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College Serials before 1915

Student Publications

Alpha Paper, published intermittently 1879-91 (essentially a literary magazine published by the Alpha Society, a literary club)

Alpha Quarterly, 1892-93 (basically the same as the Alpha Paper)

Smith College Monthly, 1893-1930, 1940-44 (initially combined the functions of a literary journal, college newspaper, and alumnae magazine, became purely literary when the Quarterly and the Weekly went into publication)

Student Newspapers

  • Smith College Weekly, 1911-45
  • Smith College Associated News (SCAN), 1945-52
  • Sophian, 1952-present

Class Book (yearbook), 1897-present

Alumnae Publications

Smith Alumnae Quarterly, 1909-present

Alumnae Register, published every 3 years, 1893-present (lists names and addresses of alumnae, past and present officers of the Alumnae Association, recipients of honorary degrees and Smith College Medals, presidents of Smith Clubs. The 1935 edition also contains biographical information on alumnae.)

Necrology, published every 3 years (lists deceased alumnae with date of death)

College Administrative Publications

President's Report to the Trustees

  • Annual Report of the President of Smith College, 1875-present (in typescript before 1896); also called Bulletin of Smith College, Annual Reports Bulletin of Smith College, President's Report Issue, Report of the President

Students' Handbook, 1897-present (also called Freshman Handbook or Smith College Handbook, originally published by the Smith College Association for Christian Work)

Smith College Customs and Regulations, 1915-34 Smith College Rules and Regulations, 1935-55

Directory of Smith College, 1918-present (information included in the catalog before 1918)

College Catalogs

  • Official Circular, 1872-1907
  • Smith College Bulletin: Official Circular, 1908-12
  • Smith College Bulletin: Catalogue, 1913-14
  • Smith College Catalogue, 1915-present
  • Courses of Study, 1906-74 (lists only course offerings)
  • Courses of Study Supplement, 1975-present (to be used with the course catalog)

Smith College Studies in History, 1915-81

Smith College Studies in Modern Languages, 1911-41

Treasurer's Reports

  • "To the Trustees of Smith College," 4-page printed document, 1886, 1887, 1889-1914.
  • Smith College Report of the Treasurer, 1932-present