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Student Photo Albums 1879+

Provenance and Access

These photograph albums have been donated over a period of time to the Archives, primarily by family members of the individual Smith College undergraduate. The photograph albums are open for research according to the regulations of the Smith College Archives, without any additional restrictions. Single photocopies and/or photographic prints may be made for research purposes. In many cases the Smith College Archives owns the rights to these images. Permission to publish images from the photograph albums must be requested from the College Archives.

Scope and Content Note

The College Archives houses over 278 photograph albums of Smith students and Class albums from 1879 to 1968. The photograph albums listed here span the history of the College as well as the history of photography, and provides an opportunity to explore college life, as documented by the students themselves. You will find representations of early photographic processes such as albumen prints, tintypes, and cyanotypes right through the modern process of the Polaroid in this collection. We anticipate digital images to be part of the future of the collection. A researcher will find formal portraits taken by commercial photographers, but the majority of the collection consists of amateur snapshots of student life.

Related Material

The College Archives has a large collection of scrapbooks, many that contain photographs. These scrapbooks are currently housed with the Class Records Collection. Please use the Shelf List to identify particular boxes. In addition, many members of particular houses created photograph and/or scrapbooks. These may be found in the Buildings and Grounds Collection.

Many of the photograph albums are oversize and do not have a box number. When requesting this material, please use the “Class of” and “Student Name” information.

Please be careful when handling the photograph albums, as many are in fragile and poor condition. You will also be asked to wear cotton gloves when looking at the photograph albums. These gloves prevent the transfer of oils from your fingers that might damage the prints.

Class Student Photograph Albums
1879 Warner, Harriet
1880 Unidentified photo album
1881 Clapp, Lucia Marie
  Dibble, Mary Frances
  Huntington, Eliza Prentiss
1882 Gulliver, Marys (2)
  Unidentified photo album
  Unidentified photo album
1883 Dickenson, Eveline
  Clark, Elizabeth Crocker Lawrence
  Jackson, Annie
  Unidentified photo album
  Unidentified photo albums (3)
  Willard, Abby Gregory
  Unidentified photo album
1884 Duguid, Mary Evelyn
  Dunn, Kate Clark
  Scudder, Vida Dutton
  Unidentified photo album
1885 Cheever, Elizabeth Bancroft
  Clark, Annie Louises (2)
1886 Unidentified photo album
  Unidentified photo album
1887 Unidentified photo album
  Woodruff, Martha Charlieana
  Unidentified photo album
1893 Carter, Edith Hovey
1894 Gane, Gertrude
  Humphrey, Mary King
  Richardson, Belle
  Smith, Grace Angeline
  Whiton, Helen Isabel
1895 Goodwin, Maria Bangs
  Cummings, Mabel Homer
  Harrington, Anna Louises (2)
  Jackson, Mary Craig-Esse
  Jackson, Mary Craig-Esse
  Lewis, Mary Pratt
  Unidentified photo album
  Kendall, Lydia Williams
  Melcher, Mary Merwin
  Pratt, Elsie Seelye
  Richards, Alice Maud
  Smith, Bertha Harriet
  Wells, Marguerite Milton [missing 5/08]
1896 Adams, Isabel Fays (2)
  Burnham, Clara Avery
  Duckworth, Ellen Burrows
  Lloyd, Anna Mary
  Betts, Emily Julia
  Curtiss, Maude Somers
  Keller, Maria Lousie
  Morey, Charlotte Frances
1897 Bissell, Eleanor M.
  Dodge, Ellens (2)
  Fuller, Mae Rawson
  Jeffrey, Agnes
  Unidentified photo album
  Hunt, Agnes
  Johnson, Mary Hooker
  Vermilye, Jane Thomas
  Hale, Franc Wales
  Townsend, Therina
  Vermilye, Jane Thomass (2)
  Wyman, Edith Johnson
1898 Fast, Louisa Kimball
  Gower, Ethel Margaret
  Graham, Bertha Ellen
  Todd, Alice Adeles (2)
  Wing, Adeline Flints (2)
  Lovejoy, Deborah Eliza
  MacAlister, Julia Clyde
  Padgham, Estella Elizabeths (2)
  Wheeler, Lucia May
1899 Allen, Abby Louise
  Bouve, Stella
  Burrage, Edith May
  Bell, Caroline Stowell
  Criley, Katherine Mays (2)
  Brackett, Georgianna May
  Marcy, Annie Maude
  Dering, Charlotte Rays (2)
  Hills, Jane Reeds (2)
1900 Hoegh, Alma (2)
  Janney, Helen Mary
  Leavens, Faith Robinson
  Mitchell, Leslies (2)
  Monson, Edith Dale
  Unidentified photo album
  Weil, Margaret Adelaides (2)
1901 Aull, Mary Wilson
  Benson, Mary Eva
  Thorne, Anna Valentine
  Bachelder, Alice L.
  Duckworth, Alice F.
  Carle, Katherine Elizabeth
  Clifford, Dora Louise (2)
  Croll, Elsie Lydia (2)
  Coakley, Elizabeth Tew
  Dewey, Mildred Winslow
  Mead, Mabel Converse
  Davidson, Eleanor Schureman
  Saunders, Caroline Rhodes
  Valantine, Francis
1902 Bancroft, Mary Louise
  Tift, Henrietta Hawtin (2)
  Sawyer, Amy Wentworth
  Holman, Magaret
1903 Ames, Jessie
  Bogue, Anna Tefft
  Lauriat, Blanche
  McCutcheon, Margaret Wilson
  Baker, Mary Ashby
  Knight, Bessie Adele
1904 Buck, Grace Robertson
  Chambers, Mary Ballard
  Class photo albums (3)
  Comer, Mary: correspondence, photo album
  Cushing, Edna
  Jones, Eleanor Poor
  Kingsbury, Edith Wheelers (3)
  Marble, Helen Chases (3)
  Marble, Helen Chase
  Poore, Alice
1905 Burnham, Ella Kellogg
  Emerson, Ella May
  Lawlor, Alice Teresa
  Perry, Marjorie (2)
  Webster, Laura Josephines (2)
  Willis, Edith Charlotte (2)
  Wright, Helen
1906 Bacon, Caroline A. Wood
  Bartlett, Sarah Ripley
  Mason, Janet D.
1907 Brodrick, Isabel
  Goodman, Alice Edith
  Dow, Ethel Robinson
  Noyes, Mary
1908 Appleton, Helen
  Ellsworth, Helen Clare
  Moore, Gretchen (2)
  Stahl, Alice Emeline
1909 Andrews, Helen Rhoda
  Byers, Harriet Gertrude
  Thornburg, Myra Haldemans (2)
  Harris, Helen Osborne
  Holland, Sue Warren
  Pierce, Alice Marjorie
  Swift, Lucy Esther
  Henley, Ruth
  Homer, Dora
1910 Baldwin, Sidney
  Jenison, Eva
  Kilborne, Mary allerton
  Metcalf, Winifred Christina
  Valentine, Marjorie
1911 Baker, Florence Matthews
  Bodwell, Bertha Tamenia
  Goddard, Eleanor Grace
  Townsend, Margaret
1912 Class Photo Album “College Days” 1938-1942
1912 Carpenter, Frances Aretta (2)
  Carpenter, Frances Aretta
  Comstock, Edith Clare
  Houghton, Helen Wetmore
  Michael, Louise
  Marble, Sarah Almy
  Pierson, Marion Ethel
  O’Meary, Lucy
  Rich, Cecile Rae
  Shapleigh, Margaret
  Williams, Edith Louise
1913 Class Scrapbook and photo album
  Halsey, Marion Spencer of Red Cross and missionary work (4)
  Harris, Hart-Lester: pages from photo album
  Hodgman, Helen Emerson
  Wyeth, Sara Campbell (3)
  Mather, Annie Elizabeth
1914 Ellinwood, Cornelia
  Humphrey, Vivian
  Munroe, Hazel Josephine
  Hooper, Frances Milliken
  Ochtman, Dorothy
  Tomlinson, Ruth: family photo album
  Willard, Mary Gerrish
  Remington, Agnes
1915 Bauer, Dorothea Louise
  Class Secretary
  Pearce, Katherine Standish
1916 Downes, Elizabeth Sargent
  Jones, Margaret Norris
  Schmolze, Mildred
  Strong, Helen
  Wellman, Marjorie Elizabeth
  Wood, Miriam
1917 Alling, Margaret
  Herrick, Marjory
  Kolransch, Marion
  Warner, Harriet L.s (2)
  Nottingham, Edith, 1913-1915
  Thayer, Mary Harrison
1918 Class of 1918 album: “Children of the Class”
  Fain, Dorothy
  Roth, Emma Dietze
1919 Burke, Grace Margaret
  Decker, Bernice
  Staunton, Florence Buffington
1920 Thompson, Katharine
1921 Anthony, Helen Van Zile
  Class secretary, 1976
  Frazier, Helen
  Pittman, Helen Sinclair
  Ward, Marjorie (Marian)
1922 Brosnahan, Katherine 1918-1919
1923 Borton, Eleanor Brown
1924 Fairbanks, Pauline
1925 Wheeler, Eunice
1926 Winchell, Dorothy
1927 Mitchell, Harriet G.
  Shea, Eleanor: 65th reunion
1928 Brown, Margaret Levering
1929 Butler, Mary Frances
  Green, Carol
1930 Hall, Lois Barbara
  Hockridge, Marion Lucille
  Palmer, Alice Hoyt
  Sayre, Margaret Culbreth
1934 Hoyt, Natalie
1937 Marr, Mary
1940 50th reunion; 50th reunion book
  Carley, Margaret
  Feick, Eleanor
1942 Auerswald, Adrienne
  “College Days”
1943 Reunion 1958-1983
1946 Reunion 1996 (50th)
  Reunion, 2006 (60th) ?
1948 Coe, Jean Winans JYA
1956 Rawlings, Sarah JYA
1957 30th Reunion
  Class reunion
1962 35th reunion
  40th reunion
1968 Wiley, Sarah 1963-1967, n.d.
1971 Fallgraf, Jan (disassembled)
1999 Mniki, Thanodokazi
2006 Braverman, Stacy: senior class scrapbook (photos)