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Selected College Fiction

(Smith class year after author's name)

Champagne, Marion G. (Grosberg 1936), The Cauliflower Heart, New York: Dial, 1944, 389 pp. [Jewish students at Smith and after graduation]

Chase, Jessie Anderson (1886), Three Freshmen. Chicago: A. C. McClurg and Co, 1898, 264 pp. [set at Smith]

Chase, Jessie Anderson (1886), "Three Freshmen: Ruth, Fran, and Nathalie," [serial about the same characters in Three Freshmen], St. Nicholas, January - May 1895.

Daskam, Josephine Dodge (1898), Smith College Stories. New York: Charles Scribners' Sons, 1900 (2nd ed., 1921), 343 pp.

Eustis, Helen (1938), The Horizontal Man. 1945; reprint New York: Garland, 1975, 231 pp.; in Neilson only PS3509.U66 H6. [Murder mystery]

Fuller, Caroline Macomber (l895), Across the Campus: A Story of College Life. New York: Charles Scribners' Sons, 1899, 441 pp.

Johnson, Mrs. Clarke [pseud.?; Mrs. Dillon?], Her College Days: A Story for Girls, Philadephia: Penn Publishing Co., 1896, 336 pp. [set at fictional "Gale" College]

Johnson, Nora (1954), A Step Beyond Innocence. New York: Dell, 1962, 256 pp. [originally published by Little, Brown, and Co., Boston, 1961).

Lucas, Victoria, pseud. (Sylvia Plath 1955), The Bell Jar. London: William Heinemann Ltd., 1963, 258 pp.

Ray, Anna Chapin (1885), Sidney at College. 1908, 289 pp. Sidney: Her Senior Year, 1910, 320 pp. Boston: Little, Brown, and Co. [Smith] [There are other Sidney stories that aren't about her college years.]

Warde, Margaret, pseud. (Edith Kellogg Dunton 1897):

  • Betty Wales, Freshman. 1904, 364 pp.
  • Betty Wales, Sophomore. 1909, 349 pp.
  • Betty Wales, Junior. 1909, 344 pp.
  • Betty Wales, Senior. 1909, 376 pp.
  • Betty Wales, B. A. 1909, 358 pp.
  • Betty Wales, & Co. 1909, 358 pp.
  • Betty Wales on the Campus. 1910, 350 pp.
  • Betty Wales Decides. 1911, 357 pp.
    Philadephia: Penn Publishing Co. [set at fictional "Harding" College]

Webster, Jean (Vassar 1901), When Patty Went to College. New York: Grosset and Dunlap, 1903, 280 pp. [Vassar?]