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Student Letters 1875-1994

Arranged chronologically by class year - Jump to Class of: 1900 | 1925 | 1950 | 1974 

Year Name
1879 Kate Eugenia Morris, 5 letters to friend Ellen Clarke, Dec 1875-May 1879.
1880 Helen Lyman Miller, circa 40 letters to parents, Sep 1877-Jun 1878. (Helen is the sister of Alice Miller, class of 1883.) Ella Elizabeth Eaton, 4 letters to friend Affa Sophia Miner, Sep 1877-May 1878. (Later letters also available. Affa Miner is class of 1881.) (Filed in 42. Eaton.)
1881 Affa Sophia Miner, 10 letters to family, Dec 1876-May 1881.
1882 Isabel Dora Blake, 30 letters to mother and sister, Jan 1878-May 1879.
Esther "Daisy" Herrick Brooks, circa 90 letters to parents and sister, Oct 1878-Jun 1882. (Diaries also available. Esther is the sister of Frona Brooks, class of 1883.)
Eleanor Rose Larrison, 26 letters to friend Cora, Jan 1880-Jun 1882. (Originals, index, and typed copies.)
1883 Mabel Allen, circa 85 letters to parents, Sep 1879-May 1883. (Brief index available.)
Frona Marie Brooks, 24 letters to mother, Oct 1880-Mar 1883. (Frona is the sister of Esther Brooks, class of 1882.)
Mira Hinsdale Hall, 18 letters to family, Sep 1879-May 1881.
Alice Mason Miller, circa 50 letters to parents, Sep 1877-Jun 1878, Sep 1880-Jun 1883. (Originals and typed excerpts. Alice is the sister of Helen Miller, class of 1880.)
Margarette Manton Osgood, 8 pages typed excerpts of letters, 1879-1883.
1885 Kate Shepherd Woodward, 5 letters to friend Abby Maria Bennett Slade, Dec 1883-Jan 1886. (Abby is class of 1886.) (Filed in 42. Woodward.)
1887 Alice Gale, 6 letters to friends, 1885-1891. (Summary available.)
1891 Janet "Dot" Monroe Wallace, circa 240 letters to family, Sep 1887-Jun 1891. (Diaries also available.)
1895 Josephine Dunlap Wilkin, circa 300 letters to family, Sep 1891-Sep 1895.
1896 Elizabeth Reeve Cutter, circa 200 letters to family, Sep 1892-Jun 1896. (SSC - Elizabeth Cutter Morrow Papers. Also diaries and letters from parents.)
1893 Florence Haskell Corliss, 12 letters to mother, May 1890-May 1893. (Originals and typed copies.)
Mary Seymour Greene, circa 250 letters to family, Sep 1889-Jun 1893. (Index available.)
Susan Varick Knox, 13 letters to family, Sep 1889-May 1892.
1894 Gertrude Gane, circa 50 letters to family, Sep 1890-Jun 1894. (Originals and typed copies with summary. Gertrude is the sister of Marjory Gane, class of 1901.)
Katherine Earl Lyall, 11 letters to brother, Sep 1890-May 1891. (Summaries of some letters available.)
Mabel Seelye, 11 letters to sister, Jan-Jun 1894.
Charlotte Coffyn Wilkinson, circa 35 letters to mother, summer 1890-Jan 1893.
1897 Helen May Kennard, circa 140 letters to mother, Sep 1894-Jul 1897. (Originals and typed copy.)
Alice Weld Tallant, 10 letters to brother, Dec 1893-June 1896.
Grace Louise Wiard, circa 230 letters to family, Sep 1893-Jun 1898.
1899 Blanche Ames, circa 100 letters to parents, Sep 1895-Jun 1899. (SSC - Ames Family Papers, boxes 21-22. Diaries and letters from parents also available. Blanche is the mother of Pauline Ames, class of 1922 and Evelyn Ames, class of 1932.)
Edith Brill, typewritten volume of excerpts from letters written home, Sep 1895-Jun 1897.
Grace Walcott Hazard, 29 letters to father and family, Oct l895-May l899. (Earlier and later letters also available. Filed in 42. Conkling.)
1900 Mabel Milham, 143 letters to family, Oct 1898-Jun 1900. (SSC - Mabel Milham Roys Papers.)
1901 Marjory Gane, circa 140 letters to parents and sister, Sep 1897-Jun 1901. (Summaries available. Marjory is the sister of Gertrude Gane, class of 1894.)
Fanny Garrison, 16 letters to family, Nov 1897-Mar 1901. (Summaries available.)
Susan Mabel Hood, 23 letters to aunt, Jan 1897-Oct 1900. (Earlier letters from Capen School and letters to her also available.)
Helen Zabriskie Howes, 10 letters to parents, fall 1897-spring 1898. (Also some letters to her from parents.)
1902 Katherine Fiske Berry, circa 60 typed copies of letters to family, Sep 1897-Spring 1901. (Some editing.)
Mary Comer, circa 35 letters to family, Oct 1900-Mar 1903.
Alice Duryee, circa 15 letters to Elizabeth Lore McGrew, Jul 1900-May 1902. (Later letters also available. Elizabeth McGrew is class of 1901.) (Filed in 42. Kimball.)
Martha Warner Riggs, circa 75 letters to family, Oct 1898-May 1902.
1903 Elizabeth Hubbard Viles, 15 letters to family, Apr 1901-Jul 1903.
1904 Myrtis Benedict, 13 letters to sister and mother, Nov 1900-Jul 1904.
Eleanor Garrison, circa 50 letters to family, Sep 1900-May 1904. (SSC - Garrison Family Papers, boxes 23-24.)
Elisabeth Irma Telling, circa 250 letters to family, Sep 1900-Jun 1904.
Evelyn Trull, circa 400 letters to family, Sep 1899-
Mary Abby van Kleeck, 11 letters to mother and "Baby," 1903-1904. (SSC - Van Kleeck Papers, box 4.)
1905 Ella May Emerson, circa 50 letters to parents, Oct 1901-Oct 1904.
1907 Lura Alice Bugbee, 17 letters to family, Sep 1903-Feb 1907.
Eleanor Johnson Little, circa 90 letters to family, Jan 1904-Aug 1907.
1908 Mabel Tilton, circa 100 letters to mother, Oct 1904-Oct 1908. (Some are self-censored.)
1909 Olive Northrop Fobes, 13 letters to mother and sister, Sep 1905-Jan 1909. (Some summaries available.)
Eleanor Stuart Upton, circa 100 letters to parents, Oct 1905-Jun 1909. (Diary also available.)
1910 Gertrude Martha Barry, circa 90 letters to family, Sep 1907-May 1910.
Marjorie Lathrop Browning, 20 letters to Dickson H. Leavens (later her husband), Oct 1906-Mar 1910. (Typed copies also available.)
Kate Keith, 26 letters to family, Sep 1906-Jan 1907.
Anna Loraine Washburn, circa 50 letters to parents, Sep 1906-Jun 1910.
1911 Florence Mathews Baker, 26 letters to mother, May 1908-Jun 1909.
Margaret Townsend, 14 pages typed excerpts from circa 40 letters to family, Oct 1907-Jun 1911. (Annotated by author.)
Laura Elizabeth Wilber, circa 100 letters to family, Sep 1907-Jun 1911. (Summaries for Sep 1910-Jun 1911.)
1912 Mary Antoinette Clapp, circa 40 letters to parents, Sep 1908-Jun 1912.
Margaret Lockey, circa 40 letters to parents, Sep 1908-Oct 1911. (Annotated by writer.)
Sarah Almy Marble, 5 letters to family, 1907-1908.
Dorothy Whitley, 10 letters to mother, Mar-May 1909. (Brief summaries attached.)
1913 Elizabeth Greene, circa 100 letters to parents, Sep 1909-Jun 1913.
Lilian Jackson, 29 letters to family, Sep 1909-May 1913.
1914 (Mildred) Louise Coulton, circa 90 letters to mother and family, Sep 1910-Jun 1914. (Some basic indexing by donor.)
Blanche Virginia Hixson, circa 200 letters to parents, Sep 1911-Jun 1913.
Frances Milliken Hooper, 14 letters to parents, 1912-1914. (Some annotations by donor. Also some letters to her from parents.)
Grace Edith Patten, circa 100 letters to family, Sep 1910-May 1914.
Ruth Tomlinson, circa 140 letters to parents, Sep 1910-Jun 1914.
1915 Sara Comins, 1 volume typed copies of letters to grandparents and aunt, Sep 1911-Jun 1915. (Some annotations by donor.)
Hyla Stowell Watters, circa 120 letters to family, Sep 1912-May 1915. (SSC - Hyla Stowell Watters Papers. Diary also available.)
1916 Dorothy Sears Ainsworth, 26 letters to family, 1912-13.
Dorothy Attwill, circa 300 letters to family, Sep 1912-Jun 1916. (Also some typed excerpts.)
Agnes Betts, circa 75 letters to mother, Sep 1912-Mar 1916.
Miriam Wealthy Wood, circa 200 letters to family, Sep 1912-1915. (Typed copies of 1912 -1913 letters available.)
1917 Mildred Herman, photocopies of circa 30 letters to family, fall 1914-spring 1915. (Also some letters to her from family.)
Carrie Evelina Sinclair Lee, 10 letters to Mary E. Cromwell, 1915-16.
Marjorie Stafford Root, circa 100 letters to mother and family, Sep 1913-Jun 1915.
1918 Nancy Toppan Little, 39 letters to her family, Sep 1914-June 1915.
1919 Eleanor Crehore Bedell, circa 225 letters to family, Sep 1915-Jun 1919.
Edith Neafie Coit, 27 letters to family, Sep 1915-Jun 1919. (Diary also available.)
Ruth Vail Pierson, 11 letters to family, spring 1916-Dec 1918.
1920 Helen Landon Cass, circa 200 letters to family, Oct 1916-May 1920.
1921 Martha Amalia Kirsten, circa 120 letters to parents, Sep 1917-Jun 1921. (Diary also available.)
1922 Pauline Ames, circa 125 letters to family, Jan 1918-Jun 1922. (SSC - Ames Family Papers, box 30. Letters from family also available. Pauline is the daughter of Blanche Ames, class of 1899 and sister of Evelyn Ames, class of 1932.)
Marjorie Lyle Crandall, circa 85 letters to parents, Sep 1918-Jun 1922.
1925 Anna Lockwood Lackey, circa 150 letters and postcards to family, Sep 1921-Jan 1924.
Harriet Page Lane, circa 150 letters to parents, Sep 1921-May 1925.
1926 Margaret Lockwood Oliver, 56 letters to parents, Oct 1922-Feb 1930.
Ruby Mae Jordan, circa 100 letters to mother, Sep 1922-May 1926. (Diaries also available.)
1927 Laura Lillian Brandt, circa 20 telegrams, postcards, and letters to family, Dec 1925-Aug 1926. (Junior year in France.)
Charlotte Mary Hockridge, 15 pages typed excerpts from letters to family, Sep-Dec 1923.
Marion Hubbell, edited transcription of circa 200 letters to parents, Sep 1923-spring 1929. (Includes letters from time as graduate student at Smith and Black Hills geology field trips.)
Caroline Miller Stabler, 32 letters to family, August 1925-July 1926. (Junior year in France.)
Dorothy Ann Tebbetts, circa 50 letters to family, Aug 1925-Jun 1926. (Junior year in France.)
1928 Polly Ethel Bullard, circa 75 letters to parents, Oct 1925-May 1928.
Caroline Foss, 45 letters to family, Aug 1926-Mar 1927. (Junior year in France.)
Lucy Eliza Kendrew, circa 80 letters to family, Sep 1924-Jun 1928.
Lois Newton Perry, circa 350 letters to parents, Sep 1924-Jun 1928.
Harriet Rachel Rinaldo, circa 350 letters to family, Sep 1925-Aug 1929. (Includes letters from SSW summer session and SSW placement.)
Katherine Bush Salmon, 1 volume typed excerpts from letters home, Sep 1924-Jun 1928.
Gertrude Parker Smith, 7 letters to family, Feb-Jun 1928. (Written while on Southern Mountain Workship.) (Letters are filed in 42. Smith.)
1929 Alice Allen Eaton, circa 200 letters to parents, Sep 1925-Jun 1929.
1931 Florence Elizabeth Bragdon, 46 letters to family, Sep 1929-Jul 1930. (Typed copies.) (Junior year in France.)
Katherine de Montalant Lackey, 19 letters to mother, Nov 1927-Jul 1930.
1932 Phebe Elizabeth Adams, 12 letters to family, Aug 1930-May 1931. (Junior year in Paris. Diary also available.)
Evelyn Ames, circa 35 letters to mother, 1928-32. (SSC - Ames Family Papers, box 32A. Evelyn is the daughter of Blanche Ames, class of 1899 and the sister of Pauline Ames, class of 1922.)
Miriam Putnam Emerson, 40 letters to parents, Sep 1930-Jun 1932. (Junior year in France and senior year at Smith.)
Marjorie Louise Guernsey, circa 300 letters to family, Sep 1928-Jun 1932. (Typed copies also available.)
Marie Claudia Holslag, circa 75 letters to family, Aug 1930-Jul 1931. (Junior year in France.)
Mary Murray Mahoney, circa 125 letters to family, Aug 1930-Jun 1931. (Junior year in France.)
1934 Dudley Harmon, 17 letters to father, Oct 1932-Jun 1933. (SSC - Dudley Harmon Papers, box 1. Junior year in France.)
Eve Lucille Harris, circa 200 letters to family (most to mother), Sep 1930-Jun 1934. (Also includes summer camp and two years following graduation.) (Closed to research use until 1998.)
1935 Katherine Bruce Jones, scrapbook with letters and excerpts of letters to parents, 1933-34. (Junior year in Spain.)
1937 Barbara Reed Barry, 25 letters to family, Sep 1933-Mar 1937.
Margaret Goddard, 34 letters to family, 6 to friend Elizabeth Nichols, Sep 1935-Sep 1936. (Elizabeth Nichols is class of 1937.) (Junior year in France; diaries also available.)
1938 Mary Louise Cahill, 54 letters to family, Aug 1936-Jun 1937. (Junior year in France.)
1939 Martha Browne Allen, circa 175 letters to family, Sep 1935-Jun 1939. (Xerox copies.) (Includes Junior year in Italy.)
Eleanor Daniels, 52 letters to family, Aug 1937-Aug 1938. (Junior year in France.)
Claudia Goodrich, copies of 16 letters to mother and grandmother, Sep-Dec 1937. (Junior year in Italy.)
1940 Sara Walker Hyde, circa 10 letters to family, 1942-1943. (Junior year in France.)
1941 Janet Firth, typed excerpts from circa 125 letters to family, Sep 1937-Jun 1941.
1944 Ruth Dorothy Honaman, circa 114 letters to family, Sep 1941-Dec 1943.
Janet Kedney, circa 205 letters to family, Sep 1940-1943.
Margaret McClumpha, circa 92 letters to family, Sep 1940-1944.
1947 Judith Lauterbach, bound copy of excerpts from circa 500 letters to her father spanning her entire life, from the age of ten to her death in 1950. (Letters are interspersed with diary entries.)
1948 Eugenia Crosby Tyler, circa 65 letters to family, Sep 1946-Jul 1947. (Junior year in Geneva.)
1950 Martha Ann Churchill, circa 23 letters home to family, a few friends, and professors, 1948-49. (Junior year in France.)
Dorothy Jean Lobrano, circa 133 letters to family, Sep 1946-Oct 1950; circa 32 letters to friend Pamela Davis, 1946-1950. (Also many letters to her from family.)
1953 Lelah Dushkin, circa 60 letters to parents, Sep 1949-Apr 1951. (SSC - In Dorothy Smith Dushkin '25 papers, box 1.)
1954 Sylvia Plath, copies of 3 letters to Myron Lotz, winter 1952/3-Aug 1953. (Originals are owned by Myron Lotz.) (Filed in 42. Hughes.)
1956 Jane Peck Kushner, circa 30 letters to family and boyfriend Dick, Jun 1956-1957. (Southern Mountain Workship.)
1957 Laura Ashton Smith, circa 20 letters to family, Jun 1957-1958. (Southern Mountain Workship.) (Also brief correspondence with other "Workship girls," 1961.)
1958 Priscilla Baldwin, circa 10 letters to family, 1958-59. (Southern Mountain Workship.)
Anne Rittershofer, circa 90 letters to family, March 1956-August 1958. (60 from Junior year in Paris, March 1956-July 1957.)
1959 Kathleen Adelia Hanley, circa 50 letters to family, Aug 1957-Jun 1958. (Junior year in Spain.) (Also some brief notes on letters.)
1961 Irene Claire Stiefel (m. Starr), circa 143 letters to family, Sept 1957-June 1961.
Sherley Young, circa 90 letters to family, Aug 1959-Aug 1960. (Junior year in France.)
1967 Anne Wheelock, 78 letters to her family, Aug 1965-July 1966 (includes Junior Year in Spain).
1974 Ruth Louise Eliel, 32 letters to family, Oct 1972-Jun 1973. (Junior year in Geneva.)
1994 Laura Palucki, circa 270 letters from family and Smith friends, 1990-1994.