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Neilson Library Construction Update, July 13, 2018

Due to forecasted thunderstorms and lightning risk during the use of pump trucks on Tuesday July 17, we will be postponing this concrete pour to the following day (backup date): Wednesday, July 18, 2018.

On Wednesday, July 18 the first major concrete pour will take place at the new Neilson Library. This will be one of the largest pours for the project and involve two large concrete pumpers and the delivery of approximately 120 loads of concrete via cement mixers to the two pumpers. One pumper will be set up on the site at 5:30 a.m. between Hatfield and Wright Hall. A second pumper will be positioned on the site between Wright Hall and the 1909 Neilson shell. The first concrete delivery will arrive at 6 a.m. and the final delivery is expected 15 hours later at 9 p.m. 

John M. Greene Gate

Sixty cement trucks will enter over the course of the day through JMG Gate. At any given time, two of the mixers will be on the site feeding the concrete pumpers while the third mixer will be stationed in the delivery space near the back door of JMG. The contractor will have a flag person stationed at the entry to the construction site near JMG and a Northampton Police detail will be assisting at the college gate on Elm Street.

Dickinson Lot Gate

Sixty cement trucks will enter through the Dickinson lot gate and travel around the Burton Lawn side of the 1909 building to deliver concrete to the second pumper. The contractor will have a flag person stationed at the Dickinson Lot gate.

The City of Northampton is aware of the extended hours and has provided permission for the work understanding that this needs to be a contiguous pour of concrete. This operation will likely have adverse impacts on occupants using Hatfield Hall on that day due to the proximity of the heavy equipment to Hatfield and the potential for vehicle exhaust fumes to enter the Hatfield HVAC system. We will work with our HVAC staff to minimize impact to Hatfield to the greatest extent possible. We believe occupants in other buildings including Wright Hall will be minimally impacted by this operation.


Charlie Conant 
Project Manager
Facilities Management

Peter Gagnon
Capital Construction Director
Facilities Management

Roger Mosier
Associate Vice President
Facilities Management