 1940-44 (3)
1945 Traver, Shirley, 1941-45
1946 Lundberg, Joan: (Junior Year Abroad in Mexico)
1947 Batchelder, Mary
  Heyburn, Frances Stark
  Katz, Susan (Junior Year Abroad in Mexico)
  Leiman, Joan (3 boxes)
  Perry, Pauline
  Sanderson, Joan 1943-44
  Sanderson, Joan 1944-45
  Sanderson, Joan 1946-47
  Scott, Edith
1948 Heyman, Marilyn
  Coe, Jean Winans
1949 Hutchinson, Ann (Junior Year Abroad in Mexico)
1952 Class scrapbook
1953 Jones, Elizabeth (2 boxes, 4 scrapbooks)
1956 Azevedo, Eleanor Diane
  Young, Leanna
1957 Brackett, Cynthia
  Class scrapbook
  Class reunions scrapbooks (3)
  Class scrapbooks (4 boxes)
1959 Chrisman, Mary
  Hanley, Kathleen Adelia
1962 Blanton, Mary
1963 Friebert, Susan G.: art scrapbooks (3)
1965 Reunion scrapbook
1967 Michajluk, Beverly Jae
1968 Harwood, Ruth Eleanor (post grad),1967
  Wiley, Sarah: scrapbook, 1967, n.d.
1969 Zakheim, Rosalyn S
1971 Clement, Margaret, 1967-1971
1976 10th reunion scrapbook: disassembled
1982 Stafford, Alexandra
1983 Sophomore year scrapbook
  Class scrapbooks, 1980-8l, 1982-83 (2)
1986 Class scrapbook, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86
  Class scrapbook, 1984-85
1989 Class scrapbook, 1988-89
  Class scrapbook: 5th reunion, 1994
1990 Class scrapbook, 1986-87
  Class scrapbook, 1987-88
  Class scrapbook, 1989-90
1991 Class scrapbook, 1987-88, 1990-91
1992 Class scrapbooks, 1989-90; 1990-91
  Class scrapbook, 1991-92
1993 Class scrapbook, 1990-91
  Class scrapbook, 1991-92
1996 Class scrapbook, 1993-94
1999 Class scrapbook, 1997-98
2001 Class scrapbook
2005 Chung, Hyun Joo
2006 Braverman, Stacy: senior class scrapbook